Stacie Mallen

Former VP of Human Resources, Ulthera

mallen headshot

With 20 years of experience within a strategic HR function, leading teams and overseeing functional areas including Human Resources, Compensation, Benefits, Training, Recruiting, Employment Branding, Risk Management and Marketing Communications. Holding a degree from Butler University in Chemistry and Pharmacology and a Senior Professional Human Resources certification, Mrs. Mallen offers a blend of clinical knowledge and business acumen. Stacie started her career by focusing on a recruitment effort for the non-profit Sisters of Mercy hospital system based out of Indianapolis, IN.  In this role she developed a strong knowledge of physician practice management, employee relations and how to effectively recruit and retain the best talent.  This expertise was extended into leadership roles within an agency setting where her focus was on talent acquisition strategies.  She has since leveraged that experience while working with three early stage start-up organizations where she established all functions within Human Resources, enabling each organization to multiply in size exponentially while continuing a pattern of high-level engagement results and lowering overall spend.  In each role she has also built strong teams with a focus on business partnership and strong strategic value. In addition to small company experience, the role Mrs. Mallen held at the Fortune 50 rated Caremark expanded her reach into national-level employment branding and cross-functional talent acquisition strategy as well as the evolution of organizational culture.  While at Caremark she partnered with the business to form a strong brand targeted at professional job functions that resulted in building a functional business unit of top Pharma talent including retention and growth of talent.

Within her role at Ulthera, she had a strong focus on attracting, developing and retaining talent for this Purpose-Based organization. Her tenant to “Lift the Lives” of customers, employees, shareholders, and the community programs were developed and deployed to build a stand out culture.  With results that include exceptional customer satisfaction, high employee engagement/retention as well as unparalleled financial success, Ulthera was sold to Merz pharmaceuticals for the highest multiple in medical device history.  This stand-out result solidified Stacie’s long term belief that people and culture can drive exceptional business results.  Driving a purpose within an organization drives results and creates a place where people connect and work to make a difference.