Jennifer Cobb Moynihan | CEO, Elevate Communication LLC

Founders and executives – people – are the soul of the company.

Executive brand and communications coach to Fortune 50 company executives, start-up founders, and Olympic athletes, helping them to become skilled storytellers and communicators. I believe a leader’s brand and reputation is built from an insightful and well-spoken story that shares their passion for the company, the product and the customer. As a part of the storytelling platform work we do together, I help my clients to build messaging that emphasizes the client, employee and stakeholder WHY and what makes them as individuals and as leaders differentiated from others. I spent 10 years in companies watching my peers struggle with the blurred line between their personal identity and being the executive representative of the company.


I launched my communications company over 10 years ago to establish a new line – it’s more than just the company story, the story of people who make the company unique that needs to be told. Part of my personal mission is to raise the profile and share the message of the talented founders, technologists, innovators and executives who are women. Today, I help my clients retain their individuality while telling the story of their company.  The success of the message begins and ends in the moments in what you share of yourself. Every day I ask who will I elevate today?