Stacy Feld

Vice President of Consumer Venture Investments & External Innovation, Johnson & Johnson

Stacy-Amity-FeldStacy Feld is the Vice President of Consumer Venture Investments & External Innovation at Johnson & Johnson. Previously, she served as a partner at Physic Ventures, where she led the firm’s investment activities in personalized health.  Her interests include science-based innovations that transform well-being and care for the health consumer and bring more precision to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic diseases. Additionally, Stacy has been actively involved in the design and execution of science- enabled innovation strategies, business incubation and spin-off opportunities. Stacy is on the board of T2 Biosystems and an observer on the board of Own Products.  Prior to joining Physic, Stacy held business development positions at Genentech and Third Wave Technologies. Stacy currently serves as an advisor on the Springboard Enterprises Life Sciences Council and to the UCSF Clinical and Translational Research Institute T1 Catalyst Program.