Equity Capital Worksheet

Before you begin your search for equity capital, use the Springboard Equity Capital Worksheet to help you evaluate whether or not equity capital is right for your business. This easy questionnaire will help you to determine whether your company is a potential candidate for equity capital and whether you are ready to begin the search.

At the end of this survey, we will calculate your score and suggest whether or not seeking venture capital may be a viable funding route for your company.

Please keep in mind that the characteristics below describe the ideal investment opportunity.  Of course, many companies that raise equity capital do not have all of the following characteristics.  However, if your company is missing too many of the following characteristics, potential investors may be reluctant to invest.


Company Industry?


How large is your target market?


How much of a lead do you have on your competitors?


How much of a sustainable competitive advantage does your company have?


What is the annual growth rate of your target market?


Business Model and Financials

How much equity capital are you seeking?


How much capital has your company raised?


When will your company break even?


What stage is your company’s primary product or service offering?


Do you have a well-written business plan?


Do you have a strong customer pipeline?


How many paying customers does your company currently have?


Do you understand your financials? Can you speak intelligently and answer difficult questions about them?


Do your financial projections clearly show when your company will break even on both net income and a cash flow basis?


What is the total of your projected gross revenues for the next three years?


What kind of return on investment do you plan to realistically offer your investors?


What is your company’s exit strategy?


Expectations and Team

How much of your time are you prepared to spend in your search for equity capital?


How long are you willing to search for equity capital?


How much equity are you willing to give up to investors in exchange for capital (including all anticipated rounds of funding)?


Are you prepared to give an investor partial control of your company and a seat on the Board?


What type of experience do you have? (Select up to two)


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