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Dolphin Tank™ Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we have answered your questions below. If not, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as dolphin-ly possible. Click  here to view the dolphin tank archives.


When is the next Dolphin Tank?

Our list of upcoming events lives on Eventbrite – click here to view our Eventbrite.


Where can I find press coverage of past Dolphin Tank events?

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What happens at Dolphin Tank?

  1. You stand up and give your 3 minute pitch (we have a “mad libs” outline if you need a prompt)
  2. A panel of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts kicks off our “how can we help” discussion by asking questions.
  3. You get additional feedback about what you might want to think about or things you might not know but should know and maybe even a connection or two.
  4. Then we ask the audience if they have some questions, suggestions or advice that might help you.
  5. You earn your Dolphin pin and get ready to help the next person who pitches.


Can I see an example of a good pitch?

Watch former Springboard Associate Christina Glover pitch the faux



Can I see another example of a good pitch?

Watch Dolphin Tank presenter Sandra Wilson pitch Wealth Builders Connection and recieve feedback:


Sessions have been held in New York City, Boston, D.C., Los Angeles, Austin, Kansas City, Sydney, Rio De Janeiro, Halifax, and New Delhi with partners like the Dell Women Entrepreneurs Network,, Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA), and Startup America. Dolphin Tank™ programs are also held at GWU multiple times each semester in partnership with CFEE and the GWU Office of Entrepreneurship.


Where should I go if I am looking for a co-founder?

Check out Springboard Enterprises Co-Founder Match, Springboard’s co-founder matching platform. Springboard is dedicated to helping Springboard entrepreneurs find the right co-founder(s)/business partner(s). Whether you’re looking to join a startup, seeking someone else to join your venture, or open to either, Springboard Enterprises Co-Founder Match can help.

TWO simple steps to get started connecting with thousands of potential co-founders:

1) Create a FREE entrepreneur profile on Springboard Enterprises Co-Founder Match.
2) Check out an in-person Co-Founders Wanted event in a city near you.


How can I partner or sponsor a Dolphin Tank?

We’d love to hear from you. Please send us a note and be sure to include where you’re based!