It is our mission to promote women’s entrepreneurial development through alliances, partnerships and direct programming. Since 2000, our signature program has been our accelerator program.  We have also produced targeted education programs, entrepreneurial gatherings and caucuses, and presentation sessions with investors, corporate partners and industry sector experts.

Upcoming Events:

  • July 7: Tech Innovation Hub Interviews in Palo Alto, CA
  • July 8: Health Innovation Hub Final Assessments in Palo Alto, CA
  • July 10: Tech Innovation Hub Interviews in Chicago, IL
  • July 15: Tech Innovation Hub Interviews in Boston, MA
  • July 23: Tech Innovation Hub Interviews in New York, NY
  • August 3-5: Springboard Australia Bootcamp in Sidney
  • September 1-3: Tech Innovation Hub Bootcamp in NYC
  • September 9: Dolphin Tank with Hera Hub and M&T Bank in Washington, DC
  • September 24: Dolphin Tank with Michigan Women’s Foundation in Detroit, MI
  • September 25: Dolphin Tank with Michigan Women’s Foundation in Grand Rapids, MI
  • October 8: Dolphin Tank at Long Beach City College Summit, CA
  • October 19-21: Springboard Winners’ Circle Awards Dinner and events in NYC
  • November 12: Indiana Governor’s Conference Dolphin Tank
  • End of November: New York Fashion Tech Lab applications open
Our Accelerators are for women-led companies seeing institutional investments involve hundreds of innovators, investors, influencers and industry experts. Learn more
Current Accelerator Programs:

DOLPHIN TANK SESSIONS Helpful feedback-driven pitch sessions designed to provide entrepreneurs with actionable insights from knowledgeable people. Learn more
CAUCUS PROGRAMS Bi-Annual Event convening alumnae and advisors for practical discussions, tutorials and sharing of expertise relevant to growing businesses. Learn more
WINNERS’ CIRCLE AWARDS DINNERS Springboard’s Annual Celebration dinner takes place each October in NYC to recognize entrepreneurial women and the community that supports their ventures.
BUILD IT BIG Results-oriented, business development program for women-led businesses planning to expand their products and services.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS Seminars and Workshops that provide an intro to equity capital and strategies for building high-growth businesses.