About Us

Board of Directors

Springboard’s Board of Directors is composed of highly accomplished leaders in the business world. Board members advocate for Springboard by advising, governing and overseeing policy and direction that drives Springboard’s founding mission.

Our Board of Directors supports Springboard and our expanding network, all while increasing the global visibility of the Springboard mission.

Founder & former CEO, USA Networks Co-founder & Chairman, Springboard Enterprises Co-founder & Chairman, Springboard Growth Capital Chair, The Healing Company
Co-founder, Chair & CEO, Sesame Solar and Managing Partner, Belle Capital USA
Managing Partner, Wiserock LLC
Advisor, Investor & Coach
Founder and Executive Officer, Skai Blue Media (SBM)
Senior Partner, National Health Tech Leader, Deloitte
Director, Senior Advisor and Investor
Founding Partner at Legacy Knight