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About the Dolphin Tank® Program

Springboard Enterprises Dolphin Tank® programs are “helpful feedback-driven” pitch sessions for entrepreneurs to receive constructive insights from knowledgeable professionals. Dolphin Tanks aren’t about sharks, piranhas, dragons, or competing for the best idea – they’re about channeling the expertise of the people in the room. The Dolphin Tank is an interactive discussion led by an expert panel that focuses on one thing: “How can we help?” The objective is to provide connections and advice to enable entrepreneurs to overcome their challenges and capitalize on their opportunities.

Three Core Elements: Our Dolphin Tank sessions have been featured in corporate board rooms, business school competitions, and at entrepreneurial association conferences across the world. While the venues and audiences may change, every session shares three core elements:

1. The Presenters

Companies are selected through an application process or by referral from our partners and affiliates. Guidelines and prep calls are provided.

 2. The Pitch

Companies deliver a 2-minute pitch, including a specific “ask” addressing a challenge or a unique opportunity.

 3. The Audience

Solutions, connections, and strategies are crowd-sourced from the audience, and all are provided a means to connect digitally.

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