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Helping women
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Providing women entrepreneurs with a powerful community, access to capital and a path to success.

Our Mission

Springboard accelerates the growth of women-led companies through access to essential resources and a global network of entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors dedicated to building high-growth companies led by women in technology and life sciences. The results speak for themselves – in our 24+ years of operation, Springboard has accelerated the growth of 920+ women-led companies who have generated $39B in value.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Springboard Enterprises values diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as essential to our mission and more broadly to a thriving, equitable, and just global community. In our decades of work to lift up women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, we know that DEI is also foundational to all high-performing, successful businesses.

Our Impact

Companies that work with Springboard get results. For more than two decades, Springboard Enterprises has been educating, advising and supporting women-led companies. Our track record speaks for itself.



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