Over 4000 Entrepreneurs, Venture-Angel-and-Corporate Investors, lawyers, accountants, bankers, business development professionals, academics and experts from all commercial sectors have actively participated in Springboard Venture Forums, Workshops, Alumnae Caucuses and Equity Matters Seminars. This is what our stakeholders have to say about Springboard:

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“Many thanks to the Springboard organization for facilitating the GE Equity meeting.  The opportunity to present our story to GE Equity was tremendous.  The small group venue was effective, and the question and answer period was helpful for further opportunities.  I continue to be amazed at the remarkable women that Springboard has brought together.  I look forward to other similar opportunities in 2011.” – Barbara Roth (ATLS09)

“Springboard’s AllThingsLifeSciences 2009 was an amazing venture into the world of women owned businesses, friendships, and connections that grew during this intense year of being asked to present. Springboard is extremely unique for women and I highly encourage others to join and participate with women in business, science, and entrepreneurship.” – Kathleen Callender (ATLS09)

“Every aspect of my business is touched by the lessons I learned during my Springboard training, and they have continued to offer a support group that is talented and amazing.” – Rosemary O’Neil, Groupee, Inc., (SV01, ATM08)

“Springboard has continued to exceed my expectations with the success they have had bringing the right people — investors, business development partners, major corporations — into the fold and engaging with women entrepreneurs. They get real things done –connections that forward the business and hard investment dollars.” – Heidi Evenson, Cactus River, Inc., (NY01)

“The level of professionalism, communication, and access to leading thinkers puts Springboard in a class by itself. Being associated with Springboard is extremely meaningful in our ongoing business discussions. We plan to stay very involved so that we can be a part of offering the same experience to other entrepreneurs.”

As one of the founding members of Springboard’s efforts to change the world for women entrepreneurs, I am very proud of everything that this organization has accomplished. Amy Millman and her team have worked tirelessly for over 10 years to educate, empower, and showcase women founding and leading high growth entrepreneurial ventures. Their programs have led to billions in funding as well as amazing connections and results for the women involved.” – Denise Brosseau

“Springboard surrounded me with exceptional people that invested time and effort to form and support my personal vision for success in business. Springboard introduced me to investors that helped me develop my career in business and science. Through Springboard I have developed the entrepreneurial tools I need, a reality check on the world around me and brought forward my and others’ inventions to the public” – Pamela Contag, BioEclipse Therapeutics, (ATLS10, ATLS09, SV00)


Our Alumnae

“I’ve just had the best three months in my life at New York Fashion Tech Lab. Before the program, I never understood why startups join incubators/accelerators. To me, a lot of them are like the ivy tower of real business world. I often see graduates inherit a sense of entitlement, complacency and superiority. And even worse, group thinking. That’s why I stayed away from business schools, too. But #‎NYFTL‬ made me understand the magic of putting together a small group of genuine, kind and really, really smart entrepreneurs. Innovators who try to shake up a giant industry or multiple industries that are afraid of technology. I even met quite a few women who I want to hang out with after work. Being a nomadic introvert, that doesn’t happen often at all.” – Jing Zhou, SB Alumna 2016

“There are not enough words for the gratitude I have for Springboard Enterprises; I was transformed in those 4 months you supported, coached and prepared me. While the program ended with the VC pitches, I would have to say that beyond the sharpening of my deck for presentations, I learned new perspectives and exercised significant and thoughtful decisions for the business. Springboard Enterprises is an Accelerator in its truest sense and I am honoured to be part of the 10 high potential women leaders. You enabled me and my team not only to validate our vision for Self Care Catalysts but also enabled us to dream bigger and work harder to live up to the expectations of the Springboard community. It was an incredible experience for me and I know that this is just the beginning.” – Grace Soyao, SB Alumna 2013

“To be in the company of the most dedicated, supportive and accomplished women leaders in the world is awe-inspiring. I am honored to spend the rest of my life learning from and contributing to the success of my fellow Springboarders. Thank you!” – Luan Cox, SB Alumna 2013

“Springboard provided a helpful sounding board comprised of some of the most astute, accomplished female investors and experienced entrepreneurs who have been in our shoes and understand the challenges of being a startup CEO, with critical, relevant insights for exactly our stage of growth – what a wonderful group to prepare with for our next financing round!” – Rachel Payne, SB Alumna 2013

“Being a part of Springboard is an opportunity for which I’m most grateful. I thought I knew a little bit about being an entrepreneur, until Springboard Boot Camp showed me how much more I can learn and grow. Their powerful and insightful team looked at our businesses from top to bottom (and back up again), and showed us how we can go from being good entrepreneurs to being truly exceptional entrepreneurs. I’ve always had a “go big or go home” attitude, and I’ve met my match with the team at Springboard and my fellow classmates. I’m excited about the possibilities, and honored to be a lifelong member of the Springboard network!” – Elisa All, SB Alumna 2013

“The bootcamp inspired me with the caliber of female mentors and challenged me to improve myself and my company.  Springboard created a supportive environment that made it clear that the “tough love” sessions were really just that… successful women who believe in you enough to get to the heart of where you need to improve, not just pat you on the head. The specific feedback and tactical advice really created actionable steps for me to improve my communications and accelerate my company’s growth.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have participated, and I HIGHLY recommend Springboard for founders who want to take their companies to the next level!” – Carrie Mantha, SB Alumna 2013

Thank you so much for a fantastic experience.  As always, I am amazed and impressed by the quality of the programs and the alumni.  I can’t remember when I have had such a stimulating 24 hours.  I am honored to be associated with this organization.” – Rachel Braun Scherl, SB Alumna 2009

Springboard events are my oxygen!” – Joanne Rohde, SB Alumna 2010

The Springboard Caucus was absolutely FANTASTIC this year and I commend you all on pulling off such an amazing event.  Thank you all so much for organizing so many amazing speakers and events.” – Tenley Carp, SB Alumna 2000

First – thanks to you and the team for organizing such a great meeting in Washington this week.  It is so stimulating to learn new things, meet fabulous women and get re-inspired in entrepreneurial efforts.” – Mary Wallace Jaensch, SB Alumna 2009

It was great to be there – I look forward to becoming more involved with Springboard! I really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful women.” – Nancy Curtis, SB Alumna 2000

Katie and Amy, you worked hard to match your Springboard companies with our mentors and Rita, you have worked hard to support Consensus Point.  The result:  Consensus Point and I are receiving tremendous benefit.”

“Springboard is a remarkable organization for making these connections, and I wanted to make sure you had an example of the value of your Boot Camp programs.  I look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Rita and Springboard for a long time to come!” – Linda Rebrovick, SB Alumna 2012, President & CEO Consensus Point

Springboard trains, supports, guides, and champions promising high-growth startups. For those that successfully pass through those early years to become strong and sustainable companies, Springboard is an ever-present resource  and networker to the large and growing alumni network of experienced women and successful companies.  Amy has been a touchstone for me in times of stress and success. Thank you!” – Robin Chase, SB Alumna 2000, Founder of ZipCar

A few months ago you asked me if I would be interested in a program called Entrepreneurs in Residence at the FDA and I said to throw my name in the hat. I learned today from Megan Moynahan that I was chosen as one of three to represent smaller entrepreneurial companies in the this role. I want to thank you and Amy as well as the entire Springboard Enterprise team for suggesting me for this role. It will be tremendously important for companies facing similar issues to mine at the FDA, and I look forward to having an active voice on behalf of EpiEP and other similar start ups in the medical device space. This is truly a Springboard value add for me and others in my space and I appreciate the opportunity to serve!” – Pamela Bunes, SB Alumna 2010, Founder and CEO of EpiEp, Inc.

“Springboard’s outstanding elements are in its focus on excellence in the companies it selects into its program and its commitment to the community it grows. Springboard celebrates the dual values of financial success and investment in human capital that keeps giving.” – Susan Strausburg, SB Alumna 2008, Founder of EDGAR Online and 9W Search

“Thank you so very much for inviting me to participate in your Springboard Venture Forum at the Paley Center. Your organization does amazing work. The panelists were terrific… I look forward to following up with Scott, Darcy and Laurie on a few initiatives that we managed to discuss after the panel!” – Katherine Oliver, Media and Tech Council

“One of the benefits of working with Springboard is the amazing human capital network that is available. Springboard takes the time to match up the right connections with the right company. As a restult, one of my initial Springboard Advisors will now be joining my Board. Thank you Springboard!”– Liz Eversol, SB Alumna 2012

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity and exposure! What an amazing event! People are still talking about it.” – Lisa Xu, Nopsec

“I can’t even begin to list all of the wonderful things that have resulted from my short involvement with Springboard… I am truly grateful to be part of an incredible organization and to be in the company of such accomplished women and Joshua.” – Carissa Ganellil, LightningBuy

“The team at Springboard did a terrific job. [producing the forum]…it was a [great] venue, and ‘chats’ and presenters were so well grouped and organized.” – Lauren Flanagan, Belle Capital

“Hey you fabulous women (and Joshua!) – I was drawn to Springboard in the hopes of meeting a great group of women on a similar path. I so lucked out – you are all brilliant, inspiring, accomplished, and about to do a whole lot more. I’m so glad to be part of this group and I’m confident we’ll be travelling together for years to come.” – Meredith Moss, Finomial

“GREAT JOB on putting this event together – it was one of the best ever – or THE BEST EVER – and along with the incredible presentations and great networking, meeting Marissa Mayer was very inspiring too!” – Tenley Carp, Cohen Mohr LLP

“Thanks for all your work to put together a terrific event! Very much enjoyed it and am following through on Amy’s ‘Ask’. Making some connections and introductions. Look forward to hearing what’s next.” – Janet Handal, Handal Associates

“I am so grateful to you all because Springboard set into motion a series of events that have led me to where I am, and still I feel that I have so much more potentital just waiting to be unleashed.” – Neng Bing Doh, HealthCrowd

“Thank you SO much for putting on such an inspiring event on Wednesday – I’m still reeling from all the amazing people that you brought in one room. So, so impressive.” – Carolyn Chen, SynAm Vaccine

“Let me first take this opportunity to thank you again for a great week. It was eye opening for me and facilitated my first steps in the VC/angels world.” – Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, ECOncrete Tech Ltd.

“Thank you all so much! The WE Summit and Springboard Enterprises was amazing and I appreciate all your help putting together the event, mentoring, and meeting you over the last few days. I look forward to staying in touch and joining ‘the hotel california’ that is Springboard.” – Sarah Nadav, Bukit

“Springboard is the best sounding board and support organization for women entrepreneurs. In the early stages of my company, I relied on Springboard to help me raise capital, they not only made introductions for me to investors but also provided invaluable coaching to help us with the business presentation. During my entrepreneurial journey, I always look to Springboard for new ideas and support. Recently, thanks to Springboard’s nomination, I attended a White House forum on modernizing government with some of our nation’s top CEOs and was invited by the President and the First Lady to the State of the Union address. I am very grateful to Springboard for giving me the opportunity to represent woman entrepreneurs and to have such an unforgettable experience.” – Ping Fu, Geomagic, Inc.

“My biggest takeway-I didn’t know how much I needed what Springboard is offering-a network of supportive, creative women that are willing to take risks.” – Joanne Rohde, Axial Exchange

“Thank you again for inviting me back into the fold. Your generosity and acumen continue to amaze me. I’m not sure I appreciated how much I need a village to realize EmergingMed’s (and my) potential.” – Courtney Hudson, EmergingMed

“Springboard is far and away the most valuable experience I’ve had as an entrepreneur. What you have built – the network, real support and coaching – is extraordinary. Anything that I can do in the future to support the organization and continue to be an active part of it would be both an honor and a pleasure for me.” – Cindy Lander, Moerae Matrix, AllThingsLifeSciences 2009

“I wanted to thank you for a great program. My two main takeaways were: The excitement and enthusiasm of the serial entrepreneurs – because I can’t imagine doing anything other than what I do now. The need to easily talk about my personal strengths as well as the story of my company. Looking forward to working with you and the team.” – Laura E. Strong, Quintessence Biosciences, AllThingsLifeSciences 2009

“Thank you again for your organization, encouragement and most of all, the opportunity to network and learn from a wonderfully talented group of people… This was an incredible 2 days of my life and I look forward to sharing the excitement and enthusiasm of being a Springboard Alum.” – Joan Vrtis, Kemeta LLC, AllThingsLifeSciences 2009

“Thank you a million times! Words cannot express what a great experience this has been! I am grateful to all of you for your help, guidance and patience! I am proud to be a Springboard alumnae and look forward to the future with all of you!”  – Michelle White, Michelle’s Miracle, AllThingsLifeSciences 2009

“To echo the words of other totally impressed attendees… Thank you all for one of the greatest experiences of my professional life! I loved meeting those remarkable women and hearing their stories. Thanks for lighting the fires under us and for being willing to hold us up when we aren’t so great. I look forward to the next steps.” – Gervaise Wilhelm, Closys Corporation, AllThingsLifeSciences 2009

“You are an inspiration to not only the 31 women selected to move forward but to all those with whom you surround yourself… The experience was nothing short of amazing. Thank you and the rest of the team for this positive and superbly organized two-day event. You guys rock and I’m personally so proud and honored to be part of the amazing class of 2009, something I’ll always cherish. Thank you again for believing in and nurturing women’s entrepreneurial spirit.” – Diane Zuckerman, Evidence Based Solutions AllThingsLifeSciences 2009

“It is very lonely being a women business CEO, President in the bioscience/horticulture/ag world that is dominated by men. Not only that, when you have a new technology that is currently out-performing the 30 year old technology, you need a support group to keep you focused and to say “that a girl!” I find this support in Springboard; plus, I find the experience that these women have invaluable.”

“Now I can see where I can use this network for help and advice if I need it.”

“Springboard is like a family to me. No matter how far I cast myself from its activities, she does not forget me, even 4 years after I presented. I know I can always count on someone I met at Springboard to give me advice, especially those close by me.”

“Staying connected to a peer group who has been there, done that, and can help me move forward. Furthering business opportunities for me and those women I meet and deem acceptable to include in the group.”

“Amazing support for women, entrepreneurial executive education, feeling of having a network and resources that care and know the challenges to women entrepreneurs.”

“Unique genuine support system for women leaders. I feel as if there is real support in reach…to assist/care about the lonely CEO. Networking and source for new knowledge and support systems is highly valued, refreshing and something I can do for me…not just for my business.”

“A sense that I belong to a very professional group of business women. A great source for ideas, contacts and assistance in most business matters.”

“Expectations: Re-connecting with a great support group. Were they met? Absolutely and more…. I learned more about the technicalities of growing a business and what to look for…. For example, the exit plan and the “hiccups” that can demoralize and destroy a company.”

“Yes, great event, not sure what I expected going in! But I learned a huge amount. Only regret is not enough time to just sit & talk with people.”

“I found the event to be extremely helpful in providing food for thought, in a very experiential way, about why I get up in the morning and choose to grow my business. Everything from my ultimate goals in life and business to how I will execute my day and my life were dusted over with my peers stories and insights, providing me with cathartic and rich fertilizer to grow my ideas.”

“I expected to glean wisdom from other alumnae on whether a candidate I had was a suitable choice as CEO for my company. I got that feedback and much more.”

“To be in touch with presenters from NE 2005 again, learn how other entrepreneurs handle the challenges of starting and transitioning businesses, and networking. Yes, I was exposed to the “next stage” of the enterprise existence, valuation…boards, etc. Good to see and hear about before encountering. Was pleased that there was such a diverse group of women leaders, with personality, humor, and smarts.”

“Overall exceeded expectations for networking and new learning. Speakers were outstanding experts… A lot to absorb in a short period.”

“Networking and idea generation. Yes! Reflecting on my expectations, they were really grand — I mean, I go to almost every big event like this hoping for the same thing – just a vague notion in my mind — but this really was both a great networking event (all the women there were really forthcoming, great, and seemingly interested in the same things I was — and I was no less than inspired by what people were doing. I truly did walk away with some great ideas and things I want to pursue.”

“It was like you had targeted the subjects and sessions to meet my personal needs in the business life I have chosen as an entrepreneur. It was honest and open which is rare in a business setting with so many business owners. Women Rule!”

“As you can see from my tardy response, there just never seems to be enough time… but Springboard is one of my top professional priorities.”

“What and incredible group of people, and I am honored to be in their company!”

“It was a great meeting. Thanks for all that you did to put on the program. It was really well done and relevant–great timing for where I’m at right now. It’s inspiring to see what so many have been through and emerged stronger on the other side. Springboard is an incredible network. I appreciated the opportunity to learn from others and felt like I had the opportunity to share some of my experiences to others’ benefit.”

“Just wanted to let you know that the event was terrific. It was so great to have so many come and have them come here to KC. I loved hearing the stories the most – you just cannot top what a WBO goes through in her quest to succeed and do the right thing! The panel on Tuesday was simply excellent.”

“Thank you and your team very very much for the fantastic event! Your tireless commitment and passion shone thru every minute and every activity. Even when most of us were too exhausted to speak or think! It is truly inspiring and humbling to be amidst such an incredible group of accomplished women. As always I come away feeling so very thankful for the opportunity to be involved and am most anxious to figure out how to help Springboard propel to the next level.”

“Springboard is a gift to be sincerely and deeply appreciated. We are incredibly fortunate to have a dedicated group generously giving their time to help women prepare themselves and their companies for the rigors of venture financing.”  – Helen Maslocka, MedCool Inc., New England, 2003

“Springboard helped us successfully travel a path towards growth and stability with valuable input and connections at each stage in the company’s growth.” – Cheryl M. Zimmerman, Far Sounder Inc, New England 2002 Presenter

“Infraworks [now Pinion Software] is going to be a huge success and Springboard will be a big part of the reason why.” – Joyce Durst, Pinion Software, Southwest 2002 Presenter

“I’m sure you have heard this over and over but the Springboard process has been one of the most incredible experiences for our business to date. Not only were we educated beyond most measures for practically free, had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and being helped by so many supporters, but then as a finale, were able to present to the largest gathering of VC groups I’ve seen.” – Margy Ronning, Handsignal, Mid-West 2001 Presenter

“In addition to receiving several qualified inquiries a few days before Springboard, I am very pleased to say that we were truly overwhelmed by the positive response of your attendees to our company and services. We met with at least 7 VC’s with genuine interest in pursuing talks to invest in our company. The number and quality of contacts we made would have taken a tremendous amount of time and effort to cultivate while also providing us with some potential new business partners and future vendor tie ins. We would wholeheartedly recommend Springboard events to others — in both the entrepreneurial and investment communities.” – Fay Wood, SatisFusion, Midwest 2001 Presenter

“Springboard was literally the launch pad for ClairVoyante. Each and every institutional investor that participated in our first round of financing was an attendee at Springboard. I doubt we could have gotten financing without our participation in the Springboard process.” – Candice Brown Elliott, ClairVoyante Laboratories, Inc. , Silicon Valley 2001 Presenter

“Springboard provided me with a strong network of resources. The coaching and support system is unparalleled in today’s environment for women entrepreneurs and I would strongly encourage women entrepreneurs to participate.” –Kathryn Huber, Market Insite Group, Silicon Valley 2001 Presenter

“Participating in Springboard was a career high point for me; it challenged me personally and professionally. I believe Springboard boosted my confidence and sharpened my presentation style. The resources offered were absolutely amazing.” – Rosemary O’Neill, Infopop Corp, Silicon Valley 2001 Presenter

“Springboard was an incredibly valuable experience, not only for the investor contacts and the opportunity to sharpen my presentation, but also for the chance to share my challenges and learn from a peer group of accomplished women CEOs.” – Patti White, Inovise Medical, Inc. Silicon Valley 2001 Presenter

“I have been meaning to contact all of your organizers who put Springboard together and thank you for creating the opportunity for me to present my company to investors. It was an intense but productive experience and I especially enjoyed the feeling of camaraderie with other women entrepreneurs.” – Aprile Pilon, Claragen, Mid-Atlantic 2000 Presenter

“I definitely count my Springboard experience as having a major impact. The people I’ve met through Springboard still serve as my advocates, consultants, and champions.” – Diane Hessan, Communispace Corporation, New England 2000 Presenter

“Thank you for the good wishes! Springboard is a key part of our success since it is where we met up with DCM, the VC firm that invested in the Company early on. Without Springboard and the opportunity that it generated for us, we would not be where we are today!” – Kathleen Chien, 51Job, Silicon Valley 2000

“Springboard has been a tremendous resource for me and the companies I’ve founded. I continue to receive invaluable advice and counsel.” – Lauren Flanagan, SCIO Corp. Silicon Valley 2000 Presenter

“Presenting at Springboard was an amazing experience. In one setting, it put me in contact with more investors and other entrepreneurs than I could have been in touch with in six months on my own.” – Sara Frankel, BestSelf, Silicon Valley 2000 Presenter

“Any one of the many services that Springboard provides can be of value to an early stage entrepreneur. But it is when you put it all together: the breath of its programs and the caliber of the team that drives this organization, that you really appreciate how unique Springboard is as an organization.” – Juanita Lott, Bridgestream, Silicon Valley 2000 Presenter

“Since its beginnings, Springboard has offered women entrepreneurs the opportunity to profile their high tech companies to an audience many of us would never be able to reach on our own.” – Gerri Sinclair, Ncompass Labs, Silicon Valley 2000 Presenter


Our Springboard Australia Alums

One of my key take aways from Bootcamp is this –  I’m no longer the lone warrior doing this on my own – I have support – here [in Australia] and in the US. -Tessa Court, IntelligenceBank, Springboard: Australia 2013

I would like to thank the Springboard team for making the program itself happen in Australia and for travelling half way around the world to meet and work with us. I feel honoured to be apart of the Springboard team and am really looking forward to the next stage of the program.-Samantha Cobb, AdAlta, Springboard: Australia 2013

This whole process has made me a lot more determined to help fellow women entrepreneurs on their path, so classmates yell if you need anything from me! -Natasha Rawlings, StreetHawk, Springboard: Australia 2013

My summary of the bootcamp was – terrific despite the savaging… I truly feel privileged to be part of such an amazing bunch of women and the fact we are Aussies is even more chest swelling. -Deb Noller, Switch Automation, Springboard: Australia 2013.

The Class of 2013 is a truly inspirational group, I feel so proud to be part of it and relieved to have such an amazing web of support around me now. I look forward to continuing to learn and to doing my bit to bring people and resources to the eco-system.-Fiona Waterhouse, Utilitas, Springboard: Australia 2013

The Springboard bootcamp program has been truly pivotal for my business and my career. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity….Thank you again for all your amazing work with this program. -Georgia Beattie, Single Serve, Springboard: Australia 2013.

After my time with the amazing Springboard team and alums from the US and Australia, I am more confident that I will be able to navigate the many grey areas of growing my company. With Springboard’s help, I look forward to making a success of my venture and being able to pay it back to other female entrepreneurs.  Thank you as well for surrounding me with such an accomplished and supportive peer group of other Australian Springboard women. -Vanessa Wilson, Triplebackup, Springboard: Australia 2013.


Our Advisors

“What an inspirational evening it was last night. I was absolutely delighted to sit with some of our Life Science 2012 Winners and catch up on the great things they are doing and their enthusiasm. What amazing speakers – in fact I met so many interesting people, as I said to Katie I came away jubilant and miserable at the same time – I rather think it was a good wake up call for me to do more! So let me know how I can.” – Cheryl Buxton, Korn/Ferry International


Our Coaches

My hat’s off to you & your entire team. What a spectacular day!! The Venture Forum was so well done and the class cohort very impressive. Thank you for including me in the Gala which was a great testament to all you have built and achieved throughout the years.” – Laurette DelGuercio, SB Coach

“What a wonderful Investor Day and a terrific Gala event (again!) – honoring terrific women. Wow. Thank you so much for the lovely seat at your table… so enjoyed my fellow table guests and have connected Bill Trestail to my friend who is here, but a formidable Aussie. What a week of smart, talented women – the WE Summit – the Investor Day – the Gala and today’s Dell DWEN meeting. Thank you for including me… really enjoyed learning more.” – Jeanne Sullivan, SB Coach

“Thank you! And terrific job all around to you and your team! Look foward to the next NYC cycle!” – Yolanda Wardowski, Avalon Group


Our Partners and Affiliates

“Thanks for all your help! We had a really delightful and inspiring time. What an incredible group! Well done!” – Marissa Mayer, New Yahoo CEO, 2012 Springboard Winners’ Circle Awards

“Springboard is the only national organization dedicated to accelerating the movement of women-owned businesses into the venture markets. The organization goes beyond match making and prepares both the women entrepreneurs and the investors to be most effective in working together. Springboard is transforming entrepreneurial opportunities for women. As a result, women-led businesses are achieving their full potential as an economic force, our economy is healthier and our society is richer.” – Sharon Hadary, Center For Women’s Business Research

“It was great meeting you, Katie, and thanks so much for the wonderful event. I was very impressed.” – Svetlana Lebedeva, Square One Roots


The Investors

“Once Again I was quite struck by the quality of the entrepreneurs, the thoroughness of the presentations, and the attractiveness of the investment opportunities…these are the deals that I do not ordinarily see.” – Michael Greeley, IDG Ventures

“This is about money changing hands. It is about the opportunity for many of you to be investing and it is the opportunity for these wonderful entrepreneurs to earn and return to those investors.” – Myra Hart, Harvard Business School/ Angel Investor

“Springboard was one of the most successful and positive outcomes of the merger of entrepreneurship and the private equity explosion of the late 1990’s and has had an enduring effect not only on women led businesses but also the entire venture infrastructure as well.” – John May, co-founder of the Dinner Clubs and co-author, “Every Business Needs an Angel”

“Springboard is a great source of deal flow for our fund. We met iRobot, maker of the award-winning Roomba Robotic FloorVac, at Springboard last year and led its $13 million financing round.” – Trident Ventures



“What a great evening last night! Springboard is an incredible organization with a great mission. What Springboard does is so terrific…I am honored to be part of it.” – Dan DeWolf, Mintz Levin

“Congratulations on putting together a wildly successful [forum]. All of us at McKinsey were proud to be a part of such a first class event…. Thanks again, for your support of our coaching activities and the recognition you gave us throughout the event.”

“Congratulations on a successful alumnae caucus. What a great reminder that success isn’t always measured in numbers but in impact. Hats off to you all for the great ideas and hard work!”

“Thank you so much for inviting me to attend this event. I REALLY enjoyed the day and am looking forward to staying involved with Springboard. You’re running a great program!” – Cat Oyler, Johnson & Johnson


Springboard Australia Sponsors

“The City [of Sydney] agreed to host this official [Springboard] launch because, as Australia’s global city, we must keep the entrepreneurial fires burning. Innovation, more than ever, is the name of the game. – Lord Mayor Clover Moore of Sydney.

“The program and the process confirmed for me that entrepreneurship and innovation are alive and well in Australia and that providing the framework and infrastructure to help develop those capabilities is incredibly important and valuable.  This is more than helping women entrepreneurs succeed, this is about tapping into the sustainable resources that make our nation competitive and great – our people.  I found the candidates brilliant, savvy, and wise beyond their years and I would be lucky to have the opportunity to work for one of them one day.  Springboard creates the light that not only exposes these talented individuals but also nourishes and grows their businesses.” – Mike Baldwin, Executive Director of Innovation and Implementation, Westpac

“By participating in Springboard Enterprises’ screening program, it was clear to me that Australia has talented female entrepreneurs with a global view. Springboard provides a unique service that helps women gain the necessary skills to drive their business ideas forward. Bloomberg is a company that supports women in business and finance, and we are pleased to work with organisations like Springboard.” – Amanda Dobbie, Head of Sales and Account Management, Bloomberg LP Australia and New Zealand