Programs for Women Entrepreneurs

Unlock and unleash
your true potential

Gain access to a powerful community with the capital, resources and know-how you need to grow and scale.

For over 20 years, investors, corporate partners, and industry experts have collaborated with Springboard to create relevant education programs, a robust peer community, and custom expert advisory teams that accelerate your growth.

As an entrepreneur or founder, the key takeaways that come from participating in Springboard go beyond what you will learn about yourself and your company. The value Springboard delivers – unmatched and unduplicated anywhere else – lies in the long-term relationships you enter with your advisory team and the vast, diverse network of Springboard alumnae who stand ready to assist you in refining your messaging, strengthening your business model, and implementing your strategy.

Springboard’s Life Sciences Innovation Program is a program for women-led life sciences and healthcare companies seeking funding, networking opportunities and strategic partners. Selected program participants are matched with a personal advisory team tasked with providing insight into the company’s next stage of growth.

Springboard’s Digital Health Innovation Program is a program for women-led digital health companies seeking growth funding and connections to experts and strategic partners for product development and expansion. Selected participants are paired with a team of advisors who are charged with making a meaningful impact on the entrepreneur’s next stage of growth.

Springboard’s retail technology program is in partnership with the New York Fashion Tech Lab. This program facilitates relationships between growth-stage tech companies and global retailers. Advisors and experts partner with women-led companies at the intersection of tech, fashion and retail.

Springboard’s Dolphin Tank pitch events offer entrepreneurs actionable insights and resources from industry experts and investors. The Dolphin Tank focuses on one thing: “How can we help?” The objective is to provide connections and advice to enable entrepreneurs to overcome their challenges and capitalize on their opportunities.

Springboard’s Women’s Health Innovation Program is for women-led companies with a primary focus on advancing innovations in women’s health. Companies selected for this program are coupled with experts and advisors who are charged with providing guidance and positive impact on the business’ next stage of growth.

SBE Australia is a program for early-stage women-led technology companies headquartered in Australia with global market aspirations. Companies selected for the program are selected from a wide range of backgrounds and industries.