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About Women Funding Women  

Our 2017-2018 event series Women Funding Women leverages the expertise of investors, innovators and influencers. We shine a spotlight on the investments made in women-led companies while encouraging more women to invest.  Co-hosted by Dell and the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) and Springboard Enterprises, the series travels to seven cities – ​- ​Brooklyn, Toronto, Amsterdam, Paris, Austin, Sydney, and Tokyo​ – t​o ​ foster a global community that supports and invests in women by promoting investment opportunities and ​encouraging collaboration.

Program: We start with a fireside chat, moderated by Dell, featuring first-person insights from an entrepreneur and her investor, followed by presentations from four growth stage entrepreneurs accompanied by crowd-sourced resources, comments and connections. ​

Our Global Tour

We launched in Brooklyn, NY, second stop was Toronto,  join our global tour!

Women Funding Women is coming to Amsterdam (February 13) and Paris (February 15)!

We would love to see you there! 

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We’re building the ecosystem that supports women entrepreneurs and investors.  

We welcome entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts to participate. 

Important Information on Upcoming Events

BROOKLYN October 25, 2017  See photos from the event!
TORONTO January 15, 2018 See photos from the event!
AMSTERDAM February 13, 2018  See photos from the event!
PARIS February 15, 2018  See photos from the event!
AUSTIN March 11, 2018  RSVP here!
SYDNEY  April 12, 2018  RSVP here!
TOKYO  April 13, 2018  RSVP here!

About Dell’s Women Entrepreneur Network (DWEN)

Dell Technologies has the mission to empower entrepreneurs in the new world of digital transformation with the best technologies from day one to disruption. Through the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN), Dell is connecting female entrepreneurs across the globe with networks, sources of capital, knowledge and technology, giving them the power to do more.


“Having attended many tech funding networking events run by men, I can say, without qualification, that the Women Funding Women event, was, to put it simply, about possibility whereas the traditional male-run tech events I’ve attended were about exclusivity, i.e. those of us on stage are in and those in audience are out.  Complete opposite vibe at Women Funding Women.”
~Daria Sommers, Room 11 Productions, Brooklyn, NY
“For me the best part was that it was an event where women listened to women being interviewed by women talking about Business. Not about “being a woman in business” but just the nitty-gritty of getting  it done. “
 ~Abigail Edgecliffe-Johnson, Founder at RaceYa, Brooklyn, NY  
“Women Funding Women was an informative, inspirational and positive event! As a female founder, hearing advice from successful female founders was incredibly beneficial. I left the evening with four new contacts and two new digital resources that had me excited to move forward the next morning!”
 ~Jessica Ochoa Hendrix, Co-Founder of Killer Snails, Brooklyn, NY