Laurie Weir

Investment Director

Laurie Weir has recently retired as Investment Director participating on the leadership of CalPERS Investment Office.  CalPERS portfolio is valued at approximately $300 billion.  The Investment Office is staffed with over 400 employees and an annual budget of approximately $2.4 billion.  CalPERS represents 1.7 million members and retirees.

Laurie’s role on the executive team focused on leading organizational change in response to portfolio restructuring and reorganization of the Investment Office.  Laurie led initiatives intended to reduce the risk, cost, and complexity of the investment portfolio; and acted as liaison with Public Affairs to craft Investment Office response on unforeseen issues as they emerged.

Laurie led CalPERS Investment Manager Engagement and Targeted Investment Programs overseeing key initiatives for all asset classes including creation of a complete eco-system for external managers, and oversight of Emerging and Transition Manager Programs and California investment strategies.  Laurie was Chair or CalPERS Investment Office Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee and managed labor stakeholder relations across the portfolio.  Laurie also chaired the Robert Toigo Foundation Advisory Board.  Laurie has made numerous presentations to CalPERS Board, provided testimony at legislative hearings, and hosted large events on topics of interest to the investment community.  Laurie has been a speaker at numerous conferences and events.  She is a member of the Private Equity Women Investor Network.

Prior to her role as Investment Director, Laurie managed CalPERS $5 billion urban real estate portfolio.  The goal of the investment strategy was to achieve appropriate risk adjusted investment returns focused on urban transit-oriented development.

Before joining CalPERS, Laurie served as Deputy Treasurer of the State of California. There, she was responsible for the oversight of over $3.5 billion in tax credit and tax exempt bond allocations, and advisory services to California’s business, development, and finance communities.  During this time, Laurie served as the Executive Secretary of California’s Pooled Money Investment Board, a cash management and investment program for state and local monies.

Through the course of her career Laurie leadership roles included Chair of the United Nations Environmental Program Finance Initiative Property Working Group; Board Member of Urban Land Institute’s Greenprint Foundation and ULI National Councilmember; Board Member of the California Housing Finance Agency and California Housing Consortium.  Recently, Laurie received the National Association of Investment Companies 2016 Chairman’s Award for Leadership.