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We work with bold, innovative women-led companies obsessed with redefining the world as we know it. Springboard portfolio companies are some of the most innovative technology and life sciences companies leading the charge to build a better future for us all.

Springboard Portfolio Companies

Life Sciences Innovation 2023

Linnaeus Therapeutics, Inc., Tina Garyantes Ph.D.

Life Sciences – Biotech

NanoTess, Megan Leslie

Life Sciences – Devices

Cayuga Biotech, Andrea Ashford-Hicks,

Life Sciences – Biotech

Lantern Laboratory Inc., Meera Garcia, MD, FACOG

Life Sciences – Devices

PTM Therapeutics, Jennifer Cheng J.D., Ph.D.

Life Sciences – Biotech

APIE Therapeutics, Esther M. Alegria, Ph.D

Life Sciences – Pharmaceuticals

Yaso Therapeutics Inc., Mary Frost Weitzel, MBA

Life Sciences – Pharmaceuticals

Minutia, Katy Digovich

Life Sciences – Biotech

Lavaage, Melissa Kim

Life Sciences – Consumer Health

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2023

Altr, Jessie Fu

Fashion Tech – Archival Fashion

Hue, Janvi Shah, Nicole Clay, and Sylvan Guo

Fashion Tech – User-Generated Video Technology

PSYKHE AI, Anabel Maldonado

Fashion Tech – Merchandising and Personalization Technology

Sociate, Yasmin Topia

Fashion Tech – AI Personal Shopper Technology

Sparkbox, Lindsay Fisher

Fashion Tech – Retail Planning and Optimization

Try Your Best, Ty Haney and Breana Teubner

Fashion Tech – Community Management

Digital Health Innovation 2022

AllergenIQ, Nana Mireku

Digital Health – Pediatric Allergies – Consumer Health

Flourish Care, Melissa Bowley

Digital Health –Maternal & Infant Health – Social/Platform Software

Health Care Originals, Sharon Samjitsingh

Digital Health –Pulmonology – Monitoring Equipment

LunaJoy, Sipra Laddha

Digital Health –Mental Health– Clinics/Outpatient Services

Lasa Health, Margaret Melville

Digital Health – Gynecology/Chronic Conditions – Outcome Management

Oral Genome, Tina Saw

Digital Health – Dental Health – Decision/Risk Analysis

SoShe, Shannon Field

Digital Health – Maternal Health – Application Software

Wavely Diagnostics, Arna Ionescu Stoll

Digital Health – Pediatrics – Digital Diagnostics

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2022

DressX, Natalia Modenova  & Daria Shapovalova

Fashion Tech- Meta Fashion

Digital Village, Evelyn Mora

Fashion Tech- Metaverse

Greenlist, Jess Owens

Fashion Tech- Returns Solutions

Squadded, Elysa Kahn

Fashion Tech- Social Commerce

Window, Oladoyin Oladapo

Fashion Tech- Personalization

Life Sciences Innovation 2022

BioNADRx, Wendy Komac
Life Sciences – Biotech – Addiction
BRT Biotechnologies, Inc., Jane Liu
Life Sciences – Biotech – Small Molecules
CellFE Biotech, Alla Zamarayeva
Life Sciences – Biotech – Drug Discovery
CxPrecision Medicine, Danguole Altman
Life Sciences – Therapeutics – Neurodegenerative Disease
Eisana, Carole Spangler Vaughn
Life Sciences – Wearables and Devices – Cancer Side Effects
Ernest Pharmaceuticals, Nele Van Dessel
Life Sciences – Biotech – Tumors
NasaClip, Elizabeth Clayborne
Life Sciences – Wearables and Devices – Nosebleeds
Obatala Sciences, Trivia Frazier
Life Sciences – Biotech – Drug Development
Paradox Immunotherapeutics, Natalie Galant
Life Sciences – Therapeutics – Organ Disfunction
Relavo, Sarah Lee
Life Sciences – Wearables and Devices – Kidney Diaylsis

Health Innovation Hub: Digital Health 2021

Aila Health, Rory Stanton
Digital Health – Women’s Health – Autoimmune Disease

Athelo Health, Jessica Thurmond & Monica Schmiede
Digital Health – Women’s Health – Oncology

Frame Fertility, Jessica Bell van der Wal
Digital Health – Women’s Health – Fertility

NeuroGeneces, Karen Crow
Digital Health – Wearables and Devices – Neurocognitive Diseases

Partum Health, Meghan Doyle
Digital Health – Women’s Health – Maternal and Family Health

Rosy Wellness, Lyndsey Harper
Digital Health – Women’s Health – Sexual Health and Wellness

Skintelligent, Eleanor Jones
Digital Health – Diagnostics – Dermatology & Skin Health

Somne, Volha Hrechka
Digital Health – Wearables and Devices – Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Spatially Health, Hillit Meidar-Alfi
Digital Health – Data Solutions – Social Determinants of Health and Equity

SBE Australia: Life Science 2021

Incisive Technologies, Kerry Hegarty
Life Sciences – Novel Diagnostics – Oral Health
Laronix, Farzaneh Ahmadi
Life Sciences – Therapeutic Devices – Electronic Voice Prosthesis
Lactamo, Etta Watts-Russell
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Maternal Health
Neurotologix, Kate Lewkowski
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Vestibular Health
Oncology One Pty Ltd, Joanne Boag
Life Sciences – Drug Development – Oncology Biotechnology
QID Pharma Pty Ltd, Carolyn Stone
Life Sciences – Drug Discovery – Dermatology
Sea Our Beauty, Natassia Nicolao
Life Sciences – Cosmeceuticals – Sustainable Beauty
Theratrak, Laura Simmons
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Therapy Tracking and Monitoring
Ventora Medical, Amy Yu
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Monitoring Equipment

Health Innovation Hub: Life Sciences 2021

AOA Dx, Oriana Papin-Zoghbi
Life Sciences – Women’s Health – Diagnostics
Axonis, Joanna Stanicka
Life Sciences – Novel Therapeutics – Neurology Spinal Cord
Concarlo Holdings LLC, Stacy Blain & LisaMarie Casey
Life Sciences – Novel Therapeutics – Companion Diagnostics
Corstrata, Katherine Piette
Life Sciences – Telehealth – Patient Care Coordination
Dimension Inx, Caralynn Collens
Life Sciences – Regenerative Medicine – Reconstructive Surgery
Joylux, Colette Courtion
Life Sciences – Women’s Health – Vaginal Health
PionEar Technologies, Ida Pavlichenko
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Chronic and Infectious Disease Management
Praetego, Pepper Landson
Life Sciences – Novel Therapeutics – Metabolic & Neurological Diseases
Rubitection, Sanna Gaspard
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Dermatology
Winter Innovations, Lia Winter
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Orthopedic Surgery

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2021

3D Robe, Natalie Johnson
Fashion Tech – E-Commerce
Lisa, Sophie Frères
Fashion Tech – E-Commerce
Reflekt Me, Tope Mitchell
Fashion Tech – E-Commerce
Save Your Wardrobe, Hasna Kourda
Fashion Tech – Sustainability
VNTANA, Ashley Crowder
Fashion Tech – SaaS, E-Commerce
Xesto, Sophie Howe
Fashion Tech – E-Commerce

Health Innovation Hub: Digital Health 2020

Candlelit Therapy, Inc., Lauren Elliott
Digital Health – Women’s Health – Maternal Health
Emedgene, Einat Metzer
Digital Health – Data Solutions – Genomic Diagnostic
Emme, Amanda French
Digital Health – Women’s Health Telemedicine – Reproductive Health
LuminDx, Susan Conover
Digital Health – Data Solutions – Dermotology
Nest Collaborative, Amanda Gorman
Digital Health – Women’s Health – Maternal Health
Patientory, Chrissa McFarlane
Digital Health – Data Solutions – Population Health Intelligence
Physician 360, Angela Fusaro
Digital Health – Remote Diagnostics – Telemedicine
Respira Labs, Maria Artunduaga
Digital Health – Wearables & Devices – Remote Monitoring
Strategikon Pharma, Anca Copaescu
Digital Health – Pharma Tech – Clinical Management
Zibrio, Katharine Forth
Digital Health – Wearables & Devices – Remote Monitoring

SBE Australia: Life Science 2020

Alyra Biotech, Susan Evans
Life Science – Biopharmaceutical Tech – Women’s Health
Cenofex Innovations, Sheridan Gho
Life Science – Medical Device – Wearable
Gertrude Biomedical, Tara Karnezis
Life Science – Bio Tech – Wound Healing
Gheorg, Louise Metcalf
Life Science – Tech Therapeutics – Anxiety
HATCH Biosystems, Claire Leach
Life Science – Agritech – Food Waste and Sustainability
Humble Bee, Veronica Stevenson
Life Science – Bio Tech – Biomaterials
Kleu, Linda Simonsen
Life Science – Digital Health – Emotional Wellbeing

Health Innovation Hub: Life Science 2020

Celmatix, Piraye Beim
Life Sciences – Therapautics – Women’s Health
Evren Technologies, Blythe Karow
Life Sciences – Medical Device – PTSD
Ilya Pharma, Evelina Vågesjö
Life Sciences – Novel Therapeutics – Wound Healing
Junebrain, Inc., Samantha Scott
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Neurology
Kalocyte, Inc., Elaine Haynes
Life Sciences – Novel Therapeautics – Blood Substitute
Materna Medical, Tracy MacNeal
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Women’s Health
Micronoma, Sandrine Miller-Montgomery
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Liquid Biopsy
Prolifagen, Claudine Bruck
Life Sciences – Novel Therapeutics – Cardiology
Sisu Global Health, Carolyn Yarina
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Autotransfusion Blood
Watkins-Conti Products, Inc., Allison Watkins-Conti
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Women’s Health

SBE Australia: Tech 2020

Complete Home Filtration, Suzanne Dodds
Tech – Clean Tech – Water Filtration
Dekko Secure, Jacqui Nelson
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Security and Risk
Everty, Carola Jonas
Tech – Enterprise Tech – SaaS – Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
Immediation, Laura Keily
Tech – Legal Tech – Online Dispute Resolution Platform
OneVault, Felicity Hamilton
Tech – Digital Health – Clinical Governance & Accreditation
PepTalkHer, Meggie Palmer
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Closing Gender Pay Gap
PeopleBench, Fleur Johnston
Tech – EdTech – Research & Analytics for School Workforce Strategy
SpaceDraft, Lucy Cooke
Tech – Spatial Logistics Software – SaaS
Squadify, Pia Lee
Tech – Computer Software – Team Assessment

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2020

Becoco., Katharina Vandamme-Eybesfeld
Tech – Fashion Tech – AI
Change of Paradigm, Raphaëlle Mura
Tech – Fashion Tech – 3D CGI X-Reality
FutureProof Retail, Di Di Chan
Tech – Fashion Tech – In-Store Experience
Hafta Have, Amanda Latifi
Tech – Fashion Tech – Offline Revenue
Heuritech, Célia Poncelin
Tech – Fashion Tech – Predictive Analytics
Reflaunt, Stephanie Crespin
Tech – Fashion Tech – Secondary Market
Sozie, Tahreem Arshad
Tech – Fashion Tech – E-Commerce
ZOOMLOOK, Elizabeth Clayton
Tech – Fashion Tech – VR

Tech Innovation Hub: Emerging Tech 2019

Good2Go, Fran Heller
Tech – Real Estate and Mobility – IoT
Kaleido, Sophia Lopez
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Blockchain
RegAlytics, Mary Kopczynski
Tech – RegTech – Relevant Data Alerts
Stratyfy, Inc, Laura Kornhauser
Tech – AI/ML – Extracts Customer Insights
Taproot Health, Rebecca Owens
Tech – Blockchain – Cancer Patient Data

Health Innovation Hub: Life Science 2019

AbiliTech Medical, Angie Zavoral Conley
Life Science – Medical Device – Orthotics/Prosthetics
Arsenal Medical, Upma Sharma
Life Science – Medical Device – Trauma/Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
BioAge, Kristen Fortney
Life Science – Biotech – Aging
BYOMass, Inc., Margaret Jackson
Life Science – Pharmaceuticals – Obesity and Anorexia-Cachexia
Coagulo Medical Technologies, Inc., Galit Frydman
Life Science – Diagnostics – Coagulation/Hematology
Gemstone Biotherapeutics, Emily English
Life Science – Medical Device – Skin Regeneration
Greppo Technologies, Sasha Schrode
Life Science – Medical Device – Targeted Therapy Delivery/Oncology
NKA Verix Health
Invio, Inc., Cassie Wallender
Life Science – Digital Health – Clinical Trials Software
Madorra, Holly Rockweiler
Life Science – Medical Device – Women’s Health
Magnetic Insight, Anna Christensen
Life Science – Diagnostics – Cell Therapy
Seurat Therapeutics, Yuan Zhang
Life Science – Therapeutics – Migraine Prevention
SweetBio, Kayla Rodriguez Graff
Life Science – Medical Device – Wound Care

SBE Australia: Life Science 2019

Bard1 Life Sciences LTD, Leearne Hinch
Life Science – Diagnostic – Cancer Diagnostics
Navi Medical, Wei Xin Sue
Life Science – Medical Device – Pediatric
Presagen & Life Whisperer, Michelle Perugini
Life Science – Diagnostic – Medical Imaging/Diagnostics
Spot Check Technologies, Jennifer Barnes
Life Science – Biotech – Biosensor Platform
Thrivor, Mardi McMillan
Life Science – IT – Healthcare Communication

SBE Australia: Tech 2019

Bryte Systems, Pradnya Bhandary
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Analytics
NKA BryteFlow
HackHunter, Tracie Thompson
Tech – Secure Tech – Cybersecurity
AKA Serinus Security
Karista, Danielle Bodinnar
Tech – Consumer Tech – Disability
LVLY, Hannah Spilva
Tech – E-Commerce – Retail Tech
Oculo, Dr. Kate Taylor
Tech – Health Tech – SaaS
ProjectPAY, Louise Stewart
Tech – FinTech – Construct Tech
Style Arcade, Michaela Wessels
Tech – Fashion Tech – Retail Tech
SurePact, Megan Avard
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Project/Procurement Analytics

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2019

buywith, Adi Ronen
Tech – Fashion Tech – Social Commerce
The Call List, Amanda Patterson
Tech – Fashion Tech – Omni-channel
Euveka, Audrey-Laure Bergenthal & Manon Wong
Tech – Fashion Tech – IoT/Connected product
fuse.it, Liat Sade-Sternberg
Tech – Fashion Tech – AR/VR
Jumper.ai, Nyha Shree
Tech – Fashion Tech – Social commerce
Modist, Jamila Jamani
Tech – Fashion Tech – In-store Experience
Perksy, Nadia Masri
Tech – Fashion Tech – Business Intelligence
SHIPSI, Chelsie Lee
Tech – Fashion Tech – Logistics

Enterprise Tech Lab: Business of Blockchain 2018

Bowhead Health, Rhea Mehta
Tech – Digital Health – Blockchain
Global Mobile Finance, Sandra K. Johnson
Tech – Fintech – Blockchain
Hashlynx, Pat Loret de Mola
Tech – Fintech – Blockchain
HelloMaaS, Louise Doorn
Tech – Enterprise Tech– Blockchain
IBISA, Maria Mateo Iborra
Tech – AgTech– Blockchain
Peer Ledger, Dawn Jutla
Tech – Enterprise Tech– Blockchain
Womin.io, Alexandra Levin Kramer
Tech – Enterprise Tech– Blockchain

Health Innovation Hub: Digital Health 2018

BabyScripts, Judith Nowlin
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Women’s Health
Basepaws, Anna Skaya
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Animal Health
Ejenta, Rachna Dhamija
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Connected Care
ForMyOdds, Marta Murphy
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Women’s Health
Mahmee, Melissa Hanna
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Women’s Health
Mymee Inc., Mette Dyhrberg
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Digital Therapeutics
RDNote, Molly Hegarty
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Patient Care Coordination
NKA Junum
Rimidi, Lucienne Ide
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Patient Care Coordination
SendaRide, Laura Fleet
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Patient Care Coordination
Stratus Digital Systems, Greta Geankoplis
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Cybersecurity

Health Innovation Hub: Life Science 2018

Ally Therapeutics, Inc., Tina Liu
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Gene Therapy
Cairn Biosciences, Mary Ludlam
Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Oncology
Candesant Biomedical, Inc., Niquette Hunt
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Dermatology
Eximis Surgical, Inc., Kristin Johnson
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Precise surgical technology
FORGE Life Science, LLC, Lillian Chiang
Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Antiviral drugs
NKA Evrys Bio
M3 Biotechnology, Inc., Leen Kawas
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Regenerative small molecules therapeutics
NKA Athira Pharma
IPO 2020
Mantra Bio, Inc., Katie Planey
Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Therapeutics for intractable diseases
Meditope Biosciences, Inc., Stephanie Hsieh
Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Oncology
MouSensor, Inc., Charlotte D’Hulst
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Smell Digitization
NKA Yesse Technologies
Persephone Biome, Inc., Stephanie Culler
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Microbiome data discovery
NKA Persephone Biosciences
POP Medical Solutions Ltd, Debbie Garner
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Urogynecology
NKA FemSelect
Quthero, Inc., Irena Barbulovic-Nad
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Wound-Healing
ReNetX Bio, Erika Smith
Life Sciences – Pharma Technology – Improving neurologic function post-CNS damage
Scipher Medicine, Sophie Chapelle
Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Drug response tests
Siolta Therapeutics, Nikole Kimes
Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Biotherapeutic products

SBE Australia: Biotech 2018

Dimerix Ltd, Kathy Harrison
Tech – Biotech – Drug therapies
Livac Pty Ltd, Anabela Correia
Tech – Biotech – Minimally invasive surgical devices
Prota Therapeutics, Mimi Tang
Tech – Biotech – Food allergy treatments

SBE Australia: Tech 2018

Flurosat, Anastasia Volkova
Tech – Agricultural Tech – Crop Health Analytics
NKA Regrow
MadeComfy, Sabrina Bethunin
Tech – Real Estate – Property management
Pax Republic, Barbara Sharp
Tech – Information Technology – Artificial Intelligence
NKA Plaetos Group
PlaceScore, Kylie Legge
Tech – Government – City Planning
Prezzee, Claire Morris
Tech – Retail – Digital gift cards
RIPGlobal, Mel Gollan
Tech – Computer Software – Clean data platform
Springday, Georgie Drury
Tech – People Technology – Customer engagement platform
Merged with mPort
The Volte, Bernadette Olivier
Tech – Sharing economy – Online fashion rental

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2018

Cherry Pick AI, Melissa Munnerlyn
Tech – Fashion Tech – AI Marketing Automation
Sold to 100.co
EON, Natasha Franck
Tech – Fashion Tech – Business Intelligence
AKA Eon Group Holdings Inc.
EverThread, Nicole Mossman
Tech – Fashion Tech – IoT and Product Visualization
Fashwell, Caitlin Crawford
Tech – Fashion Tech – Image Recognition and Machine Learning
Sold to Apple
Find Me A Shoe, Shabari Raje
Tech – Fashion Tech – Visual Fitting
Headliner Labs, Caroline Klatt
Tech – Fashion Tech – AI CRM
Sold to ForwardPMX/The Stagwell Group
Linc, Fang Cheng
Tech – Fashion Tech – AI Customer Care Automation
Narrativ, Shirley Chen
Tech – Fashion Tech – Search Marketing Machine Learning
Shimmy Technologies, Sarah Krasley
Tech – Fashion Tech – Manufacturing AI

Health Innovation Hub: Digital Health 2017

Blumio, Catherine Liao
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Wearable
Clear Ear, Lily Truong
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Consumer Product
AKA Oto-Tip
Curatio, Lynda Brown-Ganzert
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Social Network
Digital Cognition Technologies, Allison Byers & Antonia Holway
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Cognitive Health
Sold to Linus Health
Firecracker Health, Summer Knight
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Consumer Healthcare
Medable, Michelle Longmire
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Application Development
Medical Informatics, Emma Fauss
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Data Analytics
Play-it Health, Kimberly Gandy
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Patient Engagement
Pulse Infoframe, Femida Gwadry-Sridhar
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Data Analytics
YouScript, Kristine Ashcraft
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Personalized Medicine
Sold to InVitae

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2017

Awear Solutions, Liron Slonimsky
Tech – Fashion Tech – Data Analytics
Camera IQ, Allison Wood
Tech – Fashion Tech – Augmented Reality
E-Contenta, Zoya Andreeva
Tech – Fashion Tech – Native Ads Platform
FINDMINE, Michelle Bacharach
Tech – Fashion Tech – Personalization & Data Analytics
Markable, Joy Tang
Tech – Fashion Tech – Image Recognition Technology
Obsess, Neha Singh
Tech – Fashion Tech – Virtual Reality Platform
Point 93, Samantha Zirkin
Tech – Fashion Tech – Dynamic Pricing & Data Analytics
Snap Tech, Jennifer Griffiths
Tech – Fashion Tech – Product Identification Platform
NKA Snap Vision
Zeekit, Yael Vizel
Tech – Fashion Tech – Personalization & Data Analytics

Health Innovation Hub: Life Science 2017

AgilVax, Federica Pericle
Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Immunotherapies & Vaccines
AlkaliDx, Lynn Feldman
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – ADHD
BiologicsMD, Robyn Goforth
Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Hair Loss & Bone Disorders
Encoded Genomics, Stephanie Tagliatela
Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Regulatory Genomics-based Platform
NKA Encoded Therapeutics
Hemex Health, Patti White
Life Sciences – Medical Device & Diagnostics – Malaria & Sickle Cell Diagnostics
Hinge Bio, Inc., Carin Rollins
Life Sciences – Drug Platform & Diagnostics – Cooperatively Binding Technology-Based Platform
LIA Diagnostics, Bethany Edwards
Life Sciences – Consumer Products & Diagnostics – Lateral Flow Diagnostics
MAG Optics, Geeta Singh
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Optic Implants
Naked Biome, Emma Taylor
Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Microbiome Skin Therapy
OncoStem Diagnostics, Manjiri Bakre
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Personalized Breast Cancer Treatment
Ondine Biomedical, Carolyn Cross
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Non-bacterial Anti-Infectives
IPO 2021
Pro-Arc Diagnostics, Dana Watt & Michelle Faits
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy & JC Virus
TARA Biosystems, Misti Ushio
Life Sciences – Life Science Tools – Cardiac Drug Development

SBE Australia 2017

Bookmarc, Helen Awali
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Architectural Design Platform
Coviu, Dr. Silvia Pfeiffer
Tech – Digital Health – Online Health Consultations
Data Creative, Renece Brewster
Tech – Data & Analytics – Data-Driven Personalized Videos
Elanation, Katherine Pace
Tech – Lifestyle – Digital Fitness Platform for Children
Life Cell Marine Safety, Jenny Aiken
Device – Consumer Product – Safety Equipment
Modibodi, Kristy Chong
Ecommerce – Consumer Product – Women’s High-Tech Underwear
Sold to Quadrant Private Equity
TCPinpoint, Rachel Kidwell
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cloud-Based Project Management for Retail Construction
Unscrabble, Sujata Karandikar
Tech – SAAS – End to End Supply Chain Management
UrbanYouNoga Edelstein
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Platform Connecting Individuals with Household Service Professionals
Sold to Oneflare

Tech Innovation Hub 2016

b.well Connected Health, Kristen Valdes
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Consumer Healthcare
Bandura, Suzanne Magee
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cybersecurity
NKA Bandura Cyber
BrainCheck, Yael Katz
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Digital Diagnostic Tool
Built.io, Neha Sampat
Tech – Enterprise Tech – DevOps
Sold to Software AG
AKA Contentstack
Conjur, Elizabeth Lawler
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cybersecurity
Sold to CyberArc
Digsite, Monika Rogers (Wingate)
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Marketing Automation
Everlywell, Julia Cheek
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Consumer Diagnostics
Health Helm, Pamela McNamara
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Care Coordination
AKA Trusted Patient Coach
Hintd, Lucy Danziger
Enterprise Tech – E-Commerce – Lifestyle
NKA Hinted
Ion Channel, JC Herz
Tech – Enterprise Tech – DevOps
Luminate Health, Shally Madan
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Data Analytics
Pandia Health, Sophia Yen
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Women’s Health
PRIVO, Denise Tayloe
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Identity Management
AKA Privacy Vaults Online, Inc.
Quantuvis, Lisa Bair
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Data Analytics
Univfy, Mylene Yao
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Women’s Health

SBE Australia 2016

Aerosafe Risk Management, Kimberley Turner
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Safety and Risk Management
Booking Boss, Renee Welsh
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Ticketing & Booking Management‎
Sold to Helix Leisure
EpiSoft, Jenny O’Neill
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Clinical and Practice Management Software
Kinchip Systems, Catherine Resnick & Gry Stene
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Care management
Konnective, Julie Bray
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Communication
Mentorloop, Lucy Lloyd
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Communication
Obzervr, Tania Walter
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cloud Data Management
PlanDo, Anne Moore
Tech – Enterprise Tech – HR
AKA PlanDo Human Capital
Social.Folio, Tori Bowman
Tech – Social Media – Influencer Platform
Victus Health, Michelle Ridgway
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Nutrition Platform

Health Innovation Hub: Life Science 2016

Aegle Therapeutics, Shelley Hartman
Life Sciences – Pharma – Wound Healing
Ambryx, Helen Chen
Life Sciences – Pharma – Protein Therapeutics
Amydis Diagnostics, Stella Sarraf
Life Sciences – Pharma – Amyloid-associate Diseases
Aperiomics, Crystal Icenhour
Life Sciences – Biotech – Pathogen Detection
CellSight Technologies, Aruna Gambhir
Life Sciences – Biotech – Molecular Imaging
ENB Therapeutics, Sumayah Jamal
Life Sciences – Pharma – Melanoma Treatment
Mellitus, Joyce Lonergan
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Diabetes Testing
PanTher Therapeutics, Laura Indolfi
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Pancreatic Cancer Therapeutics
SciBac, Inc., Jeanette Mucha
Life Sciences – Pharma – Antibiotic-Resistant Diseases
Urology Diagnostics, Theresa Koppie
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Cancer Diagnostics
NKA Convergent Genomics

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2016

Claire, Marta Jamrozik
Tech – Fashion Tech – Data Analytics
Closet Collective, Claire McEvily & Seema Gohil
Tech – Fashion Tech – E-Commerce
Elemoon, Jing Zhou
Tech – Fashion Tech – Wearables
Fittery, Catherine Iger
Tech – Fashion Tech – Personalization & Fit
Sold to Under 5’10
Genostyle, Veronica Cabezas
Tech – Fashion Tech – Data Analytics
Siren, Kat Alexander
Tech – Fashion Tech – Wearables
AKA Smart Siren Technology
Smartzer, Karoline Gross
Tech – Fashion Tech – Video Marketing & Analytics / E-Commerce
Thursday Finest, Veronika Harbick
Tech – Fashion Tech – 3D Printing

Tech Innovation Hub 2015

Forkcast, Cie Nicholson
Tech – Consumer Tech – Food Delivery
Hunhu Healthcare, Inc., Teresa Marchek
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Care management
MapMyBeauty, Annabella Daily
Tech – Consumer Tech – Personalized Beauty Platform
Nimbus, Inc., Nadine Keller
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Sales
AKA Nimbus Cloud
Pathbrite, Heather Hiles
Tech – Consumer Tech – HR
Sold to Cengage Learning
Playlist, Karen Katz
Tech – Consumer Tech – Collaborative Music Streaming
AKA Project Playlist, Jam Music
RAI Stone Group, Sam Zordich
Tech – FinTech – SMB Intelligence
Social Data Collective, Ashwini Anburajan
Tech – Digital Media – Audience Insights
AKA OpenUp
SportXast, Molly Cernicek
Tech – Digital Media – Sports Video Platform
Uplevel Security, Roselle Safran
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cybersecurity
Sold to McAfee

SBE Australia 2015

Cmee4 Productions, Carolyn Mee
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Pediatric Diagnostics through Games
AKA Sound Scouts
DNA Security Solutions, Tania Jolley
Tech – Consumer Product – SMB Security System
HealthKit, Alison Hardacre
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Health Management Platform
NKA Halaxy
OpenAgent, Zoe Pointon
Tech – Consumer Tech – Real Estate platform
OSCAR Hospitality Solutions, Belinda Adams
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Hospital-grade Nutrition Platform
NKA SoupedUp Solutions, AKA OSCAR Care Group, OSCAR 3CP
PDOnline, Sarah Mateljan
Tech – Consumer Tech – Online Course Creation Platform
NKA Course Genius, AKA Professional Development Online
SpeeDx, Elisa Mokany
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Antibiotic Resistance
Starts At 60, Rebecca Wilson
Tech – Digital Media – Media Platform for 60+ Market
AKA 60 Starts at 60
Timelio, Charlotte Petris
Tech – FinTech – SMB Invoicing and Cash Flow Management Platform
Virtualiis, Rebecca Lee
Tech – Advertising – Virtual & Augmented Reality

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2015

42 Technologies Inc., Cathy Han
Tech – Fashion Tech – Data Analytics
Cloth, Wray Serna
Tech – Fashion Tech – Social Commerce
AKA Clothapp
inSparq, Veronika Sonsev
Tech – Fashion Tech – Merchandising-Driven Advertising
AKA Double Dutch Studios
Sold to Adiant Media
SKU IQ, Ruchika Julapalli
Tech – Fashion Tech – Real Time Inventory for Retailers
AKA Boutiika
Sundar, Inc, Jag Gill
Tech – Fashion Tech – Supplier Sourcing
Switch Embassy, Alison Lewis
Tech – Fashion Tech – Wearables

Health Innovation Hub 2015

Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS), Valerie Obenchain
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Oxygen Flow Monitoring
Awarables,Inc., Madhvi Upender
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Sleep Wearable Tech
Cocoon Biotech, Inc., Ailis Tweed-Kent
Life Sciences – Pharma – Silk-based Osteoarthritis Therapeutics
Double Helix LLC, Leslie Kimerling
Life Sciences – Biotech – 3D Imaging
NKA Double Helix Optics
EpiBiome, Inc., Lucia Mokres
Life Sciences – Pharma – Precision Microbiome Engineering
Sold to Locus Biosciences
MyndTec, Diana Pliura
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Post-stroke Arm/Hand Paralysis
Nutrify, Jackie Elnahar
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Hospital Nutrition
AKA TelaDietitian
Sold to Teladoc Health
Or-Genix Therapeutics, Yael Schwartz
Life Sciences – Pharma – Women’s Health
TapGenes, Heather Holmes
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Family Health
TeVido Biodevices, Laura Bosworth-Bucher
Life Sciences – Biotech – 3D-Printing
Wellpepper, Inc., Anne Weiler
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Patient Engagement Platform
Sold to Caravan Health

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2014

Nineteenth Amendment, Amanda Curtis & Gemma Sole
Tech – Fashion Tech – On-Demanding Manufacturing Technology
NKA N.A.bld
StyleSage, Jade Huang
Tech – Fashion Tech – Real-Time Strategic Analytics Platform
Stylinity, Tadd Spering
Tech – Fashion Tech – Social Commerce Platform
Stylit, Yaniv Nissim
Tech – Fashion Tech – Social Commerce
Sold to Shopin
Suddenlee, Erica Kammann
Tech – Fashion Tech – Distribution Platform
AKA Customer Centric Corp.
Trendalytics, Karen Moon
Tech – Fashion Tech – Merchandise intelligence
Sold to HatchBeauty Brands, LLC

Springboard: Life Science 2014

Biofficient, Karen Wills
Life Sciences – Pharma Tech – Automate RFP
BoardVitals, Andrea Paul
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Board Certification Platform
Sold to Ascend Learning
ClickMedix, Ting Shih
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Disease Management & Care Coordination
CoheroHealth, Melissa Manice & Michelle Zimmerman
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Connected Asthma Devices
Eve Medical, Jessica Ching
Life Sciences – Direct-to-Consumer – Women’s Health
Naia Health, Janica Alvarez
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Connected Breast Pump
AKA Naya Health
Prima-Temp, Lauren Costantini
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Connected Vaginal Ring
Resilience Pharma, Retsina Meyer & Veronica Weiner
Life Sciences – Pharma – PTSD and Stress-Related Disorders
AKA Resilience Therapeutics
Smart Monitor, Anoo Nathan
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Wearable for Seizure Detection
VentriNova, Hina Chaudhry
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cardiac Regenerative Medicine

WE Summit 2014

Ownerlistens, Adi Bittan
Tech – Enterprise Tech – B2B Consumer Insight Platform

SBE Australia 2014

365cups, Simone Eyles
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Mobile Ordering Platform
Flamingo, Catriona Wallace
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Customer Insight Platform
NKA Flamingo Ai
Sold to Cre8tek
IPO 2016
iVvy, Lauren Hall
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Events Management Platform
MagnePath, Wanida Chua-Anusorn
Life Sciences – Biotech – Body Composition Imaging Tool
MiPlan, Louise Daw
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Mining
Sold to Hexagon Mining
Moco Insight, Carolyn Harrington
Tech – Enterprise Tech – E-Commerce Data Analytics
SEQTA, Sharon Grosser
Tech – Edtech – Collaborative Teaching and Learning Platform
Sold to Education Horizons
Veilability, Kristy Ouwerkerk
Tech – Consumer Tech – Wedding Vendor Platform

Springboard: Media/Tech 2013

30Second Mobile, Elisa All Schmitz
Tech – Digital Media – Bite-Sized Mobile Video Content
Blueye, Shannon Smith
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Social Media Advertising
Sold to Engine Media
Cream.HR, Caitlin MacGregor
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Experiential Hiring Platform
NKA Plum
Crowdnetic, Luan Cox
Tech – Fintech – Online Marketplace Technology for Global Financial Services Industry
NKA FinMkt
FEM Inc., Rachel Payne
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Video Content Recommendations and Analytics
Indira, Carrie Mantha
Tech – Fashion Tech – Affordable Couture
Modalyst, Jill Sherman
Tech – E-Commerce – Dropshipping Automated
Skycrane, Erin Valenti
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Outsource and Automate SMB Tasks
Tactile Finance, Nicole Hamilton
Tech – FinTech – Tools for Home Financing
weeSpring, Allyson Downey
Tech – Consumer Tech – Parent E-Commerce Community

Springboard: Life Science 2013

BioAxone BioSciences, Lisa McKerracher
Life Sciences – Pharma – Nerve Repair and Regeneration
BioInspire Technologies, Dorna Hakimi
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Space
Sold to KCK Group
Cardialen, Paula Skjefte
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Treatment
LifeCycle Laboratories, Valerie Palmieri & Jill Steier
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Fertility and Infertility
Rebiotix, Lee Jones
Life Sciences – Biotech – Harness Microbiome to Treat GI Diseases
Sold to Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Rogne Bioscience, Lena Wu
Life Sciences – Pharma – Topical Biologic for Psoriasis
Sold to Isis Innovation NKA Oxford University Innovation
SelfCare Catalysts, Grace Soyao
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Cloud-based Patient Solutions, Intelligence, and Analytics
TalkSession, Melissa Thompson
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Video Therapy Platform
TrueMotion Spine, Stephanie Warrington
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Total Disc Replacement Technology
ZappRx, Zoe Barry
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Integrated Specialty Prescribing Platform
Sold to Allscripts

SBE Australia 2013

AdAlta, Sam Cobb
Life Sciences – Pharma – Treatments for fibrotic diseases
IPO 2016
Canva, Melanie Perkins
Tech – Marketing – Online Graphic Design Platform
IntelligenceBank, Tessa Court
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Business Process Management
Single Serve Packaging, Georgia Beattie
Consumer Product – Food/Beverage – Wine Packaging Solution
StreetHawk, Natasha Rawlings
Tech – Marketing – Mobile User Acquisition Platform
Switch Automation, Deb Noller
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Building Energy Management Platform
Triplebackup, Vanessa Wilson
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cloud Storage Optimization
AKA StorReduce
Sold to Pure Storage
Utilitas, Fiona Waterhouse
Tech – Clean Tech – Convert Organic Waste into Clean Energy

WE Summit 2012

Applied Immune Technologies, Mira Peled-Kamar
Life Science – Pharma – Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases
Sold to Adicet Bio Inc.
Brandsforce, Nili Goldberg
Tech – Marketing – Word of Mouth Marketing Platform
Bukit, Sarah Nadav
Tech – Fintech – Debt Payment Platform
ECOncrete Tech Ltd, Shimrit Perkol-Finkel
Tech – Clean Tech – Concrete Ecological Solutions
AKA ECOncrete
GalMedics Biotech, Hilla Shaviv
Life Science – Medical Device – Reducing Dysmenorrhea for Menstruating Women
NKA Gals Bio
LifeOnKey, Linda Harnevo
Life Science – Digital Health – Health Management Platform

Springboard: Media/Tech 2012

BYNDL, Lori Salow Marshall
Tech – Fintech – Mobile Payment for Vending
Sold to Avanti Markets
Consensus Point, Linda Rebrovick
Tech – Marketing – Market Research Platform
DITTO, Kate Endress Doerksen
Tech – E-Commerce – Virtual Try-on Platform for Glasses
Finomial, Meredith Moss
Tech – Fintech – Platform to automate Hedge Fund Subscription Process
Commerce Drivers, Carissa Ganelli
Tech – E-Commerce – One-click to Buy Mobile Purchasing Platform
NKA Lightning Buy
MeeGenius, Wandy Yeap Hoh
Tech – Digital Media – Cross-platform Store for Digital Children’s Books
Sold to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
NopSec, Lisa Xu
Tech – Cybersecurity – Vulnerability Risk Management Platform
Of a Kind, Claire Mazur, Erica Cerulo
Tech – E-Commerce – Discovering Emerging Design Talent
Sold to Bed Bath and Beyond
Pretty In My Pocket, Caroline Van Sickle
Tech – Fashion Tech – Mobile Beauty Shopping Assistant
AKA The Primp Network, PRIMP
SoLoMo, Liz Eversoll
Tech – Marketing – Event Marketing Analytics
SoMoLend, Candace Sjogren
Technology – Fintech – Crowdfunding Loans

Springboard: Life Science 2012

AFrame Digital, Cindy Crump & Jill DeGraff
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Health Monitoring and Alerting
Sold to Neos Technologies
Aura Biosciences, Elisabet de los Pinos
Life Sciences- Pharma – Cancer Therapeutics
IPO 2021
Careticker, Chiara Bell
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Mobile Platform for Caregivers
HDH Medical, Ltd., Irina Kavounovski
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Vascular Anastomotic Devices
HealthCrowd, Neng Bing Doh
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Unified Healthcare Communications Platform
InfoBionic, Nancy Briefs
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Wireless Remote Patient Monitoring for Arrhythmia Detection
Qliance Medical Management Inc., Erika Bliss
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Primary Care Membership Solution
Regenesis Biomedical Inc., Virginia Rybski
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Non-invasive Pain Management Products
SynAm Vaccine, Carolyn Chen
Life Sciences – Biotech – Vaccine Discovery for Pneumonia Prevention
Tiatros Inc., Kimberlie Cerrone
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Chronic Disease Care Management Platform
Ubiqi Health, Jacqueline Thong
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Chronic Care Management
AKA Klio Health

Springboard 2011

Abundant Closet, LLC, Jody Fennell
Tech – E-Commerce – Closet Management Technology
AKA FashionAde
CartiCure, Gila Maor
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Cartilage Repair
Centrifuge Systems, Inc., Renee Lorton
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Big Data Discovery Technology
AKA Centrifuge Analytics
Sold to Culmen International
Circle 1 Network, Inc., Jorian Clarke
Tech – Media/Entertainment – Children’s Gaming World
Classtivity, Payal Kadakia
Tech – Consumer Tech – Fitness Membership Technology
NKA ClassPass
ConsumerBell, Inc., Ellie Cachette
Tech – Consumer Tech – Online Management of Product Recalls
Cull TV, Inc., Katherine de Leon
Tech – Media/Entertainment – Lay-back Video Recommendation Viewer
Sold to Twitvid
Deuteria Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sheila DeWitt
Life Sciences – Pharma – Small Molecule Deuterated Enantiomers
Sold to Celgene
Empower Interactive, Inc., Eve Phillips
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Mental and Behavioral Health Platform
Evil Genius Designs, Inc., Tracy Kobeda Brown
Tech – Media/Entertainment – In-line Social Gaming Platform
Genomic Expression, Inc., Gitte Pedersen
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Personalized Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment
Ginger Software, Yael Karov
Tech – Consumer Tech – Writing Efficiency Tools
Sold to Intel
The Glue Network, Lynley Sides
Tech – Marketing – Monetize Social Media Marketing for Brands
Handwriting.io, Eloise Bune
Tech – Marketing – Personalized Handwritten Message Platform
FKA Gracious Eloise
HarQen, Kelly Fitzsimmons
Tech – HR – Voice Hiring and Interviewing Platform
AKA Harqen.AI
Sold to Stuart Olsten
Hepregen Corporation, Bonnie Fendrock
Life Sciences – Pharma – In Vitro Micro-Liver Cell-Based Platform
AKA Ascendance Biotechnology
Acquired by BioIVT
Hold For Jane, Lisa Cleary
Tech – Retail Tech – B2B “Clienteling” Platform for Luxury Curated Commerce
iGuiders, Inc., Jodi Marchewitz
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Guided Purchase Decision Tool
Lead Horse Technologies, Inc., Ramie Leibnitz
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Reducing Adverse Drug Effects
Matrix-Bio, Julie Goonewardene
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Cancer Diagnostics through Metabolite Profiling
Medasense Biometrics, Galit Zuckerman Stark
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Pain Monitoring
NKA Medasense
meQuilibrium, Jan Bruce
Tech – Digital Health – Personalized Online Stress Relief Platform
AKA New Life Solution
Merlin Mobility Corporation, Margaret Martin
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cloud-hosted Augmented Reality Solution
FKA CN2, Inc.
NewsiT, Melinda Wittstock
Tech – Marketing – Strategic Social Intelligence Platform
NKA Verifeed
POPVOX, Inc., Marci Harris & Rachna Choudhry
Tech – Consumer Tech – Civic Engagement Platform
Practically Green, Susan Hunt Stevens
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Sustainability-focused Employee Engagement Platform
NKA WeSpire
Radish Systems, LLC, Theresa Szczurek
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Visual Interactive Voice Response Platform
reFINEstyle, LLC, Megan Masoner Detz
Tech – E-Commerce – Online Consignment Marketplace
Resilinc Corporation, Bindiya Vakil
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Supply Chain Resiliency Solution
Second Glass, Inc., Morgan First
Tech – Consumer Product – Millennial-focused Wine Events and E-Commerce Platform
AKA WineRiot
Sold to ISWC Group
ShowUHow, Inc., Kim Folsom
Tech – Media – How-to Video Platform
Sold to Sellpoint
Strohl Medical Technologies, Inc., Heather Strohl Keith
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Portable Stroke Screening Device
sweetriot, Sarah Endline
Consumer Product – Food/Beverage – Socially Responsible Chocolate
Sold to Five North Chocolate
Take the Interview, Inc., Danielle Weinblatt
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Video Hiring Solution
NKA ConveyIQ
Sold to Entelo
TRX Systems, Carol Politi
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Location Mapping Indoors
Vapogenix, Inc., Danguole Altman
Life Sciences – Pharma – Non-narcotic Analgesics for Localized Pain
WiserCare, LLC, Hollis Leech
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Patient treatment Decision-Making Tool

AllThingsMedia 2010

BeDynamic, Anne Payne
Tech – Enterprise Tech – B2B Comprehensive Group Travel Planning Tools
ChatThreads Corporation, Laurie Cohn
Tech – Marketing – Shopper Insights, Behavior and Purchase Data
NKA Purchased
Commuter Advertising, Katie Hill
Tech – Marketing – Public Transit Advertising Platform
AKA CommuterAds
DK Pictures, Karen Miller
Tech – Media/Entertainment – Children’s Animation and Drawing Community
NKA Do Ink
Everloop, Hilary DeCesare
Tech – Digital Media – HIPAA-Compliant Children’s Social Networking Platform
Green Bride Guide, Kate Harrison
TechDigital Media – Green Product Guide
AKA Green Life Guides
Sold to Mywedding
HarQen, Kelly Fitzsimmons
Tech – HR – Voice Hiring and Interviewing Platform
AKA Harqen.AI
Sold to Stuart Olsten
hiSTRIVE, LLC, Adrienne Becker
Tech – Media/Entertainment – Social Media Gaming
Honk, LLC, Stephanie LaCrosse Taira
Tech – E-Commerce – Social Commerce for Cars
Sold to TrueCar
Ivycorp, Mary Jesse
Tech – Telecommunications – Cloud-based Communication Platform
AKA Ivytalk
Ladies Who Launch, Traci Long DeForge
Tech – Media – Online Network and Business Resources for Women
Open Runway, Monika Desai
Tech – E-Commerce – Crowd-sourced Fashion Brand
Pixability, Bettina Hein
Tech – Marketing – Video Creation and Analytics Solution
PlaySmrt, Inc., Beth Marcus
Tech – Media/Entertainment – Children’s Educational Content
AKA Playrific
Sold to 18moons
ShopSuey, Lisa Morales-Hellebo
Tech – E-Commerce – Visual Search Engine
AKA Shopsy
Someone With, LLC Paula Jagemann
Tech – Digital Health – Hospital Sponsored Crowdfunding For Patient Expenses
Squarepushers, Inc., Nancy Bennett
Tech – Media/Entertainment – Video-based Creative Education Platform
Third Solutions, Birame Sock
Tech – Retail Tech – Real-time Digital Receipt Management
AKA TS Investment Holding
Sold to SPINS
Trailer Central, Evelyn Brady-Watters, Monica Brady & Susan Bari
Tech – Digital Media – Movie Trailer Platform
AKA DailyTrailer.net
Urban Signals, Aubree Nichols
Tech – Consumer Tech – Mobile Dating Platform
YourTango , Andrea Miller
Tech – Digital Media – Love and Relationship Content Site
AKA Tango Media Corporation

AllThingsLifeSciences/CleanTech 2010

Accelalox, Inc., Julia O’Connor
Life Sciences – Pharma – Bone Healing Therapies
Africa Biofuel and Emission Reduction (TZ) Ltd., Christine Adamow
Tech – Clean Tech – Croton Nut Biofuel
AllTranz, Inc., Audra Stinchcomb
Life Sciences – Pharma – Transdermal Synthetic Cannabinoid Treatments
AKA Zynerba Pharmaceuticals
Sold to Broadband Capital Management
IPO 2015
Axial Exchange, Joanne Rohde
Life Sciences -Digital Health – Automated Care Coordination
Sold to IngagePatient
Catheter Connections, Inc., Vicki Farrar
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Novel Catheter Solutions
Sold to Merit Medical Systems
CW Optics, Nee-Yin Chou
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Development of Optical Systems
EpiEp,Inc., Pamela Bunes
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Epicardial Access System
Hygeia Therapeutics, Inc, Yael Schwartz
Life Sciences – Pharma – Topical Synthetic Estrogen
AKA Orcas Therapeutics Inc.
Sold to Stratus Media Group AKA Restorgenex Corporation
InVectus Biomedical, Annette Lavoie
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Extracranial Pressure-relief Device for Hospitalized Infants
AKA Azalea Biomedical
Sold to Hologic
MedCPU, Inc., Sonia Ben-Yehuda
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Clinical Decision Support Tools
Sold to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Medical Image Mining Laboratories, LLC, Ellen Kislal
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Online Dermatology Solution Offering Automatic Image Analysis
NANOTaxi, Luz Cristal Glangchai
Life Sciences – Biotech – Disease-responsive Nanoparticles to Target Tumor Tissues
Ohmx Corporation, Dimitra Georganopoulou
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Robust Diagnostic Care System
Origen Therapeutics, Pamela Contag
Life Sciences – Biotech – Avian Transgenic Animal Technology
Sold to SynaGeva BioPharma
Osmosyz, Therasa Bell
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Simplifies and Automates Healthcare Processes
AKA Kno2, Inofile
OsteoGeneX, Debra Ellies
Life Sciences – Pharma – First in Class Bone Building Small Molecule
Phytomedics, Laurie Smaldone Alsup
Life Sciences – Pharma – Oral Immunomodulator to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis
Axerion Therapeutics, Inc., Sylvia McBrinn
Life Sciences – Pharma – Therapeutics for Neurological Diseases
NKA ReNetX Bio
ThinkEco, Inc., Mei Shibata
Technology – Clean Tech – Easy-to-use Energy-efficient IoT Solutions
AKA MyModlet
Zumatek, Inc., Sheila Mikhail
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Patient-friendly Non-invasive Breast Imaging

AllThingsLifeSciences 2009

AdhereTx, Patricia Meisner & Anne Marie Biernacki
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Real-time Medication Management and Reconciliation
NKA ActualMeds
A&G Pharmaceutical, Ginette Serrero
Life Sciences – Pharma – Monoclonal Antibody for Breast Cancer
Arcxis Biotechnologies, Chris Meda
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Sample Processing and Pathogen Detection
Sold to Fluidigm
Arriva Pharmaceuticals, Sue Preston
Life Sciences – Pharma – Anti-inflammatory Therapies
Ativa Medical, Barbara Roth
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Next-generation Transportable Diagnostic Solution
Avaxia Biologics, Barbara Fox
Life Sciences – Pharma – Orally Administered, Gut-targeted Antibody Therapeutics
Sold to Circle33
BioMarker Strategies, Karen Olson
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Predictive Test to Guide Targeted Drug Development
CanFel Therapeutics, Jennie Mather
Life Sciences – Pharma – Therapeutics for Companion Animals
Closys Corporation, Gervaise Wilhelm
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Vascular Closure Systems
Cognition Therapeutics, Susan Catalano
Life Sciences – Pharma – Disease-modifying Therapies for Disorders of the Central Nervous System
IPO 2021
ConcentRx, Pamela Contag
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cancer Immunotherapy Combining NKT Cells and an Oncolytic Virus
NKA BioEclipse Therapeutics
Curemark, LLC, Joan Fallon
Life Sciences – Pharma – Novel Therapies for the Treatment of Neurological Disorders
DesignMedix, Lynnor Stevenson & Sandra Shotwell
Life Sciences – Pharma – Malaria Drug Discovery
Epicardial Technologies, France Dixon Helfer
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Cardiac Electrophysiology
EraGen Biosciences, Inc., Irene Hrusovsky
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Molecular Diagnostic Assays
Sold to Luminex Corporation
Eso-Technologies, Bonnie Reinke
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Cardiac Monitoring Devices
Evidence-Based Solutions, Diane Zuckerman
Life Sciences – Digital Health – AI Powered Healthcare Analytics
Ibogen, Deborah Mash
Life Sciences – Pharma – Addiction Treatment
NKA DemeRx
InfraTrac, Sharon Flank
Tech – Pharma Tech – Counterfeit Detection and Tracking
Kemeta, LLC, Joan Vrtis
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Consumer Metabolic Analysis
Michelle’s Miracle, Inc., Michelle White
Tech – Consumer Products – Tart Cherry Supplements
AKA Cherry Works
Moerae Matrix, Cynthia Lander
Life Sciences – Pharma – Pulmonary Peptide Inhibitors
Pasteuria Bioscience, Kelly Smith
Life Sciences – Agricultural Biotech – Pesticide Alternative
Sold to Syngenta
PharmaJet, Kathleen Callender & Heather Callender-Potters
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Needle-free Injection Technology
Quintessence Biosciences, Laura Strong
Life Sciences – Therapeutics – Ribonuclease in Oncology
Semprae Laboratories, Rachel Braun Scherl & Mary Wallace Jaensch
Life Sciences – Consumer Products – Women’s Sexual Health
Sold to Innovus Pharmaceuticals
Sequella, Inc., Carol Nacy
Life Sciences – Biotech – Drug Discovery
Slender Medical, Liat Tsoref
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Ultrasound Body Sculpting
SPR Therapeutics, Maria Bennett
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
Stemina Biomarker Discovery, Elizabeth Donley
Life Sciences – Biotech – Toxicity Assays and Biomarker Discovery
Zenobia Therapeutics, Vicki Nienaber-Meadows
Life Sciences – Biotech – Fragment-based Lead Discovery

AllThingsMedia 2008

ALUMRISE, Aassia Haq
Tech – HR – Online Employment Marketplace
Amika Mobile, Sue Abu-Hakima
Tech – Telecom – Emergency Mass Notification System
FKA AmikaNow!
Sold to Genasys
Amity360, Susan Strausberg
Tech – Media – Social Impact Community and Media
Chat Ventures, Laurie Meadoff
Tech – Media – Social Engagement Platform
AKA NextNext Entertainment, QWidget
Collectors’ Quest, Elizabeth Kressel
Tech – Media – Online Community for Collectors
Crimson Hexagon, Candace Fleming
Tech – Data & Analytics – Social Media Insights
Sold to Brandwatch
Daily Grommet, Jules Pieri
Tech – E-Commerce – Platform for Creators
NKA The Grommet
Sold to Ace Hardware
digital SIDEBAR, Stephanie Grossman
Tech – Media – Mobile Merchandising Solutions
AKA Sidebar
The Franklin Report, Elizabeth Franklin
Tech – Media – Database of Trusted Service Providers
HarQen, Kelly Fitzsimmons
Tech – HR – Voice Hiring and Interviewing Platform
AKA Harqen.AI
Sold to Stuart Olsten
HitTail, Connie Connors
Tech – Data and Analytics – Search Engine Optimization
iDC, Carolyne Turner
Tech – SAAS – Enterprise Telephone CRM Software
AKA Information Development Consultants, Inc.
Sold to CDC Software/Aptean
Istari Technologies, Milla Bakhareva
Media – Data & Analytics – Forecasting Technology
Ladies Who Launch, Victoria Colligan
Tech – Media – Online Network and Business Resources for Women
MovieHatch.com, Lauren Hirsch Williams
Tech – Media – Public Movie Voting Platform
KNA Global Media Fusion, Inc.
Purple States, Cynthia Farrar
Tech – Media – First-person Documentary Production
QLD Learning, Anne Conzemius & Jan O’Neill
Tech – Edtech – Virtual Education
NKA Smart Learning Systems
SBTV.com, Susan Wilson Solovic
Tech – Media – Information Hub for Small Businesses
SEN-CE, Leslie Bane
Tech – Media – Digital content media services
SmartNow, Julie Wainwright
Tech – Digital Health – Preventative Health Platform
IPO 2019
Spire, Janet Kraus
Tech – Media – Luxury Travel Platform
Sold to Perfect Escapes
Tikatok, Sharon Kan
Tech – Media – Book Creation Platform for Kids
Sold to Barnes & Noble / Pearson
TrafficCast, Connie Li
Tech – Transportation – Travel Time Forecasting and Information
Sold to Iteris
Vendaloo, Marcia Zellers
Tech – Media – Online Business Directory
wowOwow.com, Joni Evans
Tech – Media – Online Lifestyle Community for Women
AKA The Women on the Web, PureWow
Sold to VaynerMedia
Work it, Mom!, Nataly Kogan
Tech – Media – Online Community for Working Mothers
AKA Click Communities
Sold to June Media

Israel 2007

BioCancell, Patricia Ohana
Life Sciences – Biotech – Cancer Treatment
IPO 2006
NKA Anchiano Therapeutics
Chip PC, Ora Meir Soffer
Technology – Software – Desktop Solutions
IPO 2007
Sold to Sun Team Group
Gallery IP Telephony, Inc., Michelle Specktor
Tech – Software – Internet of Things
NKA Gallery IP Telephony, Inc.
HealOr, Tamar Tennenbaum
Life Sciences – Biotech – Dermatology
Hooja, Inc., Na’ama Moran
Tech – Mobile Apps – Search Technology
Intellinx Ltd., Orna Mintz-Dov
Tech – Software – Security
Sold to Bottomline Technologies
Ornim, Inc., Michal Olshansky
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Monitoring Tools
Ping Mobile LLC, Nicole Bernstein & Shira Simmonds
Tech – Advertising – Mobile Marketing
SeqUR Ltd., Hagit Halperin
Tech – Data Analytics – Fraud Protection
Universal Ad, Adit Tevel
Tech – SAAS – Advertising
Sold to Revionics

New England 2005

Artemis Woman LLC, Lisa Porter Kable & Ann Buivid
Tech – Consumer Products – Spa products
Attogen, Inc., Gail Radcliffe
Life Sciences – Biotech – Monoclonal Antibodies
BioTrove Incorporated, Tanya Kanigan
Life Sciences – Biotech – Genotyping Analysis Systems
Sold to Life Technologies Corporation
Chromis Fiberoptics, Miri Park
Tech – Consumer Electronics – AV Cables for High-speed Data Transmission
NKA Chromis Technologies
DesignerShoes.com, Barbara Thornton
Tech – E-Commerce- Large-Size Shoe Resale
The Digiticians, Anne Marie Biernacki
Tech – Web Services -Tech Support & Computer Maintenance
Sold to Peak8 Solutions
Gene Network Sciences, Inc., Iya Khalil
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Genomic Machine Learning
NKA GNS Healthcare
giveBeauty, Inc., Joan Beeson Healy
Tech – Consumer Product – Universal Gift Cards in Beauty Industry
IntegriCor, LLC, Dr. Summer Knight
Tech – Digital Health – Provider Reward System
Sold to Sandata Technologies, Inc.
Isis Maternity, Johanna McChesney
Tech – E-Commerce – Educational Products for New Parents
AKA Isis Parenting
Medelle Corporation, Veronica Jordan
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Women’s Health
Myomo, Mira Sahney
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Paralysis Support & Robotics
IPO 2017
The Natural Dentist, Nancy Rosenzweig
Tech – Consumer Products – Oral Hygiene Products
Sold to Revive Personal Products Co.
PHT Corporation., Linda Beneze
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Clinical Trial Data Capture
Sold to eResearchTechnology, Inc. (ERT)
Playability Inc., Lori Sylvia
Tech – Media – Social Activities for Children
Saladax Biomedical, Adrienne Choma
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Blood-Based Personalized Chemotherapy
SANOSTEC, Louise MacDonald
Life Sciences – Consumer Products – Nasal Stents
SiteScape, Wendy Wheeler
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Enterprise Workflow and Collaboration
Sold to Novell
Star Farm Productions, Trish Thomas
Tech – Media – Children’s Entertainment Products
VirtuosoWorks, Inc., Lori Jarrett
Tech – Entertainment – Music Creation and Performance Software
AKA NotionMusic
Sold to PreSonus Audio Electronics
Zeetoo, Inc., Beth Marcus
Tech – Entertainment – Mobile Gaming
AKA Zeemote, Inc.
Sold to Aplix Corporation
ZWeave, Inc., Laura McCann
Tech – Software – On-Demand PLM

Midwest 2005

Accuri Instruments, Jen Baird
Life Sciences – Biotech – Personal Flow Cytometers
AKA Accuri Cytometers
Sold to BD Biosciences
AeroWire Communications, Nina Krietemeyer
Tech – Telecom – Secure Connectivity Services
BioVitesse, Inc., Dr. Laila Razouk
Life Sciences – Biotech – Biochip Technology
Errand Solutions, Marsha McVicker
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Errand Running and Convenience Services
InformMed, Katharine Francis
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Medication Error Solutions
Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels, Kim Holstein
Tech – Consumer Products – Gourmet Pretzels
Sold to J&J Snack Foods Corp.
Maven Cosmetics, Sandi Hwang Adam
Tech – Consumer Products – Color Cosmetics Company
Ohmx Corporation, Jodi Flax Soriano
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Robust Diagnostic Care System
Redpath Integrated Pathology, Mary Del Brady
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Molecular Diagnostic Tests for Thyroid, Pancreatic, and Other Cancers
Sold to Interpace Diagnostics, Inc.
Restore Products Company, Laurie Brown
Tech – Consumer Products – Eco-friendly Product Refills
Star Farm Productions, Trish Thomas
Tech – Media – Children’s Entertainment Products
ThreeFold Sensors, Judith Erb
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Blood Diagnostics Biosensors
TrafficCast, Connie Li
Tech – Transportation – Travel Time Forecasting and Information
zuChem, Rajni Aneja
Life Sciences – Biotech – Produces Unique Sugars for Health and Nutrition

New England 2004

3DM, Lisa Spirio
Life Sciences – Biotech – Biomaterial Manufacturing
Sold to 3DMatrix Japan
A&G Pharmaceuticals, Ginette Serrero
Life Sciences – Pharma – Monoclonal Antibody for Breast Cancer
Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Mary Kay Fenton
Life Sciences – Pharma – Small Molecule Drug Development
IPO 2006
Sold to Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Asklepios BioPharmaceuticals, Sheila Mikhail
Life Sciences – Biotech – Protein and Cellular Based Gene Therapy
AKA AskBio
Sold to Bayer
Atalum Wireless, Sandra L. Wear
Tech – Telecom – Reliable and Secure Wireless Solutions
Aurora Imaging Technology, Olivia Cheng
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Cancer Detection
NKA Aurora Health Care US Corp.
Bandwiz, Maureen Fleming
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Information Asset Delivery Solutions
Celergo, Michele Honomichl
Tech – Software – Virtual Relocation Management Tools
Sold to ADP
Cellular Juice, Linda Natansohn
Tech – Telecom – Wireless Mobile Network
Design2Launch, Alison J. Malloy
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Marketing Software Solutions
Sold to Kodak
HospitalCareOnline, Yvedt Matory
Tech – Digital Health – Remote Monitoring Equipment for Home Recovery
International Strategies, Abby Shapiro
Tech – Enterprise Tech – International Trade Data
AKA ForwarderEdge
Jarg, Kathy Reinold
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Knowledge Discovery Applications Using Graph-based Data
Makana Solutions, Elizabeth Cobb
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Compensation Management
Sold to Cornerstone Software
MaxThera, Ania K. Knap
Life Science – Biotech – Novel Antibacterial Agents
Sold to Biota
Minerva Biotechnologies, Dr. Cynthia Bamdad
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cancer and Stem Cell Therapeutics
Morgan & Milo, Mia Abbruzzese
Tech – Consumer Products – Children’s Footwear
Sold to Zutano Global, Inc.
Ontra Presentations, AlexAnndra Ontra
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Presentation Management Solution
AKA PPTshare, KNA Shufflrr
Pasteuria Bioscience, Kelly Smith
Life Sciences – Agricultural Biotech – Pesticide Alternative
Sold to Syngenta
totalETL, Sangita Shastry
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Desktop Information Extraction Tools for Project Managers
Trade Settlement, Inc., Pat Loret de Mola
Tech – FinTech – Automated Loan Closings
Sold to Virtus
U C How, Julie LeMoine
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Secure, Desk-to-Desk Collaboration Software Products
Wf360, Susan Willett Bird
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Marketing and Communication Services
Zoragen, Nora Szasz
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Prenatal Genetic Diagnostic Company

Silicon Valley 2004

Abmaxis, Shirley Clayton
Life Science – Pharma – Monoclonal Antibody Development
Sold to Merck
Agraquest, Pamela Marrone
Life Sciences – Biotech – Environmentally Friendly Pesticides
Sold to Bayer
AquaEnergy Group Ltd, Alla Weinstein
Tech – Energy – Tidal Energy
Sold to Finavera Renewables Ltd.
Blurb, Eileen Gittins
Tech – Media – Publishing & Design Tools
Codaware, Chau Nguyen
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Multi-vendor Service Management Platform
Emcien, Radhika Subramanian
Tech – Data & Analytics – Pattern Based Analytics
EnviroSystems Inc., Diana Hoffman
Tech – Biotech – Environmentally Safe Infection Control Products
Sold to TorQuest Partners, then Terrapure
EraGen Biosciences, Inc., Irene Hrusovsky
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Molecular Diagnostic Assays
Sold to Luminex Corporation
iHealer, Hollis Leech
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Consumer Healthcare Analysis
Inologic, Alexis Traynor-Kaplan
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cystic Fibrosis Treatments
AKA ISM Therapeutics
Isoph, Celisa Steele
Tech – EdTech – Workplace Training
Sold To LearnSomething
LaGray Chemical, Alexandra Graham
Life Sciences – Pharma – Vertically Integrated Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in West Africa
LeWiz Communications, Mary Le
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Server Security & Performance Solutions
Manoa Medical, Roberta Lee
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Minimally Invasive Surgical Devices
National Children’s Book Project, Mimi Lieber
Tech – EdTech – Literacy and Books
Palamida, Theresa Bui Revon
Tech – Cybersecurity – Application Security Analysis
Sold to Flexera Software
Papilia, Natasha Deganello
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Fundraising Tools for Non-Profits
Sold to Ars Media
PartsRiver, Elisa Jagerson
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Industrial Supply Chain Management
Sold to Rush Enterprises
RegeneMed, Dawn Applegate
Life Sciences – Biotech – Tissue Engineering
Remedy Interactive, Kim Weiss
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Ergonomic & Safety Management
Sold to Enviance
Selva Medical, Claire Houston
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Micro-Catheters
Sold to W. L. Gore & Associates
Sputnik, Kathy Giori
Tech – Telecom – SAAS Based Hotspot Solutions
IPO 2007
Sold to Lokket
Wild Sage Foods, Lauren Bell
Tech – Consumer Products – Sustainable Organic Eateries

New England 2003

Amaranth Bio, Inc. Nancy Parenteau
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cell-Based Therapeutics
Sold to Cell and Tissue Systems, Inc.
BioSentient Corporation, Mae Jemison
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Mobile Nervous System Monitoring
B*tween Productions, Inc., Addie Swartz
Tech – Media – Book Series and Website for Tweens
NKA Beacon Street Girls
Sold to Simon & Schuster
Cenquest, LaVonne Reimer
Tech – Education Technology – Managed Education Services
Communispace, Diane Hessan
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Consumer Collaboration Agency
NKA C Space
Sold to Omnicom
CYA Technologies, Elaine Price
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Secure Collaboration Products
Sold to enChoice
DELEX Therapeutics Inc., Diana Pliura
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cancer Therapeutics
Sold to YM Biosciences
Farmaesthetics, Brenda Brock
Tech – Consumer Products – Sustainable Skincare
FoundValue, Stella Kleiman
Tech – Retail – Online Retail Platform
HealthCare One, Karen Goetz
Life Sciences – Digital Health- EHR Solutions
AKA Inforia
Hydra Biosciences, Inc., Laurie Bartlett Keating
Life Sciences – Pharma – Drug Development with Ion Channel Expertise
Sold to Eli Lilly & Company
IMN Inc., Kathleen Goodwin
Tech – Marketing – Content-driven Digital Marketing Solutions
Sold to Reynolds and Reynolds
MedCool, Inc., Helen Maslocka
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Therapeutic Temperature Reduction Solutions
Open Road Technologies, Christine Mason
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Embedded Search in Desktop Applications
AKA Intellext
Sold to Perfect Market
The NewsMarket, Inc., Shoba Purushothaman
Tech – Media – PR & Communications
Protometrix, Inc, Hollis Kleinert
Life Sciences – Biotech – Protein Array Development
Sold to Invitrogen

Midwest 2003

Biosorb, Lucy Marshall
Life Science – Biotech – Natural-based Products to Keep Waterways and Environment Clean
Cantilever Technologies, Julie Goonewardene
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Decision Management Solutions
Sold to i360technologies, Inc.
Careguide, Sylvia Aruffo
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Patient Communication Tools
AKA CareKit.com, Communication Science
Carnegie Speech, Sushma Rajagopalan
Tech – EdTech – Language Learning Software
CombiSep, Inc., Shelley J. Coldiron
Life Sciences – Biotech – Laboratory Instrumentation
Sold to Advanced Analytics
EraGen Biosciences, Inc., Irene Hrusovsky
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Molecular Diagnostic Assays
Sold to Luminex Corporation
Graphic Surgery, Victoria Gonzalez
Tech – Digital Health – Decision Support for Surgical Patients
Sold to Doe Run, Co.
Infraworks Corporation, Joyce Durst
Tech – Cybersecurity – Security Software for IP Protection
AKA Pinion Software
Sold to GigaTrust
Kinderstreet Corporation, Donna Harris
Tech – EdTech – Streamline Paperwork Processing for Educational Market
AKA Vale Solutions
Sold to Arc Capital Development
QuickMedix, Linda Hall
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Retail Medical Clinic
AKA MinuteClinic
Sold to CVS
Restore Products Company, Laurie Brown
Tech – Consumer Products – Eco-friendly Product Refills
Sesh Communications, Jan-Michele Kearney
Tech – Media – Publications for African Americans
AKA The Cincinnati Herald
SpectrAlliance, Inc., Susan Bragg
Life Sciences – Biotech – Industrial Automation
Sold to Endress+Hauser
Trade Settlement, Inc., Pat Loret de Mola
Tech – FinTech – Automated Loan Closings
Sold to Virtus
Zula, Deborah Manchester
Tech – Media – Children’s Entertainment Products

New England 2002

ActivEye Inc., Carolyn Ramsey
Tech – Software – Video Analytics for Security
Sold to Honeywell
Advanced Materials Design, LLC, Arikha Moses
Life Sciences – Biotech – Drug/Device for Infection Management
AKA TyRx Pharma
Sold to Medtronic
AITech, Inc., Polina Golland
Tech – Medical Device – Ultrasound Imaging
AmikaNow!, Sue Abu-Hakima
Tech – Software – Emergency Notification
NKA Amika Mobile
Sold to Entrust
ChipWrights, Dawn Fitzgerald
Tech – Sensors – Semiconductor Technologies in Digital and Visual Processing
Sold to AD Group
Empact Solutions, Inc., Abigail Kramer
Tech – SAAS – Enterprise Software and IT Services
FarSounder, Inc., Cheryl Zimmerman
Tech – Maritime Technology – Sonar Navigation Systems
Fossa Medical, Gloria Kolb
Life Science – Medical devices – Urinary Track Obstruction Management
HospitalCareOnline, Yvedt Matory
Tech – EDTech & Communications – Patient Care Services
iRobot Corporation, Helen Greiner
Tech – Consumer Electronics – Robotic Devices & Applications
IPO 2005
KidBiz3000, Saki Dodelson
Tech – EdTech – Literacy Solutions
AKA Achieve3000
Sold to Insight Venture Partners
McArm/Receptive Technologies, Stephanie Sullivan-McCaughey
Tech – Application – Business Solutions in Wireless
Sold to Advanced Computer Resources
MicroStealth Technologies Corporation, Diane Schaak
Life Sciences – Biotech – Bacteriophage Therapeutics
NAV Technologies, Inc, Margie Alfano
Tech – Enterprises Software – Portfolio Management Solutions
Orion’s Belt, Inc., Mimi Macksoud & Janet Duchaine
Tech – Enterprise Software – Social Network Data Analysis
Sold to Dow Jones
Polestar Technologies, Inc., Karen Carpenter
Life Sciences – Biotech – Optical & Chemical Sensing Tech
Predictive Technology, Inc., Tracey Dodenhoff
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Diagnostics
River Run Software, Taffy Holliday
Tech – Enterprises Software – Business Process Management
Vertscape, Inc., Meghna Rao
Tech – Enterprise Software – Business Management Solutions
Wet Electrics, Jill Szuchmacher
Tech – Software – Real-Time Design/Delivery for AV Presentation

Southeast 2002

AlphaVax, Paula Keith
Tech – Biotech – Licenses Proprietary Alphavaccine Tech
Sold to Novartis
Applied Genetic Technologies Corp., Sue Washer
Life Sciences – Biotech – Gene Therapy
IPO 2014
Athenix Corp., Nadine Carozzi
Life Sciences – Biotech – Agriculture
Sold to Bayer CropScience
BioMarck Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., Linda Martin
Life Sciences – Biotech – Anti-Marcks Technology
Business Devices, Inc., Rita Sallam
Tech – SAAS – Business Intelligence
Cropsolution, Inc., Michelle Hunt
Life Sciences – Biotech – Agrochemicals for Crop Protection
Goodroe Healthcare Solutions, Joane Goodroe
Tech – Business Products/Services – Economic Alignment Programs
Sold to VHA
Icagen, Inc., Kay Wagoner
Life Sciences – Biotech – Early Drug Discovery
IPO 2005
Sold to Pfizer, XRpro, Ligand Pharmaceuticals
Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Roxanne Duan
Life Sciences – Biotech – Clinical-stage Biopharmaceuticals
Marligen Biosciences, Inc., Sherry Challberg
Life Sciences – Biotech – Health Technology News
Sold to OriGene Technologies
MercuryGate International, Inc., Monica Wooden
Tech – SAAS – Transportation Management System Solutions
Sold to Summit Partners
Phoenix S&T, Inc., Sau Lan Tang Staats
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Nanospray and Microspray Systems
RAGGS LLC, Antoinette Steedman
Tech – EDTech – Educational Videos for Children
Raindrop Geomagic Inc., Ping Fu
Tech – Business Products and Services – 3D Products and Services
AKA Geomagic
Sold to 3D Systems
StemCo Biomedical, LisaBeth Ferstenberg
Life Sciences – Biotech – Stem Cell Therapeutics
AKA Aldagen
Sold to Cytomedix NKA Nuo Therapeutics
Vcom3D, Inc., Carol Wideman
Tech – Gaming – Virtual Learning

Southwest 2002

Blom Wireless, Kim Bond Evans
Tech – Software
Ceyx Technologies, Inc., Carol Fuller
Tech – Software – Light Systems
Cross Border Exchange Corp., Graciela Chichilnisky
Tech – Communication – Global Communication Technology
Sold to J.P. Morgan
Deep Nines, Inc. Sue Dark
Tech – Software – Security
Sold to Netsweeper, Inc.
Deployment Partners, Inc., Deborah Stout
Tech – Enterprise – Management Solutions
AKA Managed Planet Software
Dunti Corporation, Rupaka Mahalingaiah
Tech – Security – Networking Solutions
EAInvest Securities, Inc., Beth Scanlan
Tech – Financial Services – Advisory Solutions
Sold to BenefitStreet
Federal Liaison Services, Inc., Fran Bartlett
Tech – FinTech – Payroll Tax Software
AKA Empower Software Solutions
Sold to Kronos
Enseo, Vanessa Ogle
Tech- Enterprise – Hospitality Hardware
Ignite Sales Inc., Julie Hamrick
Tech – FinTech – Cloud-based Banking Solutions
Impart Technology, Rebecca Taylor
Tech – Software – Mobile Communication
LearnStar, L.P., Sally Ann Zoll
Tech- Software – EdTech
Infraworks Corporation, Joyce Durst
Tech – Cybersecurity – Security Software for IP Protection
AKA Pinion Software
Sold to GigaTrust
SciComp Inc., Elaine Kant
Tech – Software – Financial Management
PowerUp Networks, Susan Nash
Tech – Software – Management Solutions
AKA Voyence
Sold to EMC

New England 2001

Aanza, Inc., Ameeta Soni
Tech- Software – Product Lifecycle Management & CRM
Advance-Com Corporation, Patricia Meisner
Tech – SAAS – Data Synchronization
AKA RedTail Solutions
Sold to HighJump TrueCommerce
Catharsis Medical Technology, Inc., Elizabeth Mroz
Tech – Healthcare – Patient Safety
Chaoticom, Inc., Lucy McQuilken
Tech – ESoftware – Mobile Music Service
AKA Groove Mobile
Sold to NMS Communications/LiveWire Mobile
Choicelinx Corporation, Donna Lencki
Tech – Web Software – Consumer Driven Benefit Management
Sold to Cigna
Daedalus Software, Azita Sharif
Tech – Software – Biobank Automation Software
Design2Launch, Inc., Alison Malloy
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Marketing Software Solutions
Sold to Kodak
eCent Technology, Inc., Christine Adamow
Tech – Security Software – SEC Security Patches
e-Vantage International, Inc., Lois Scheirer
Tech – Software – IT Solutions
AKA FXport Technology
GPSLink, LLC, Michele Honomichl
Tech – Software – Virtual Relocation Management Tools
AKA Celergo
Sold to ADP
InGeeni Studios, Inc., Senia Maymin
Tech – Media & Entertainment – AI Based Characters
Microbiotix, Inc., Wendy Rieder
Life Sciences – Biotech – Drug Discovery
The NewsMarket, Inc., Shoba Purushothaman
Tech – Media – PR & Communications
OneTrace, Inc., Jennifer Morehead
Tech – Telecommunications Devices
Pharmacon International, Inc. Renee Arnold
Life Sciences – Software – Pharmaceutical Outcomes R&D
PrivaSource, Inc., A.G. Breitenstein
Tech – Health IT – Patient Data Security Solutions
Remedyne Corporation, Krisztine Zsebo
Life Sciences – Biotech – Vaccines & Infectious Diseases
Sequella, Inc., Carol Nacy
Life Sciences – Biotech – Drug Discovery
Trade Settlement, Inc., Pat Loret de Mola
Tech – FinTech – Automated Loan Closings
Sold to Virtus
Traxit Technology, Inc., Cecile Stadler
Tech – Software – Enterprise Software
Valora Technologies, Inc., Sandra Serkes
Tech – SAAS – Document Data Mining
Zoe Foods, Tori Stuart
Tech – Consumer Product – Health Foods
ZWeave, Inc., Laura McCann
Tech – Software – On-Demand PLM

Midwest 2001

Armeta Technologies, Teresa L. Pahl
Tech – SAAS – CRM
ConferenceSeek, Amy Ravi
Life Sciences – EdTech – Digital Education Solutions
AKA ExtendMed
cue BIOtech, Annette Gilchrist
Life Sciences – Biotech – Biopharmaceuticals Preclinical and Clinical Development
AKA Caden Biosciences
Decision Insight, Inc., Betsy Stewart
Tech – Data & Analytics – Consumer Insights and Retail Strategy
Sold to TABS Analytics
deuxo, Laura McGuire
Tech – Enterprise SAAS
Sold to Quova
DigitalEPC, Beverly Anderson
Tech – SAAS – Market Management
e-Cognita Technologies, Inc., Kathy Zelenock
Tech – SAAS – Real Estate Management & Document Automation
eePulse, Inc., Theresa Welbourne
Tech – Business Services – Pulse Surveys and Energy Optimization
Fifth Media, Angela Tomlinson
Tech – Digital Media – Dynamic Integration with Community
AKA BVM Olenti
HandSignal, Inc., Margy Hofmeister-Ronning
Tech – Communications – Wireless Technology
HealthEZ, Nazie Eftekhari
Tech – Health IT – Healthcare Simplification
Sold to Abry Partners
iDC, Carolyne Turner
Tech – SAAS – Enterprise Telephone CRM Software
AKA Information Development Consultants, Inc.
Sold to CDC Software/Aptean
Inlet Medical, Inc., Lee Jones
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Surgical Kits
Sold to CooperSurgical
Interstitial, LLC, Martha Bridges
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Breast Cancer Screening
ioGenetics LLC, Jane Homan
Life Sciences – Biotech – Anti-infective Development
NGx2.com, Inc., Elise Wood
Tech – SAAS – Transaction Management
Nia Enterprises, LLC, Cheryl Mayberry McKissack
Tech- Social – Community and Resource for Women
PreviewPort, Susan Bergman
Tech – Digital Media – Author Focused Website
Proud To Be You, Roberta Meacham
Tech – Consumer Product – Mail Order Catalogue Services
SafeRent, Inc., Linda Bush
Tech – SAAS – Risk Assessment
Sold to First American Corporation
Safety Associates, Inc., Virginia Gordon
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Chemical and Diagnostic Products
SatisFusion, Fay Wood
Tech – SAAS – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Sold to Brandshop
Stratatech Corporation, Lynn Allen-Hoffman
Life Sciences – Biotech – Regenerative Medicine
Sold to Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
Success Lab Learning Centers, Marjorie Schaffner
Tech – EdTech – Tailored Education Services
SupplierInsight, LLC, Rebecca Braun
Tech – SAAS – Supplier Management Software
Sold to Procuri
UserActive, Inc., Tricia Gray
Tech – SAAS – Enterprise Solutions
AKA O’Reilly School of Technology
Vanteq Inc., Mary Barneby
Tech – Business Products & Services – Consumer Finances

New York 2001

BEICOM, Angie Brooks Cella
Tech – Consumer Product – Mobile
BIOSYN, Anne-Marie Corner
Life Science – Pharma – Women’s Health
Sold to Cellegy Pharmaceuticals
CapitalThinking, Inc., Heather Shively Goldman
Technology – Financial Services – Real Estate Solutions
Sold to CapitalStream
Cardium Health Services, Charleen Ernst-Lodes
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Disease Management
AKA Nurtur, AKA Envolve PeopleCare
Sold to Centene Corporation
Cyota, Michal Tsur
Tech – E-Commerce – Fraud and Security
IPO 2021
Sold to RSA, the security division of EMC
EmergingMed.com, Courtney Hudson
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Clinical Trial Enrollment
Merged with CareBox Healthcare Solutions
ePCX.com, Mary Ellen Kramer
Tech – Software – Maritime Communication System
AKA Maritime Broadband, Inc.
, Stephanie Schwab
Tech – Media – Entertainment
experience.com, inc., Jennifer Floren
Tech – HR Tech – Career Development and Recruiting
AKA Experience
Sold to Symplicity
Gencyte, LLC, Lyn Dyster
Life Sciences – Biotech
Sold to Stemgenix, LLC
Get Real Girl, Julz Chavez
Tech – Retail – Action Figure Dolls
JANUS Associates, Inc., Patricia Fisher
Tech – Business Products/Services – Security
Kenna Technologies, Barbara Handelin
Life Sciences – Biotech – Predictive Computer Models
Sold to DNAPrint Genomics, Inc.
MacroThink Technology, Heidi Evenson
Tech – Business Services – Purchasing System Integration
PlanetHopper, Rachel Barenbaum
Tech – Media – Wireless Marketing System
Post2Post.com, Gail Blauer
Tech – Trade Services
Reliable Integration Services, Valerie Perlowitz
Tech – Software – Network Systems Integration
Sold to ATSC Corporation
RIVA Commerce, Anjali Kataria
Tech – Software – Product Lifecycle Management
AKA Conformia Software
Sold to Oracle
Skychange, Sara Krueger Danzelaud
Tech – Financial Services – Fund Management
StarChefs.com, Antoinette Bruno
Tech – Digital Media – Culinary Magazine
StreamingText, Susan DeFife Askew
Tech -Digital Media – Audio to Text Generation
Sold to Media Map
Unified Field, Marla Supnick
Tech – Digital media – Design and Production
Women’s Sports Network, Lisa Sherman & Debra Zeyen
Tech – Media – Marketing Services
Xicat Interactive, Jaimee Wolf Bodmer
Tech – Digital Media – Video Game Publishing
AKA Evolved Games
ZBox, Tina Shah Paikeday
Tech – E-Commerce – Delivery Solutions
Sold to Whirlpool Corporation

Silicon Valley 2001

3i Networks, Maria Gudelis
Tech – Software Services – IT Integrations
AdSpace Networks, Inc., Karen Katz
Tech – Media – Advertising & Promotion in Public Setting
AKA Adspace Mall Network, Lightbox Out of Home Video Network
Atlantes Services, Inc., Suzy Brown
Tech – SAAS – Remote Logistics Solutions
Sold to Vistant
Brand Fidelity, Inc., Katherine Powell
Tech – Website – Self Service Branding
Sold to Federal Research, an affiliate of CBCInnovis
Bridgestream, Juanita Lott
Tech – Security – Role-based Enterprise Security and Management
Sold to Oracle
Buzz Notes, Inc., Hallie Peterson
Tech – Search Engine
Caimis, Inc., Tracie Monk
Tech – Software – WAN and ASO Geo-location/Network Analysis
Sold to Ixia
ClairVoyante Laboratories, Candice H. Brown Elliott
Tech – Product – Flat Panel Display Technology
Sold to Samsung
ClearToGo, Tamar Belkin
Tech – Security – Credit Card Fraud Protection
Credit-Logic Inc., Carla Rayacich
Tech – FinTech – Credit Software
DIOGENICS, Cynthia French
Life Sciences – Biotech – Human Reproductive Health
Sold to Pluvita
Glides, Inc., Katarina Bonde
Tech – Enterprise Software – Wireless & Website Management Tools
AKA UniSite Software
Golden Parachute Inc., Negin Kamangar
Tech – Web Software – Social Networking and CRM
InfoPop, Rosemary O’Neill
Tech – Web Software – Online Community Building Software
NKA SocialStrata
Inovise Medical Inc., Patti White
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Cardiac Monitoring
iSoChip Networks, Christina Lomasney
Tech – CleanTech – Semiconductor Design Software
AKA Isotron Corporation, Modumetal
ITpro Inc., Sandy Reed
Tech – Enterprise Tech – IT Product Selection
LOCATION-net, Inc., Kathryn Huber
Tech – Business Development – Location-based Sales Forecasting
AKA Market Insite Group
Sold to Asterop
MEconomy, Valerie Buckingham
Tech – Software – Online Consumer Privacy Protections
Nimble Technology Inc., Suzan DelBene
Tech – Software – Business Software
Sold to Actuate
R&D Logic Inc., Wanda Ionescu
Life Sciences – SAAS – Performance Management for R&D
RealCommunities Inc., Cynthia Typaldos
Tech – SAAS – Social Networking for Communities
Sold to Mongoose Technologies
SeniorSurfers Inc., Meredith Taylor
Tech – Media – Senior Citizen Online Community
SkyFlow Inc., Nibha Aggarwal
Tech – Automation – Voice and Speech Solutions for Call Centers
Sold to Cintech LLC

New England 2000

Abridge, Susan Hunt Stevens
Tech – Data & Analytics – Email Insights
Addiction Therapies, Barbara Fox
Life Sciences – Pharma – Addiction Therapies
AKA Recovery Pharmaceuticals
BeyondNow Technologies, Rebecca MacKinnon
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Information Management
Sold to Cerner
CEO Express Company, Patricia Pomerleau
Tech – SAAS – Executive Assistance
Circles, Janet Kraus & Kathy Sherbrooke
Tech – Business Products/Services – Concierge Services
Sold to Sodexo
Communispace, Diane Hessan
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Consumer Collaboration Agency
NKA C Space
Sold to Omnicom
ec-Finance.com, Inc., Janet Handal
Tech – Business Products/Services – Collaborative Workspace for Financial Services
Gazelle Systems, Charlotte Bogardus
Tech – SAAS – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Geonomics, Inc., Georgina Macdonald
Tech – SAAS – Location Optimization
AKA geoVue
Sold to Versata
GetConnected.com, Tracy Lawrence
Tech – Digital Media – Digital Service Transaction Processing
Sold to WhiteFence
iAnswers.com, Tanja Omeze
Tech – Media – Online Information Exchange
IBEX Process Technology, Jill Card
Tech – SAAS – Optimization Software for Semiconductor Industry
AKA NeuMath, Inc.
Mindful Technologies, Christina Bauer
Tech – SAAS – Virtual Service Representatives
MOCA, Inc., Sarah Slaughter
Technology – SAAS – Software Development for Design and Construction
AKA MOCA Systems
MuseumShop.com, Inc., Rebecca Reynolds Moore
Tech – Retail – Museum Product Platform
NursingHands , Isobel Coleman
Tech – Digital Media – Health Care Services
Sold to Jobson PLC
ODAC, Caroline Oberg
Tech – SAAS – Workflow Management
Sold to Encoda Systems, Inc.
OneNest.com, Durreen Shahnaz
Tech – Retail – Ethical and Handmade Goods Marketplace
Sold to Novica United
Phlair, Isabella Chung
Tech – SAAS – Business Optimization
Roving Software, Gail Goodman
Tech – SAAS – Email Marketing
AKA Constant Contact
IPO 2007
Sold to Endurance International
TeleSales, Inc., Jeanne Lambert
Tech – Business Products & Services – Outsourcing Sales and Marketing Strategy
AKA Cerida Corporation
Sold to AnswerNet, Inc.
Tensegra Inc., Alison Skinner
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Pharma Intelligence
Umbanet, Michelle Baker
Tech – SAAS – Email Technology
Versura, Lydia Marshall
Tech – FinTech – Education Loan Exchange
ViaCell, Inc., Cynthia Fisher
Life Sciences – Biotech – Stem Cells
NKA ViaCord
IPO 2005
Sold to PerkinElmer
Vinciv, De Ann Pope
Tech – Security – Network Security/Digital Content Distribution
Virtualteams.com, Jessica Lipnack
Tech – Networking – Organizational Networks
AKA NetAge
WorldClinic, Inc., Barbara Casey
Tech – Health – Healthcare Information Systems
Zipcar, Robin Chase
Tech – Transportation – Car Sharing
IPO 2011
Sold to Avis

Mid-Atlantic 2000

Active Data Exchange, Inc., Susan Yee
Tech – Software – Calendar-based Digital Solutions
Sold to Dude Solutions, Inc.
AmericaPR.com, Inc., Rebecca Antonelli
Tech – Media – Public Relations
Blue292, Inc., Susan Acker Walsh
Tech – Software – Business Solutions
Sold to E3 Solutions Inc.
BlueBolt Networks, Inc., Lori Eichel
Tech – Software – Search Automation
Sold to Reed International
CISglobal, Michele Dyson
Tech- Business Services – Enterprise Cost Management
Claragen, Inc., Aprile Pilon
Life Sciences – Biotech
Cruise.com, Gloria Bohan
Tech – E-Commerce – Travel
A subsidiary of Omega World Travel, Inc.
Cylex, Judy Britz
Life Sciences – Biotech
Sold to Viracor-IBT Laboratories
DigitalOwl, Kirstie McCool-Chadwick
Tech – Software – Educational and Financial Services
drugMonitor.com, Inc., Julia Rutherford
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Clinical Research Solutions
eGulliver.com, Inc., Deslie Webb Quinby
Tech – Media – Hospitality
Firelogic, Inc., Irena Slage
Tech – Software – Data Management
FoodFit.com, Ellen Haas
Tech – Media – Food & Health
Sold to The HealthCentral Network
Functional Genetics, Sharon Mates
Life Sciences – Biotech
Sold to Elanco
Healing Tree.com, CJ Scarlet
Tech – Charity – Child and Adult Abuse Aid
Hubbard & Revo-Cohen, Karetta Hubbard & Lynne Revo-Cohen
Tech – HR Tech – Workplace Risk Management Solutions
AKA Scendis; NKA NewPoint
Hyperspace Cowgirls, Susan Shaw
Tech – Digital Media – Video Gaming
Infoseer, Inc., Nancy Curtis
Technology – Software
InfoShark, Inc., Barbara Bouldin
Tech – Software – Data Integration
Interfolio, Inc., Karen Fuerherm
Tech – EdTech – SAAS
Sold to Insight Venture Partners
iPhotonics, LLC, Susan Trumbule
Tech – Business Products – Fiber optics testing
Sold to Solectron
Jurysignup.com, Tenley Carp
Tech – Software – E-Government Solutions
KTWave, Inc., Bao Ting Lerner
Tech – Telecom – Research and Development
LaunchFuel, Inc., Mary Knebel Gillespie
Tech – Business Services – Investment Capital
LearnScape.com, Mary Ann Mayhew
Tech – Software – EdTech
LeaseStar.com, Inc., Tanja Balkan
Tech – Business Services – Auto-leasing
Sold to ADP Dealer Services Group
Link Technology, Inc., Constance Wilson
Life Sciences – Biotech
NKA Endacea
Metier, Ltd., Sandra Richardson
Tech – SAAS – Portfolio Management
MoneyLife, Inc., Kelly O’Brien & Nancy Dailey
Tech – Financial Services – Financial Planning
Paratek Microwave, Inc., Louise Sengupta
Tech – Telecommunications – Wireless Solutions
Sold to BlackBerry
Polymerix Corporation, Karen Giroux
Life Sciences – Pharma – Drug Delivery
Sold to Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey
Red Spruce, Inc., Clara Conti
Tech- Software – Wireless Communication
RetailMetro, Inc., Elisa Safanda
Tech – E-Commerce – Home Furnishings
SecureWorks, LLC, Joan Lyman
Tech – Software – Security
Sold to Dell
IPO 2016
SpeakOut.com, Barbara Dreyer
Tech – Media – Online Political Research Portal
AKA Ntercept Communications
Sold to Agency.com
Staffability.com, Barbara Truax
Tech – HR Tech – Healthcare Staffing Software
telezoo.com, Marie-Louise Murville & Sharmine Narwani
Teach – E-commerce – Telecommunications Marketplace
ValuMed, Inc., Linda Broenniman
Life Sciences – Health IT – Medical Information Management
Sold to Medical Internet Solutions
VIPdesk.com, Inc., Mary Naylor
Tech – Business Services – Corporate Concierge Service
Sold to International SOS
NKA Aspire Lifestyles
WebVersant, Janet Wylie
Tech – Software – Internet Voice – Enabling Software
AKA WebVersa, Entrieva
Merged to form LucidMedia, Sold to Videology
Women’s Consumer Network, Melissa Moss
Tech – E-Commerce – Consumer Marketplace for Women
WomensNewsLink.com, Kathleen Harrington
Tech – Media – News Syndicate for Women
xmlexpress, Inc., Rachael Sokolowski
Tech – Software – XML Information Conversion

Silicon Valley 2000

51net.com, Kathleen Chien
Tech – HR Tech – Job Recruitment
NKA 51 Job, Inc.
IPO 2004
Acteva, Lu Córdova
Tech – E-Commerce – Ticketing and Event Management
AgentArts, Kerri Lee Sinclair
Tech – Media – Personalization Solutions for Mobile Entertainment
Sold to Fast, a Microsoft Subsidiary
AudioBasket.com, Kim Fisher
Tech – Media – Online Audio Content Aggregator
Sold to eMotion
BestSelf, Sara Frankel
Tech – Consumer Internet – Online Weight Management
BravoGifts.com, Allyson Campa
Tech – E-Commerce – Corporate Gifts
AKA Bravanta
Sold to Workstream
Camdens, Tina Beilicke
Tech – E-Commerce – Upscale Corporate Gifts
Cenquest, LaVonne Reimer
Tech- Education Technology – Managed Education Services
CIStem Molecular Corp., Anne Crossway
Life Sciences – Pharma – Gene-Based Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Products
Desktop.com, Katie Burke Mitic
Tech – Cloud Management – Web Desktop Application
eMentoring.com, Kathryn Hanson
Tech – Education Technology – Modular Online Education
eStyle, Inc., Laurie McCartney
Tech- E-Commerce – Online Retailer for Women
AKA BabyStyle
Sold to LMC Right Start
eve.com, Varsha Rao
Tech – E-Commerce – Online Cosmetics Sales
Sold to Idealab
Kovair Software, Krishna Subramanian
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Integrated Application Lifecycle Management
Merged with SpeeDEV
Kurant Corporation, Sheryl Hawk
Tech – Enterprise Tech – E-Commerce Platform
AKA ProStores
Sold to eBay
LevelEdge.com, Lisa Henderson
Tech – HR Tech – Recruiting Management Application
LiveMind, Karen Wilson
Tech – Telecommunications – Mobile Software Infrastructure Provider
NCompass Labs, Inc., Gerri Sinclair
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Web Content Management
Sold to Microsoft
netCustomer.com, Punita Pandey
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Internet-based Customer Service Solution
RAVEN Biotechnologies, Jennie Mather
Life Sciences – Pharma – Antibody Therapeutics
Sold to MacroGenics
ShopEco.com, Mona Lisa Wallace
Tech – E-Commerce – Eco-Friendly Online Shopping
Signet Assurance Company, Nancy Moore
Tech – Enterprise Tech – E-Commerce Risk Management
Vistify, Menekse Gencer
Tech – E-Commerce – mCommerce Platform for Online Grocery Shopping
Vivant, Cindy Padnos
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Workforce Procurement Technology
Sold to Evolve Software Inc., Oracle
WebWare, Lauren Flanagan
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Digital Asset Management
Sold to INSCI KNA ClearStory
Xenogen, Pamela Contag
Life Sciences – Biotech – Biophotonic Imaging
IPO 2004
Sold to Caliper Life Sciences KNA PerkinElmer

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