Joan Lyman

Education Partner, LMG Corp

Bill LymanAs a successful technology entrepreneur, board member, and Innovation Investor, Joan is a leading educator in the world of Founder Economics for Angel investing as well as entrepreneur-founding management teams. As the co-founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of SecureWorks™ – she founded and led what became the first invention for managed Intrusion Security for every network using the Internet. In 2009 her management team sold the company to Dell for a record amount of 600 Million USD. Joan serves as an Advisory Board member for a group of highly innovative technology organizations for Women – Start Up Chicks, Belle Capital and Springboard Enterprises supporting their strategy, Business Development and Education strategies. She was also Founding member for LMG – launched in June 2006 the first Economics consulting and Education practice for founders and fist time investors in understanding shareholder rights. Joan’s insights are based on a multi-national career that spans over decades in delivering results in such diverse cultures as the United States, Europe, China, and Canada. Joan’s mission in all her Business, Education and Investing endeavors is to help management teams and investors to build the right shareholder economics and for board of Directors to elevate their performance and effectiveness while delivering bottom-line results in an ever-increasing global world.

Technology and Industry Specialties: Cloud computing infrastructure, network distribution, Media Technologies, Food/Beverage Distribution and Economic Shareholder rights and regulation.