Wilma Jordan

Founder & CEO, Jordan Edmiston Group, Inc.

Wilma-JordanWilma Jordan, Founder and CEO of The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI), leads the most successful investment bank for the media, information, marketing services and technology sectors. Since being founded in 1987, JEGI has completed nearly 500 transactions for global and emerging companies; entrepreneurial owners; and private equity and venture capital firms. Ms. Jordan’s Best Practices approach to M&A advisory services has been instrumental in forging the firm’s reputation for overall excellence, integrity and the ability to maximize value for its clients. Ms. Jordan’s vast media industry experience includes having founded, owned, managed, advised and served on the Board of Directors of publishing, broadcasting, marketing services and Internet businesses.

Ms. Jordan was one of the founders and initial shareholders of the 13-30 Corporation. She also participated as shareholder, chief operating officer and principal negotiator in the revitalization and 1986 sale of Esquire Magazine Group. Ms. Jordan has served on the Board of Directors of 5 public companies – Lin Broadcasting (NYSE), Lin television (NASDAQ), Clayton Homes (NYSE), Lin TV (NYSE) and Blyth, Inc. (NYSE). In addition, she is a Trustee of Guideposts, Inc.