Program Coordinator/Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION: Program Coordinator/Manager

DC-based non-profit seeks Full-Time Program Coordinator/Manager for its global expert network of entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors. Our programs team sets the vision, raises the sponsorship, recruits all stakeholders, and manages all logistics and communication for our programs. In addition to internally run programs, we oversee or advise partners or independent contractors who require support in the implementation of licensed programs. We are a small team of under 10 highly capable individuals who collectively deliver the results of a team 10 times our size. All team members will work closely with one another.


For eighteen years, venture catalyst Springboard Enterprises has helped 730 women-led companies raise $8.6 Billion in capital and scale technology driven businesses transforming industries. We are a global expert network comprised of innovators, investors and influencers that includes the founders of Zipcar, Constant Contact, iRobot and Minute Clinic.


Springboard produces several programs with the engagement of our sponsors and partners: 

  • Corporate Meetings: Presentation sessions targeting the Partner’s specific areas of interest that are followed by a discussion between the entrepreneurs and corporate executives.
  • Industry Workshops: Multi-day industry-specific programs featuring roundtable discussions and presentations designed to connect participating entrepreneurs with peers and experts in the space.
  • Industry Accelerators: Springboard’s signature programs providing a select group of early stage companies advisory support and connections as they seek resources for their next stage of growth. The engagement with Springboard for the participating women entrepreneurs in our industry accelerators is evergreen.
  • Sponsored Accelerators: Custom accelerator programs featuring companies in the Partner’s areas of interest, including a period of advisory support and sessions hosted by the Partner.


An entry-level Coordinator (<2 years’ experience) or mid-level Manager (3-8 years’ experience) self-starter with a sense of curiosity, keen attention to detail, the ability to communicate professionally both externally and internally, and the ability to execute. A capacity for external engagement and representing the organization at startup community events is a must. This position is not for those who shy away from a challenge or who need a lot of structure; it demands someone who is ready from day one to take initiative, dive in, learn the ropes and take on significant responsibility. Salary range of $45-60,000 (comparable to other small non-profits and will match level of experience).


  • Work closely with the Director of Programs and Program Managers to support execution of our in person events, accelerators, workshops, and meetings
  • Support the execution of Springboard’s signature accelerators, workshops, corporate meetings, and pitch events by securing Pipeline Partners, recruiting candidates to apply, and soliciting referrals from advisors and alumnae within our network
  • Coordinate with venues, vendors, and key attendees for in person meetings, events, and workshops and brief team on status
  • Draft program related communications and materials, including recruitment e-blasts, advisor correspondence, newsletters, and event brochures
  • Enhance database of pipeline organizations including other accelerators, non-profits, service providers, investors, and conference organizers
  • Support management and follow up of alumnae requests including introductions to experts in our network and requests for promotion of publications or events


  • Work closely with the Director of Programs and Managing Directors on every stage of program execution, including planning, execution, and wrap up
  • Manage program development and execution, including leading candidate selection meetings, working closely with current and prospective sponsors, forming expert panels from our advisory pool, and producing our in-person Bootcamp
  • Expand Springboard’s Partner Network and global entrepreneur pipeline by following up on leads and partnership opportunities with other accelerators, non-profits, service providers, and conference organizers.
  • Prepare team briefings on status of recruitment, event logistics, and ongoing projects
  • Manage the production of program related documents and materials, including setting deadlines,
  • Suggest women from our network for speaking roles, panel spots and awards.


  • Deadline oriented and able to manage shifting priorities
  • Capable of managing multiple projects at once and understanding where everything falls into the greater vision of the organization
  • Communicates effectively internally and externally
  • Highly organized with an affinity for spreadsheets
  • Awareness of the priorities on the team and ability to anticipate snags that may arise
  • Team oriented and never says ‘that’s not my job’
  • Eagerness to take ownership of projects and ability to take initiative and follow through to make them successful


  • Researched the local ecosystems, developed relationships in, and traveled to Mexico and Brazil for our second Women Funding Women global series in partnership with Dell and the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network
  • Recruited and qualified women-led companies for our annual digital health program
  • Held partnership and investor presentation sessions for women-led companies in our life science cohort
  • Prepared for the launch of our Australia tech and life science program accelerators
  • Organized and submitted panel proposals for our alumnae, advisors, and staff for SXSW
  • Prepared for the launch of our first Blockchain program taking place in NYC December
  • Held our annual Winners’ Circle Dinner for alumnae, advisors, and sponsors in NYC
  • Much, much more.

Please DO NOT apply if: 

  • You prefer to handle one thing at a time or need people to give you explicit assignments 
  • You absolutely need to know what a typical work day would entail 
  • You are uncomfortable asking questions or problem solving with little information 
  • You need complete privacy and quiet in order to do your work. 
  • You just want a job and expect to put in your 8 hour day and no more

Please DO apply if: 

  • You have a curious nature and are inspired to work with a global network of entrepreneurs and investors. 
  • You demonstrate that you have an obsessive attention to detail, and a sense of urgency in setting and meeting deadlines. 
  • You are interested in networking and representing Springboard externally. 
  • You have a high tolerance for and are comfortable managing high stress situations. 
  • You take initiative, appreciate what it is to be a team player and have never said ‘that’s not my job’.


Email Do not apply without a cover letter and a written response to address their interest in Springboard.We are seeking candidates who are thoughtful about their application and can articulate why this role is a fit with their professional goals.