Jennifer Cobb Moynihan

Partner, The Line Collective

Executive brand and communications coach to Fortune 50 company executives, start-up founders, and Olympic athletes, helping them to become skilled storytellers and communicators. Jennifer believes executive brands and reputations are built from an insightful, passionate and well-spoken story that is told from beginning to end.

As a part of the storytelling and messaging platform work she does at The Line Collective, she helps her clients to build messaging that emphasizes the client and stakeholder WHY and what makes them as individuals and as leaders differentiated from others.

Jennifer spent over 15 years in corporations and working with agencies focused on customer relationships in marketing, public relations and sales roles, often watching her peers struggle with the blurred line between their personal identity and serving as an executive representative of the company.

The Line Collective was founded in 2012 to establish a new line – they knew it’s more than just the story, it’s the WHO that makes the company unique. Today, they help their clients retain their authentic selves while telling the story of their company. We know all the glory and defeat begins and ends in the moments of you share of yourself.