Joan Fallon

CEO, Curemark 

joanDr. Joan Fallon is the founder and chief executive officer of Curemark, a drug development and research company focused on the treatment of neurological diseases.  Curemark reported positive FDA Phase III clinical trial results for CM-AT, a treatment for autism. Curemark was founded on Dr. Fallon’s research that revealed an enzyme deficiency in children with autism resulting in a dearth of amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

Dr. Fallon filed her first patent application in 1999 and has worked to research autism and related disorders, as well as to commercialize her findings.  Her discovery of a biomarker for autism and ADHD and her vast array of intellectual property has formed the foundation of Curemark LLC. She presently holds 15 Patents, and has 42 patents pending worldwide.

Dr. Fallon has both clinical and academic experience.  Prior to founding Curemark in 2004, she spent 25 years in private practice specializing in pediatric development.  She was an assistant professor of natural science and mathematics at Yeshiva University, and has lectured extensively worldwide on pediatric development and disease states related to the growth and development of children.

Dr. Fallon has been an integral part of multiple successful medical ventures, as well as becoming a founding scientific board member at Oxford Health Plans. Dr. Fallon was one of the first physicians to enter Romania and to help determine the state of Romanian orphanages as an emissary of the US government.

“Dr. Joan”, as she is known to all, has passed on her two great passions: a love for children and a love for baseball to over two decades of children who have passed through her practice. A student of the game, she graduated from the Harry Wendelstedt school of umpiring, named  the outstanding graduate, and receiving the humanitarian award for the graduate who best exemplified the characteristics of an umpire both on and off the field. An athlete all of her life, Joan was the first woman to enter the Westchester NY Junior Golf Tournament at the age of 12, she was NYC one-on-one champion in basketball in her senior year in high school, and was a nationally ranked squash player in college. She has combined her love of children and sport in numerous venues, including umpiring on Saturday’s for the handicapped Challenger league games. She presently serves as an advisor to the New York Yankees on disability services for the new Yankee Stadium.

She has a BA degree from Franklin and Marshall College, a DC degree from Palmer University, and has completed her work for the MSc in clinical investigation from Harvard University’s joint program with Massachusetts General Hospital. She resides in Bronxville, NY.