Leslie Molony | Principal, Biodeals, LLC

Leslie Molony, Ph.D. is the Principal at Biodeals, LLC. Prior to her current role, Leslie was Executive Director, Business Development at Ology Bioservices (formerly Nanotherapeutics) in Alachua, Florida. In this role, Dr. Molony built the marketing department, rebranded the company and one of the products, and established and implemented strategies for selling CDMO capabilities, establishing new collaborations, licensing technology, and managing intellectual property.  Prior to that, Dr. Molony served as Senior Director of Business Development at SBP Discovery (Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute), where she has successfully negotiated license agreements and strategic alliances and represented the Institute on the BioFlorida Board of Directors, bioOrlando, and the Florida Research Consortium.

Dr. Molony began her scientific career as a drug discovery researcher in the pharmaceutical industry then gained business and financial experience as a business development practitioner. She has worked for global consulting firms to commercialize life sciences assets and support client partnerships: EBD Group, Recombinant Capital and ProPharma Partners. She has also served as a senior business development executive for Sunesis Pharmaceuticals and Nanotherapeutics. She has deep experience identifying, valuing and analyzing commercial potential of early stage technologies. Dr. Molony has also managed private, early stage, biopharma companies, as Interim Chief Executive of St. Charles Pharmaceuticals, and recently, co-founder, President & CEO of Transgeneron Therapeutics.

Dr. Molony is also actively engaged in entrepreneurial development and served as a mentor for University of Central Florida iCorps, Duke University Entrepreneurial Network, as well as Springboard.  She has served on several private company boards of directors, including Amend Surgical and Biotork, and continues to expand board service.

Leslie obtained her B.S. in Physics and a Ph.D. in Cell Biology (biophysics), both from Duke University, and completed postdoctoral studies at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She studied Financial Management at the University of California at San Diego.