Springboard’s Global Network

Connecting talented women with a powerful network.

Springboard’s network of experts spans across international borders, and we are continuously making connections to better accelerate our entrepreneurs’ growth.

Globally-minded. Growth-focused.

Springboard has curated a large network of founders, advisors and investors who are committed to supporting the growth of women entrepreneurs.

Our Digital Health Council consists of a diverse group of distinguished thought leaders who help influence program strategy, mentor cohort members, and meaningfully connect those in the Springboard community and each other to resources, relationships and other opportunities.

The NYFTLab Expert Network is helmed by industry leaders, investors and seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully launched and scaled industry related companies. The Expert Network acts as informal advisors for companies accepted into the NYFTLab program.

Springboard’s Board of Directors advises, governs and oversees policy and direction that furthers Springboard’s network and mission.

Women’s Health Council

Springboard’s Women’s Health Innovation Council is a collective of distinguished experts in the world of pharma, medical devices, digital health and similar industries who advocate and promote greater attention and investment in health innovations that predominantly impact women.