Who We Are

We’re a community of innovators, influencers and investors that help entrepreneurs build technology-focused companies.  Since 2000, we helped over 674 women-led companies grow by leveraging our global peer network of experts who’ve “been there, run that.”

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About the Springboard Accelerator

Our accelerator program serves as the pipeline into our community of world-class entrepreneurs, investors and business development professionals. We host programs annually for two cohorts in these industry verticals: Life Sciences and  Digital Media/Technology and have partnerships with affiliates in Israel and Australia where we also co-produce programs. Each accelerator class includes between 8-12 companies that are recruited, qualified and advised by our world class expert network.

Companies selected to participate are invited to an intensive Bootcamp focusing on both the content and delivery of the company presentation.  Companies are further assessed by our team and then assigned a personal advisory team who provide input on business strategy and open doors to relevant connections and opportunities.  A series of content and experience- rich webinars led by our advisors and trusted partners address the collective interests of our entrepreneurs.

Post program cycle, we offer the companies the opportunity to present before relevant audiences of investors or corporate partners. These presentation sessions may be attended by up to 100 investors, industry experts and connectors or by just a few, highly connected, highly regarded decision-makers.

The alumnae of our portfolio companies  never stop reaping the benefits of being part of our Springboard expert network, continuing to tap in when they seek additional rounds of funding, serve as recruiters, screeners, advisors, as investors and board members and as an investor in Springboard’s mission to cultivate and promote the talented women entrepreneurs around the world.

We are “invested” in the long-term career success of our entrepreneurs. Springboard continues to serve as a relentless advocate for our entrepreneurs, building and leveraging our external relationships and the connections within our network to add value, whether by helping you get access when you need it, or by watching your back in the most challenging of circumstances. We target entrepreneurs who believe in the power of the network and will invest back in Springboard over their entrepreneurial career.

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How We are Different

Short answer: VCs invest financial capital, Springboard invests human capital.

We’re often asked how we’re different from the hundreds of other accelerator programs that exist around the world to help startups grow. Besides having a 16-year track record and experience working with over 674 companies, here are a few of the things that make Springboard unique:

  • We have a long term focus on the entrepreneur.
  • We focus on time-efficient, strategic connections and coaching.
  • We screen for coachability, whether you’re a serial entrepreneur or a first-timer.
  • We consider ourselves a “post accelerator accelerator”.
  • We have a vast but selective global network of innovators, investors and influencers.

What We Look For

Short answer: We’re looking for more than just “high-growth” and “women-led”.

To be eligible for Springboard’s accelerator, there must be a woman in a senior management position with a significant equity stake in the company.  Each program also generally has industry-specific or geographic-specific criteria. But beyond those eligibility requirements, there are a few other things we look for in the entrepreneurs we select.

  • Entrepreneurs that are receptive to coaching and feedback.
  • Entrepreneurs whose identified needs align with relationships and expertise we have in our network.
  • Entrepreneurs at or about to be at an inflection point of growth.
  • Entrepreneurs in whom we can make a long term investment of human capital, and who in turn will invest back in Springboard

Springboard is an ever-present resource and networker to the large and growing alumni network of experienced women and successful companies. – Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar

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