Jeffrey Turner

President & CEO, Defyrus , Inc.

jeff-turnerTurner is a scientific entrepreneur with experience in academia and the life sciences industry. He is the founder, President & CEO of Defyrus Inc. and former CEO of Nexia Biotechologies (TSX:NXB) and Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics. In 2000, Nexia completed the largest Life Sciences IPO in Canadian history at that time. Turner was a tenured Professor of Animal Science, McGill University and holds a Ph.D. (Animal Science, Illinois), M.Sc. (Biophysics; Illinois), M.Sc. (Physiology, McMaster) published >100 scientific paper & abstracts and 32 patents. His most significant technical contributions involved driving pioneering discoveries toward product commercialization via start-ups & publicly financed companies including;. DEF201 a broad spectrum antiviral that stimulates host immunity to protect against many viral pathogens (Pox, SARS); Protexia®: recombinant human butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) a medical countermeasure with broad spectrum efficacy against nerve agents ($215M US development & procurement contract in 2006); BioSteel®: recombinant spider silk was legendary for it unrivalled combination of strength, toughness and flexibility useful for soft body armour and ultra-fine & strong medical devices ( produced by transgenic goats); BELE® goats as the world’s first cloned transgenic dairy goat reproductively active year round that are “lab” sized transgenic dairy animals capable of producing biologically active recombinant proteins in their milk at concentrations up to 10 g/liter milk. Turner lives in rural Eastern Ontario.