Portfolio List


Over 600 solutions-oriented companies founded and/or led by women including biotech, enterprise software, gaming, robotics, alternative energy, computer and medical devices, consumer products, HR, EDU and ad/marketing and pharmaceuticals – have come through the Springboard pipeline.  Together, they’ve raised $7.4B in capital.

Tech Innovation Hub 2016

b.well, Kristen Valdes
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Consumer Healthcare
Bandura, Suzanne Magee
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cybersecurity
BrainCheck, Yael Katz
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Digital Diagnostic Tool
Built.io, Neha Sampat
Tech – Enterprise Tech – DevOps
Conjur, Elizabeth Lawler
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cybersecurity
Digsite, Monika Wingate
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Marketing Automation
EverlyWell, Julia Cheek
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Consumer Diagnostics
Health Helm, Pamela McNamara
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Patient Engagement
Hintd, Lucy Danziger
Enterprise Tech – E-commerce
Ion Channel, JC Herz
Tech – Enterprise Tech – DevOps
Luminate Health, Shally Madan
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Data Analytics
Pandia Health, Sophia Yen
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Women’s Health
PRIVO, Denise Tayloe
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Identity Management
Quantuvis, Lisa Bair
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Data Analytics
Univfy, Mylene Yao
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Women’s Health

Springboard: Australia 2016

Aerosafe, Kimberley Turner
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Safety and Risk Management
Booking Boss, Renee Welsh
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Travel
EpiSoft, Jenny O’Neill
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Clinical and Practice Management Software
Kinchip Systems, Catherine Resnick and Gry Stene
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Care management
Konnective, Julie Bray
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Communication
Mentorloop, Lucy Lloyd
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Communication
Obzervr, Tania Walter
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cloud data management
PlanDo, Anne Moore
Tech – Enterprise Tech – HR
Social.Folio, Tori Bowman
Tech – Social Media – Influencer Platform
Victus Health, Michelle Ridgway
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Nutrition

Health Innovation Hub: Pharma Track 2016

Aegle Therapeutics, Shelley Hartman
Life Sciences – Pharma – Wound Healing
Ambryx, Helen Chen
Life Sciences – Pharma – Protein Therapeutics
Amydis Diagnostics, Stella Sarraf
Life Sciences – Pharma – Amyloid-associate Diseases
Aperiomics, Crystal Icenhour
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Pathogen Detection
CellSight Technologies, Aruna Gambhir
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Molecular Imaging
ENB Therapeutics, Sumayah Jamal
Life Sciences – Pharma – Melanoma Treatment
Mellitus, Joyce Lonergan
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Diabetes Testing
PanTher Therapeutics, Laura Indolfi
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Pancreatic Cancer Therapeutics
SciBac, Inc., Jeanette Mucha
Life Sciences – Pharma – Antiobiotic Resistant Diseases
Urology Diagnostics, Theresa Koppie
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Cancer Diagnosis

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2016

Claire, Marta Jamrozik
Tech – Fashion Tech – Data Analytics
Closet Collective, Claire Allison & Seema Gohil
Tech – Fashion Tech – e-Commerce
Elemoon, Jing Zhou
Tech – Fashion Tech – Wearables
Fittery, Catherine Iger
Tech – Fashion Tech – Personalization
Genostyle, Veronica Cabezas
Tech – Fashion Tech – Data Analytics
Siren, Kat Alexander
Tech – Fashion Tech – Wearables
Smartzer, Karoline Gross
Tech – Fashion Tech – e-Commerce
Thursday Finest, Veronika Harbick
Tech – Fashion Tech – 3D Printing

Tech Innovation Hub 2015

Forkcast, Cie Nicholson
Tech – Consumer Tech – Food Delivery
Hunhu Healthcare, Inc., Teresa Marchek
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Care management
MapMyBeauty, Annabella Daily
Tech – Consumer Tech – Beauty
Nimbus, Inc., Nadine Keller
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Sales
Pathbrite, Heather Hiles
Tech – Consumer Tech – HR
Sold to Cengage Learning
Playlist, Karen Katz
Tech – Consumer Tech – Collaborative Music Streaming
RAI Stone Group, Sam Zordich
Tech – FinTech – SMB Intelligence
Social Data Collective (NKA OpenUp), Ashwini Anburajan
Tech – Digital Media – Audience Insights
SportXast, Molly Cernicek
Tech – Digital Media – Sports Video Platform
Uplevel Security, Roselle Safran
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cyber Security

Springboard: Australia 2015

cmee4 Productions, Carolyn Mee
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Hearing Game
DNA Security Solutions, Tania Jolley
Tech – Consumer Product – SMB Security System
Healthkit, Alison Hardacre
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Health management platform
OpenAgent, Zoe Pointon
Tech – Consumer Tech – Real Estate platform
OSCAR Hospitality Solutions, Belinda Adams
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Hospital-grade Nutrition platform
PDOnline (NKA CourseGenius), Sarah Mateljan
Tech – Consumer Tech – Online Course Creation Platform
SpeeDx, Caroline Fuery
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Antibiotic Resistance
Starts At Sixty, Rebecca Wilson
Tech – Digital Media – 60+ Market
Timelio, Charlotte Petris
Tech – FinTech – SMB Invoicing and Cash Flow Management platform
Virtualiis, Rebecca Lee
Tech – Advertising – VR/AR

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2015

42 Technologies Inc., Cathy Han
Tech – Fashion Tech – Data analytics
Cloth, Wray Serna and Seth Porges
Tech – Fashion Tech – Social Commerce
inSparq, Veronika Sonsev
Tech – Fashion Tech – Merchandising-driven Advertising
Sold to Adiant
SKU IQ, Ruchika Kumar
Tech – Fashion Tech – Real Time Inventory for Retailers
Sundar, Inc, Jag Gill
Tech – Fashion Tech – Supplier sourcing
Switch Embassy, Alison Lewis
Tech – Fashion Tech – Wearables

Health Innovation Hub 2015

Life Sciences – Medical Device – Oxygen Flow Monitoring
Awarables,Inc., Madhvi Upender
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Sleep Wearable Tech
Cocoon Biotech, Inc., Ailis Tweed-Kent
Life Sciences – Pharma – Silk-based Osteoarthritis therapeutics
Double Helix, LLC., Leslie Kimerling
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – 3D imaging
EpiBiome, Inc., Lucia Mokres
Life Sciences – Pharma – Precision Microbiome Engineering
MyndTec, Diana Pliura
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Post-stroke arm/hand paralysis
TelaDietitian, Jackie Arnett Elnahar
Life Sciences – Digital Health IT – Hospital Nutrition
Or-Genix Therapeutics, Yael Schwartz
Life Sciences – Pharma – Women’s Health
TapGenes, Heather Holmes
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Family Health
TeVido Biodevices, Laura Bosworth-Butcher
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – 3d-Printing
Wellpepper, Inc., Anne Weiler
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Patient engagement platform

New York Fashion Tech Lab 2014

Nineteenth Amendment, Amanda Curtis and Gemma Sole
Tech – Fashion Tech
StyleSage, Jade Huang
Tech – Fashion Tech – Real-time strategic analytics platform
Stylinity, Tadd Sperling
Tech – Fashion Tech – Social Commerce
Stylit, Yaniv Nissim
Tech – Fashion Tech – Social Commerce
Suddenlee, Erica Kammann
Tech – Fashion Tech – Distribution Platform
Trendalytics, Karen Moon
Tech – Fashion Tech – Merchandise intelligence

Springboard: Life Science 2014

BiofficientKaren Wills
Life Sciences – Pharma Tech – Automate RFP
BoardVitalsAndrea Cziffer Paul
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Board Certification Platform
Sold to Ascend Learning
ClickMedixTing Shih
Life Sciences – Digital Health
CoheroHealthMelissa Manice & Michelle Zimmerman
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Connected Asthma Devices
Eve MedicalJessica Ching
Life Sciences – Direct-to-Consumer – Women’s Health
Naya HealthJanica Alvarez
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Connected Breast Pump
Prima-TempLauren Costantini
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Connected Vaginal Ring
Resilience TherapeuticsRetsina Meyer & Veronica Weiner
Life Sciences – Pharma – PTSD and Stress-related disorders
Smart MonitorAnoo Nathan
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Wearable for Seizure detection
VentriNovaHina Chaudhry
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cardiac Regenerative Medicine

WE Summit 2014

Ownerlistens, Adi Bittan
Tech – Enterprise Tech – B2B Consumer Insight platform

Springboard: Australia 2014

365cups, Simone Eyles
Tech – Enteprise Tech – Mobile Ordering platform
Flamingo, Catriona Wallace
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Customer Insight platform
Sold to Cre8tek
iVvy, Lauren Hall
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Events Management platform
MagnePath, Wanida Chua-Anusorn
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Body composition imaging tool
MiPlan, Louise Daw
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Mining
Moco Insight, Carolyn Harrington
Tech – Enterprise Tech – e-Commerce Data Analytics
SEQTA, Sharon Grosser
Tech – Edtech – Collaborative teaching and learning platform
Veilability, Kristy Ouwerkerk
Tech – Consumer Tech – Wedding vendor platform

Springboard: Media/Tech 2013

30Second Mobile, Elisa All
Tech – Digital Media – Bite-sized mobile video content
Blueye, Shannon Smith
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Social Media Advertising
Cream.HR (NKA Plum), Caitlin MacGregor
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Experiential hiring platform
Crowdnetic (NKA FinMkt), Luan Cox
Tech – Fintech – Online marketplace technology for global financial services industry
FEM Inc., Rachel Payne
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Video content recommendations and analytics
Indira, Carrie Mantha
Tech – Fashion Tech – Affordable couture
Modalyst, Jill Sherman
Tech – e-Commerce – Dropshipping automated
Skycrane, Erin Valenti
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Outsource and automate SMB tasks
Tactile Finance, Nicole Hamilton
Tech –  Fintech – Tools for home financing
weeSpring, Allyson Downey
Tech – Consumer Tech – Parent e-Commerce community

Springboard: Life Sciences 2013

BioAxone BioSciences, Lisa McKerracher
Life Sciences – Pharma – Nerve repair and regeneration
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Ear Nose Throat (ENT) space
Cardialen, Paula Skjefte
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Atrial fibrillation (AF) treatment
LifeCycle Laboratories, Valerie Palmieri
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Fertility and infertility
Rebiotix, Lee Jones
Life Sciences – Biotech – Harness microbiome to treat GI diseases
Rogne Bioscience, Lena Wu
Life Sciences – Pharma – Topical biologic for psoriasis
Sold to Isis Innovation
SelfCare Catalysts, Grace Soyao
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Cloud-based patient solutions, intelligence and analytics company
Talksession, Melissa Thompson
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Video therapy platform
TrueMotion Spine, Stephanie Warrington
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Total Disc Replacement technology
ZappRx, Zoe Barry
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Integrated specialty prescribing platform

Springboard: Australia 2013

AdAlta, Samantha Cobb
Life Sciences – Pharma – Treatments for fibrotic diseases
IPO 2016
Canva, Melanie Perkins
Tech – Marketing – Online graphic design platform
IntelligenceBank, Tessa Court
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Business Process Management
Single Serve, Georgia Beattie
Consumer Product – Food/Beverage – Wine packaging solution
StreetHawk, Natasha Rawlings
Tech – Marketing – Platform to optimize user acquisition on mobile
Switch Automation, Deborah Noller
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Building energy management platform
Triplebackup (NKA StorReduce), Vanessa Wilson
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cloud storage optimization
Utilitas, Fiona Waterhouse
Tech – Clean Tech – Convert organic waste into clean energy

WE Summit 2012

Applied Immune Technologies, Mira Peled-Kamar
Life Science – Pharma – Cancer and autoimmune diseases
Sold to Adicet Bio Inc.
Brandsforce, Nili Goldberg
Tech – Marketing – Word of Mouth marketing platform
Bukit, Sarah Nadav
Tech – Fintech – Debt payment platform
ECOncrete Tech Ltd, Shimrit Perkol-Finkel
Tech – Clean Tech – Concrete ecological solutions
GalMedics Biotech, Hilla Shaviv
Life Science – Medical Device – Reduce dysmenorrhea for menstruating women
LifeOnKey, Linda Harnevo
Life Science – Digital Health – Health management platform

Springboard: Media/Tech 2012

BYNDL, Lori Salow Marshall
Tech – Fintech – Mobile payment for vending
Sold to Avanti Markets
Consensus Point, Linda Rebrovick
Tech – Marketing – Market research platform
DITTO, Kate Endress Doerksen
Tech – e-Commerce – Virtual try-on platform for glasses
Finomial, Meredith Moss
Tech – Fintech – Platform to automate hedge fund subscription process
Commerce Drivers (NKA LightningBuy), Carissa Ganelli
Tech – e-Commerce – One-click to buy mobile purchasing platform
MeeGenius, Wandy Yeap Hoh
Tech – Digital Media – Cross-platform store for digital children’s books
Sold to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
NopSec, Lisa Xu
Tech – Cybersecurity – Vulnerability Risk Management platform
Of a Kind, Claire Mazur, Erica Cerulo
Tech – e-Commerce – Discovering emerging design talent
Sold to Bed Bath and Beyond
Pretty In My Pocket, Caroline Van Sickle
Tech – Fashion Tech – Mobile beauty shopping assistant
SoLoMo, Liz Eversoll
Tech – Marketing – Event marketing analytics
SoMoLend, Candace Klein
Technology – Fintech – Crowdfunding loans

Springboard: Life Sciences 2012

AFrame Digital, Cindy Crump and Jill Thorpe
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Health monitoring and alerting
Aura Biosciences, Elisabet de los Pinos
Life Sciences- Pharma – Cancer therapeutics
Careticker, Chiara Bell
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Mobile platform for caregivers
HDH Medical, Ltd., Irina Kavounovski
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Vascular anastomotic devices
HealthCrowd, Neng Bing Doh
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Unified healthcare communications platform
InfoBionic, Nancy Briefs
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Wireless remote patient monitoring for Arrhythmia Detection
Qliance Medical Management Inc., Erika Bliss
Life Sciences – Healthcare services – Primary care membership solution
Regenesis Biomedical Inc., Virginia Rybski
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Non-invasive pain management products
SynAm Vaccine, Carolyn Chen
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Vaccine discovery to prevent pneumonia
Tiatros Inc., Kimberlie Cerrone
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Chronic disease care management platform
Ubiqi Health (NKA Klio Health), Jacqueline Thong
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Health management platform for chronic care in-between visits

Springboard: 2011

Abundant Closet, LLC, Jody Fennell
Tech – e-commerce – Closet management technology
CartiCure, Gila Maor
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Cartilege repair
Centrifuge Systems, Inc., Renee Lorton
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Big data discovery technology
Circle 1 Network, Inc., Jorian Clarke
Tech – Media/Entertainment – Children’s gaming world
Classtivity (NKA ClassPass), Payal Kadakia
Tech – Consumer Tech – Monthly fitness membership
Merlin Mobility Corporation (NKA CN2, Inc.), Margaret Martin
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cloud-hosted augmented reality solution
ConsumerBell, Inc., Ellie Cachette
Tech – Consumer Tech – Online management of product recalls
Cull TV, Inc., Katherine de Leon
Tech – Media/Entertainment – Lay-back video recommendation viewer
Sold to Telly
Deuteria Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sheila DeWitt
Life Sciences – Pharma – Small molecule deuterated enantiomers
Sold to Celgene
Empower Interactive, Inc., Eve Phillips
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Mental and behavioral health platform
Evil Genius Designs, Inc., Tracy Kobeda Brown
Tech – Media/Entertainment – In-line social gaming platform
Genomic Expression, Inc., Gitte Pedersen
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Cancer diagnostics to personalize treatment
Ginger Software, Yael Karov
Tech – Consumer Tech – Writing efficiency tools
Sold to Intel
Gracious Eloise (NKA Handwriting.io), Eloise Bune
Tech – Marketing – Personalized handwritten message platform
HarQen, Inc., Kelly Fitzsimmons
Tech – Enterprise Tech – On-demand phone and video interviewing platform
Hepregen Corporation (NKA Ascendance Biotechnology), Bonnie Fendrock
Life Sciences – Pharma – In vitro micro-liver cell-based platform
Hold For Jane, Lisa Cleary
Tech – Retail Tech – B2B “clienteling” platform for luxury curated commerce
iGuiders, Inc., Jodi Marchewitz
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Guided purchase decision tool
Lead Horse Technologies, Inc., Ramie Leibnitz
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Reducing adverse drug effects
Matrix-Bio, Julie Goonewardene
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Cancer diagnostics through metabolite profiling
Medasense , Galit Zuckerman
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Continuous and non-invasive pain-monitoring
meQuilibrium, Jan Bruce
Tech – Digital Health – Personalized online stress relief platform
POPVOX, Inc., Marci Harris and Rachna Choudhry
Tech – Consumer Tech – Civic engagement platform
Radish Systems, LLC, Theresa Szczurek
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Visual interactive voice response platform
reFINEstyle, LLC, Megan Masoner
Tech – e-Commerce – Online consignment marketplace
Resilinc Corporation, Bindiya Vakil
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Supply chain resiliency solution
Second Glass, Inc., Morgan First
Tech – Consumer Product – Millennial-focused wine events and e-Commerce platform
ShowUHow, Inc., Kim Folsom
Tech – Digital Media – How-to video platform
Sold to Sellpoint
Strohl Medical Technologies, Inc., Heather Keith
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Portable stroke screening device
sweetriot, Sarah Endline
Consumer Product – Food/Beverage – Socially responsible chocolate
Take the Interview, Inc., Danielle Weinblatt
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Video hiring solution
The Glue Network, Lynley Sides
Tech – Marketing –  Monetize social media marketing for brands
TRX Systems, Carol Politi
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Location mapping indoors
Vapogenix, Inc., Danguole Altman
Life Sciences – Pharma – Non-narcotic analgesics for localized pain
NewsiT (NKA Verifeed), Melinda Wittstock
Tech – Marketing – Strategic social intellience plaform
Practically Green (NKA WeSpire), Susan Hunt Stevens
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Sustainability-focused employee engagement platform
WiserCare, LLC, Hollis Leech
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Patient treatment decision-making tool

AllThingsMedia: 2010

BeDynamic, Inc., Anne Payne
Tech – Enterprise Tech – B2B comprehensive group travel planning tools
Commuter Advertising, Katie (Hill) Gottesman
Tech – Marketing – Public transit advertising platform
DailyTrailer.net, Evelyn Brady-Watters and Susan Bari
Tech – Digital Media – Movie trailer platform
DK Pictures (NKA DoInk), Karen Miller
Tech – Media/Entertainment – Children’s animation and drawing community
Everloop, Hilary DeCesare 
Tech – Digital Media – HIPAA-compliant children’s Social Networking platform
Green Bride GuideKate Harrison 
Tech – Digital Media – Green product guide
HarQenKelly Fitzsimmons
Tech – Enterprise Tech – On-demand phone and video interviewing platform
hiSTRIVE, LLC, Adrienne Becker
Tech – Media/Entertainment – Social media gaming
Honk, LLC, Stephanie (LaCrosse) Taira
Tech – e-Commerce – Social commerce for cars
Sold to True Car
Ivycorp, Mary Jesse
Tech – Telecommunications – Cloud-based communication platform
AKA Ivytalk
Ladies Who Launch, Inc., Traci Long DeForge
Tech – Digial Media – Community for women entrepreneurs and business owners
Open Runway, Monika Desai
Tech – e-Commerce – Crowd-sourced fashion brand
Pixability, Bettina Hein
Tech – Marketing – Video creation and analytics solution
PlaySmrt (NKA Playrific), Beth Marcus
Tech – Media/Entertainment – Children’s educational content
ChatThreads (NKA Purchased)Laurie Cohn
Tech – Marketing – Shopper insights, behavior and purchase data
ShopSuey, Lisa Morales-Hellebo
Tech – e-Commerce – Visual search engine
AKA Shopsy
Someone With, LLC Paula Jagemann
Tech – Digital Health – Hospital Sponsored Crowdfunding For Patient Expenses
Squarepushers, Inc., Nancy Bennett
Tech – Media/Entertainment – Video-based music education platform
Third Solutions, Birame Sock
Tech – Retail Tech – Real-time receipt management for merchants
Urban Signals, Aubree Nichols
Tech – Consumer Tech – Mobile dating platform
YourTango , Andrea Miller
Tech – Digital Media – Love and relationship content site

AllThingsLifeSciences/CleanTech: 2010

Accelalox, Inc., Julia O’Connor
Life Sciences – Pharma – Bone healing therapies
Africa Biofuel and Emission Reduction (TZ) Ltd., Christine Adamow
Tech – Clean Tech – Croton Nut biofuel company
AllTranz (NKA Zynerba Pharmaceuticals), Audra Stinchcomb
Life Sciences – Pharma – Transdermal synthetic cannabinoid treatments
Axerion Therapeutics, Inc., Sylvia McBrinn
Life Sciences – Pharma – Therapeutics for neurological diseases
Axial Exchange, Joanne Rohde
Life Sciences -Digital Health – Automated care coordination
CW Optics, Nee-Yin Chou
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Hardware and software development of optical systems
Catheter Connections, Inc., Vicki Farrar
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Novel catheter solutions
EpiEp,Inc., Pamela Bunes
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Epicardial access system
Hygeia Therapeutics, Inc, Yael Schwartz
Life Sciences – Pharma – Topical synthetic estrogen
Sold to Restorgenex Corporation
InVectus Biomedical, Annette McClellan
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Extracranial pressure-relief device for hospitalized infants
Sold to Hologic
Kno2, Therasa Bell
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Simplifies and automates healthcare processes
AKA Osmosyz, Inofile
MedCPU, Inc., Sonia Ben-Yehuda
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Clinical decision support tools
Medical Image Mining Laboratories, LLC, Ellen Kislal
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Online dermatology solution offering automatic image analysis
NANOTaxi, Luz Cristal Glangchai
Life Sciences – Biotech – Disease-responsive nanoparticles to target tumor tissues
Ohmx Corporation, Dimitra Georganopoulou
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tests
Origen Therapeutics, Pamela Contag
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Avian transgenic animal technology
Sold to SynGeva
OsteoGeneX, Debra Ellies
Life Sciences – Pharma – First in class bone building small molecule
Phytomedics, Laurie Smaldone
Life Sciences – Pharma – oral immunomodulator to treat rheumatoid arthritis
ThinkEco, Inc., Mei Shibata
Technology – Clean Tech – Easy-to-use energy-efficient IoT solutions
Zumatek, Inc., Sheila Mikhail
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Patient-friendly non-invasive breast imaging

AllThingsLifeSciences 2009

A&G Pharmaceutical, Ginette Serrero
Life Sciences – Pharma – Monoclonal antibody for breast cancer
AdhereTx (NKA ActualMeds), Patricia Meisner and Anne Marie Biernacki
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Real time medication management and reconciliation
Arcxis Biotechnologies, Christine Meda
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Sample processing and pathogen detection
Arriva Pharmaceuticals, Sue Preston
Life Sciences – Pharma – Anti-inflammatory therapies
Ativa Medical, Barbara Roth
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Next-generation transportable diagnostic solution
Avaxia Biologics, Barbara Fox
Life Sciences – Pharma – Orally administered, gut-targeted antibody therapeutics
Sold to Circle33
BioMarker Strategies, Karen Olson
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Predictive test to guide targeted drug development
CanFel Therapeutics, Jennie Mather
Life Sciences – Pharma – Therapeutics for companion animals
Closys Corporation, Gervaise Wilhelm
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Vascular closure systems
Cognition Therapeutics, Susan Catalano
Life Sciences – Pharma – Disease modifying therapies for disorders of the central nervous system.
ConcentRX, Pamela Contag
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cancer immunotherapy combining NKT cells and an oncolytic virus
Curemark, Joan Fallon
Life Sciences – Pharma – Novel therapies for the treatment of neurological disorders
DesignMedix, Lynnor Stevenson & Sandra Shotwell
Life Sciences – Pharma – Malaria Drug discovery
Epicardial Technologies, France Dixon Helfer
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Cardiac Electrophysiology
EraGen Biosciences, Irene Hrusovsky
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Molecular Diagnostic Assays
Sold to Luminex Corporation
Eso-Technologies, Bonnie Reinke
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Cardiac monitoring devices
Evidence-Based Solutions, Diane Zuckerman
Digital Health – Health IT- AI Powered Healthcare Analytics
Ibogen, Deborah Mash
Life Sciences – Pharma – Addiction treatment
InfraTrac, Sharon Flank
Tech – Pharma Tech – Counterfeit Detection and tracking
Kemeta, Joan Vrtis
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Consumer Metabolic Analysis
Michelle’s Miracle Cherry Works, Michelle White
Tech – Consumer Products – Tart Cherry Supplements
Moerae Matrix, Cynthia Lander
Life Sciences – Pharma – Pulmonary Peptide Inhibitors
Pasteuria Bioscience, Kelly Smith
Life Sciences – Agricultural Biotech – Pesticide Alternative
Sold to Syngenta
PharmaJet, Kathleen Callender, Heather Potters
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Needle-free Injection Technology
Quintessence Biosciences, Laura Strong
Life Sciences – Therapeutics – Ribonuclease in Oncology
Semprae Laboratories, Rachel Braun Scherl and Mary Wallace Jaensch
Life Sciences – Consumer Products – Women’s Sexual Health
Sold to Innovus Pharma
Sequella, Carol Nacy
Life Sciences – Pharmaceuticals – Infectious Disease Drug Discovery
Slender Medical, Liat Tsoref
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Ultrasound Body Sculpting
SPR Therapeutics, Maria Bennett
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
Stemina Biomarker Discovery, Elizabeth Donley
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Toxicity Assays and Biomarker Discovery
Zenobia Therapeutics (NKA Zenobia Fragments), Vicki Nienaber
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Fragment-based Lead discovery

AllThingsMedia 2008

ALUMRISE, Aassia Haq
Tech – HR – Online employment marketplace
Amika Mobile, Sue Abu-Hakima
Tech – Telecom – Emergency mass notification system
Amity360, Susan Strausberg
Tech – Media – Social impact community and media
Chat Ventures, Laurie Meadoff
Tech – Media – Social engagement for online comments
AKA NextNext Entertainment
Work it, Mom!, Nataly Kogan
Tech – Media – Online community for working mothers
AKA Click Commuities
Collectors’ Quest, Elizabeth Kressel
Tech – Media – Online community for collectors
Crimson Hexagon, Candace Fleming
Tech – Data & Analytics – Social media insights
Daily Grommet (NKA The Grommet), Jules Pieri
Tech – eCommerce- Platform for creators
SIDEBAR, Stephanie Grossman
Tech – Media – Mobile merchandising solutions
The Franklin Report, Elizabeth Franklin
Tech – Media – Database of trusted service providers
HarQen, Kelly Fitzsimmons
Tech – HR – Voice hiring and interviewing platform
Information Development Consultants (iDC), Carolyne Turner
Tech – Telecom – Telephone CRM integration
Sold to CDC Software, now Aptean
Istari Technologies, Milla Bakhareva
Media – Data & Analytics – Forecasting technology
Ladies Who Launch, Victoria Colligan
Tech – Media – Online network and business resources for women
MovieHatch, Lauren Williams
Tech – Media – Public movie voting platform
Purple States, Cynthia Farrar
Tech – Media – First-person documentary production
QLD Learning, Anne Conzemius and Jan O’Neill
Tech – Edtech – Virtual education
Sold to Smart Learning Systems
SBTV.com, Susan Wilson Solovic
Tech – Media – Information hub for small businesses
SEN-CE, Leslie Bane
Tech – Media – Digital content media services
SmartNow, Julie Wainwright
Tech – Media – Preventative health through information and programs
Spire, Janet Kraus
Tech – Media – Platform to plan luxury travel
Sold to Perfect Escape
Tikatok, Sharon Kan
Tech – Media – Book creation platform for kids
Sold to Barnes & Noble / Pearson
TrafficCast International, Connie Li
Tech – Transportation – Travel time forecasting and information
The Women on the Web, Joni Evans
Tech – Media – Online lifestyle community for women
AKA wowOwow.com
Sold to VaynerMedia
Vendaloo, Marcia Zellers
Tech – Media – Online business directory

Israel 2007

BioCancell, Patricia Ohana
Life Sciences- Biotechnology
IPO 2006
Chip PC, Ora Meir Soffer
Technology- B2B
Gallery IP Telephony, Inc., Michelle Specktor
Technology- Communication
AKA IPgallery
HealOr, Tamar Tennenbaum
Life Sciences – Biopharmaceutical/Therapeutics
Hooja, Na’ama Moran
Mobile Applications: Media and Advertising
Intellinx Ltd., Orna Dov
Technology – Security Software
Sold to Bottomline Technologies
Ornim, Inc., Michal Olshansky
Life Sciences- Medical Devices
Ping Mobile LLC, Nicole Mayraz Bernstein and Shira Simmonds
Technology – Mobile Advertising
SeqUR Ltd., Hagit Halperin
Tech – Data Analytics
Universal Ad, Adit Tevel
Tech – Enterprise SaaS (Advertising)
Sold to Revionics

New England 2005

Artemis Women, Lisa Kable and Ann Buivid
Tech – Consumer Products – Spa products
Attogen, Inc., Gail Radcliffe
Life Sciences – Biotechnology- Monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
BioTrove Incorporated, Tanya Kanigan
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Genotyping Analysis Systems
Sold to Life Technologies Corporation
Chromis Fiberoptics, Miri Park
Tech – Consumer Electronics – AV Cables for high-speed data transmission
Designer Shoes, Barbara Thornton
Tech – eCommerce- Large-Size Shoe Resale
Gene Network Sciences, Inc. (NKA GNS Healthcare), Iya Khalil
Digital Health- Health IT- Genomic Machine Learning
AKA GNS Healthcare
giveBeauty, Inc., Joan Beeson Healy
Tech – Consumer Product- Universal Gift Cards in Beauty Industry
IntegriCor, Summer Knight
Tech – Health IT –  Provider Reward System
Sold to Sandata Technologies, Inc.
Isis Maternity, Johanna McChesney
Tech – eCommerce – Educational Products for New Parents
Medelle Corporation, Veronica Jordan
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Women’s Health
Myomo, Mira Sahney
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Paralysis Support / Robotics
PHT Corporation., Linda Beneze
Digital Health- Software- Clinical Trial Data Capture
Sold to ERT
Playability Inc., Lori Sylvia
Retailing and Distribution
Saladax Biomedical, Adrienne Choma
Life Sciences- Diagnostics- Blood-Based Personalized Chemotherapy
SANOSTEC, Louise MacDonald
Life Sciences – Consumer Products – Nasal Stents
SiteScape, Wendy Wheeler
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Enterprise Workflow and Collaboration
Sold to Novell
Star Farm Productions, Patricia Lindsay
Tech – Media – Children’s Entertainment Properties
Digiticians, Anne Marie Biernacki
Tech – Web Services -Tech Support & Computer Maintenance
Sold to: Peak8 Solutions
The Natural Dentist, Nancy Rosenzweig
Tech – Consumer Products – Oral Hygiene products
Sold to Revive Personal Products Co.
VirtuosoWorks, Inc., Lori Jarrett
Tech – Entertainment – Music creation and performance software
AKA NotionMusic
Zeetoo, Inc., Beth Marcus
Tech – Entertainment – Mobile Gaming
AKA Zeemote
Sold to Aplix Corporation
Zweave, Laura McCann
Tech – Enterprise Tech – On Demand PLM

Midwest 2005

Accuri Instruments, Inc., Jennifer A. Baird
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Personal flow cytometers
AKA Accuri Cytometers
Sold to Becton Dickinson
AeroWire Communications, Nina M. Krietemeyer
Tech – Telecom – Secure connectivity services
BioVitesse, Inc., Dr. Laila R. Razouk
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Biochip technology
Errand Solutions, Marsha McVicker
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Errand running and convenience services
InformMed, Katharine Francis
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Medication error solutions
Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels, Kim Holstein
Tech – Consumer Products – Gourmet pretzels
Sold to J&J Snack Foods Corp.
Maven Cosmetics LLC, Sandi Hwang Adams
Tech – Consumer Products – Color cosmetics company
Ohmx Corporation , Jodi Flax
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Robust diagnostic care system
Redpath Integrated Pathology, Mary Del Brady
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Molecular diagnostic tests for thyroid, pancreatic, and other cancers
Restore Products Company, Laurie Brown
Tech – Consumer Products – Eco-friendly cleaning products
Star Farm Productions, Patricia Lindsay
Tech – Media – Children’s Entertainment Properties
ThreeFold Sensors, Judith L. Erb
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Blood diagnostics biosensors
TrafficCast, Connie J. Li
Tech – Transportation – Travel time forecasting and information
ZuChem, Rajni Aneja
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Produces unique sugars for health and nutrition

New England 2004

3DM, Lisa Spirio
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Biomaterial manufacturing
Sold to 3DMatrix Japan
A&G Pharmaceuticals, Ginette Serrero
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cancer treatment
Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Mary Kay Fenton
Life Sciences – Pharma – Small molecule drug development, including oral chronic hepatitis C
IPO 2006
Asklepios BioPharmaceuticals, Sheila Mikhail
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Gene therapy company developing protein and cellular based therapies
Sold to Baxalta Incorporated
Atalum Wireless, Sandra L. Wear
Tech – Telecom – Reliable and secure wireless solutions
Aurora Imaging Technology, Olivia Ho Cheng
Life Sciences – Medical Device – Cancer Detection through imaging
Bandwiz, Maureen Fleming
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Information Asset Delivery solutions
Celergo, Michele Honomichl
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Payroll Management
Cellular Juice, Linda Natansohn
Tech – Telecom – Wireless mobile network
Design2Launch, Alison J. Malloy
Tech – Enterprise Tech –  Marketing software solutions for digital workflow, asset management, project management, and tracking
Sold to Kodak – 2008
HospitalCareOnline, Yvedt Matory
Tech – Digital Health – Remote monitoring equipment for home recovery
International Strategies, Abby Shapiro
Tech – Enterprise Tech – International trade data
Jarg, Kathy Reinold
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Knowledge discovery applications using graph-based data
Makana Solutions, Liz Cobb
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Compensation management solution
Sold to Cornerstone Software
MaxThera, Ania K. Knap
Life Science – Biotechnology – Novel Antibacterial Agents
Sold to Biota
Minerva Biotechnologies, Dr. Cynthia Bamdad
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cancer and Stem Cell Therapeutics
Morgan and Milo, Mia E. Abbruzzese
Tech – Consumer Products – Children’s footwear
Ontra Presentations (NKA PPTShuffle), AlexAnndra Ontra
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Presentation Management Solution
AKA PPTshare
Pasteuria Bioscience, Kelly Smith
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Anti-pest products for agriculture market
Sold to Syngenta
totalETL, Sangita Shastry
Tech – Enterprise Tech- Desktop information-extraction tools for project managers
Trade Settlement, Pat Loret de Mola
Tech – Financial Services – Loan Services
Sold to Virtus Partners
UCHow, Julie LeMoine
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Secure, Desk-to-Desk Collaboration software products
Wf360, Susan Willett Bird
Tech – Business Services – Marketing and Communication services
Zoragen, Nora Szasz
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Prenatal genetic diagnostic company

Silicon Valley 2004

Abmaxis, Shirley Clayton
Life Science – Pharma – Monoclonal antibody development
Sold to Merck
Agraquest, Pamela Marrone
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Environmentally friendly pesticides
Sold to Bayer
Aqua Energy Group, Alla Weinstein
Tech – Energy – Tidal Energy
Sold to Finavera
Blurb, Eileen Gittins
Tech – Media – Publishing & Design Tools
Codaware, Chau Nguyen
Tech – Enterprise Tech –  Multi-vendor service management platform
Emcien, Radhika Subramanian
Tech – Data & Analytics – Pattern Based Analytics
EnviroSystems, Diana Hoffman
Tech – Biotechnology – Environmentally safe infection control products
Sold to TorQuest Partners
EraGen, Irene Hrusovsky
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Molecular Diagnostic Assays
Sold to Luminex Corporation
iHealer Information Technology, Hollis Leech
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Consumer healthcare analysis
ISM Therapeutics, Alexis Traynor-Kaplan
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cystic Fibrosis Treatments
AKA Inologic
Isoph, Celisa Steele
Tech – EdTech – Workplace Training
Sold To LearnSomething
LaGray Chemical Company, Alexandra Graham
Life Sciences – Pharma – Vertically integrated pharmaceutical manufacturing in West Africa
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Server Security & Performance Solutions
Manoa Medical, Roberta Lee
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Minimally Invasive Surgical Devices
National Children’s Book Project, Mimi Lieber
Tech – EdTech – Literacy and books
AKA “The Book Show”
Papilia, Natasha Deganello
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Fundraising Tools for Non-Profits
Sold to Ars Media
Palamida, Theresa Bui Revon
Tech – Cybersecurity – Application Security Analysis
PartsRiver, Elisa Jagerson
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Industrial Supply Chain Management
RegeneMed, Dawn Applegate
Life Sciences – Biotechnology- Tissue Engineering
Remedy Interactive, Kimberly Lopez
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Ergonomic & Safety Management
Selva Medical, Claire Houston
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Micro-Catheters
Sputnik, Kathy Giori
Tech – Telecom – SaaS Based Hotspot Solutions
Wild Sage Foods, Lauren Bell
Tech – Consumer Products – Sustainable Organic Eateries

New England 2003

Amaranth Bio, Inc. Nancy Parenteau
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cell-based therapeutics
Sold to Cell and Tissue Systems, Inc.
B*tween Productions, Inc., Addie Swartz
Tech – Media – Book series and website for tweens
AKA Beacon Street Girls
BioSentient Corporation, Mae Jemison
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Mobile monitoring of nervous system
Cenquest Corporation, LaVonne Reimer
Tech – EdTech- Web-based higher education for working adults
Communispace Corporation, Diane Hessan
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Consumer collaboration agency, powering private online communities
Sold to Omnicom
CYA Technologies, Elaine Price
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Secure collaboration products
Sold to enChoice
DELEX Therapeutics Inc., Diana Pliura
Life Sciences – Pharma – Cancer therapeutics
Sold to YM Biosciences
Sold to Gilead
Farmaesthetics, Brenda Brock
Tech – Consumer Products – Sustainable skincare
FoundValue, Stella Kleiman
Tech – Retail – Online retail platform
HealthcareOne, Karen Goetz
Life Sciences – Digital Health- EHR Solutions for medical practices
AKA Inforia
Hydra Biosciences, Inc., Laurie Bartlett Keating
Life Sciences – Pharma – Drug development with ion channel expertise
IMN Inc., Kathleen Goodwin
Tech – Marketing – Content-driven digital marketing solutions
Sold to Reynolds and Reynolds
MedCool, Inc., Helen Maslocka
Life Sciences – Medical Devices – Therapeutic temperature reduction solutions
The NewsMarket, Inc., Shoba Purushothaman
Tech – Media – News video platform
Open Road Technologies, Christine Mason
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Embedded search in desktop applications
AKA Intellext.com
Protometrix, Inc, Hollis Kleinert
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Protein array development
Sold to Invitrogen

Mid-West 2003

Biosorb, Lucy Marshall
Life Science- Biotechnology-  Natural-based products to keep waterways and environment clean
Cantilever Technologies, Julie Goonewardene
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Cost-effective, real-time decision management solutions
Sold to i360technologies, Inc.
Careguide Systems, Sylvia Aruffo
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Patient Communication Tools
AKA CareKit.com
Carnegie Speech, Sushma Rajagopalan
Tech – EdTech – Language Learning software
CombiSep, Inc., Shelley J. Coldiron
Life Sciences – Biotechnology- Laboratory Instrumentation
Sold to Advanced Analytics
EraGen Biosciences, Inc., Irene Hrusovsky
Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Molecular Diagnostic Assays
Sold to Luminex Corporation
Graphic Surgery, Victoria Gonzalez
Tech – Digital Health – Decision support for surgical patients
Infraworks Corporation, Joyce Durst
Tech – Cybersecurity – Security software to protect IP
AKA Pinion Software
Sold to GigaTrust
Tech – EdTech – Streamline paperwork processing for educational market
AKA Vale Solutions
Sold to Arc Capital Development
QuickMedix, Linda Hall
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Retail Medical Clinic
AKA MinuteClinic
Sold to CVS
Restore Products Company, Laurie Brown
Tech – Consumer Products – Eco-friendly Product Refills
Sesh Communications, Jan-Michelle Kearney
Tech – Media – Publications targeting African Americans
AKA Cincinnati Herald
SpectrAlliance, Inc., Susan Bragg
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Industrial Automation
AKA Prozess Technologie
Trade Settlement, Inc., Pat Loret de Mola
Tech – FinTech – Automated Loan Closings
Zula, Deborah Manchester
Tech – Media – Children’s Entertainment Properties

New England 2002

ActivEye Inc., Carolyn Ramsey
Tech – Security
Sold to Honeywell
Advanced Materials Design, LLC, Arikha Moses
Medical devices
Sold to Medtronic
AITech, Inc., Polina Golland
Tech – Medical Device
Amika Now Corporation, Sue Abu-Hakima
Enterprise software
Sold to Entrust
ChipWrights, Dawn Fitzgerald
Tech – Semiconductors
Empact Solutions, Inc., Abigail Kramer
Tech – Software/IT service
FarSounder, Inc., Cheryl Zimmerman
Maritime Technology
Fossa Medical, Gloria Kolb
Life Science – Medical devices
HospitalCareOnline, Yvedt Matory
Healthcare services
iRobot Corporation, Helen Greiner
Tech – Robotics/Consumer Products
IPO 2005
KidBiz3000, Saki Dodelson
Tech – EdTech
AKA Achieve3000
McArm (Receptive Technologies), Stephanie Sullivan-McCaughey
Technology- Application
MicroStealth Technologies Corporation, Diane Schaak
Life Sciences – Biotech
NAV Technologies, Inc, Margie Alfano
Financial services
Orion’s Belt, Inc., Mimi Macksoud and Janet Duchaine
Technology- Software
Sold to Dow Jones
Polestar Technologies, Inc., Karen Carpenter
Sensor technologies
Predictive Technology, Inc., Tracey Dodenhoff
Life Sciences – Medical Devices
River Run Software, Taffy Holliday
Workforce management solutions
Vertscape, Inc., Meghna Rao
Tech – Enterprise SaaS
Wet Electrics, Jill Szuchmacher
Tech – Presentation Software

Southeast 2002

AlphaVax, Paula Keith
Applied Genetic Technologies Corp., Sue Washer
Life Sciences – Biotechnology
IPO 2014
Athenix Corp., Nadine Carozzi
Agricultural biotechnology
Sold to Bayer CropScience
BioMarck Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., Linda Martin
Business Devices, Inc., Rita Sallam
Tech – SaaS
Cropsolution, Inc., Michelle Hunt
Agricultural biotechnology
Goodroe Healthcare Solutions, Joane Goodroe
Tech – Healthcare Software
Sold to VHA
Icagen, Inc., Kay Wagoner
IPO 2005
Sold to Pfizer
Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Roxanne Duan
Marligen Biosciences, Inc., Sherry Challberg
Sold to OriGene Technologies
MercuryGate International, Inc., Monica Wooden
Transportation management software
Phoenix S&T, Inc., Sau Lan Tang Staats
Biotechnology devices
RAGGS LLC, Antoinette Steedman
Children’s entertainment products
Raindrop Geomagic, Inc., Ping Fu
Technology- Software
AKA Geomagic
Sold to 3D Systems in 2013
StemCo Biomedical, LisaBeth Ferstenberg
Life Sciences – Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology
AKA Aldagen
Sold to Cytomedix
Vcom3D, Inc., Carol Wideman
Tech – E-Learning Software

Southwest 2002

Blom Wireless, Kim Evans
Technology- Software
Ceyx Technologies, Inc., Carol Fuller
Technology- Software
Cross Border Exchange Corp., Graciela Chichilnisky
Technology- Financial
Sold to Integrated Trade Processing Corporation
Deep Nines, Inc. Sue Dark
Technology- Security software
Sold to Netsweeper, Inc.
Deployment Partners, Inc., Deborah Stout
Enterprise asset management software
Dunti Corporation, Rupaka Mahalingaiah
Technology- Network Security
EAInvest Securities, Inc., Beth Scanlan
Brokerage, banking, and custodial services for independent financial advisors
Sold to BenefitStreet
Enseo, Vanessa Ogle
Technology- Media and Software
Federal Liaison Services, Inc., Fran Bartlett
Tech – Financial
AKA Empower Software Solutions
Sold to Sage Compliance Services
Ignite Sales Inc., Julie Hamrick
Lead generation services for financial institutions
Impart Technology, Rebecca Taylor
Tech – Mobile Communication Software
Infraworks Corporation, Joyce Durst
Security software
AKA Pinion Software
Sold to GigaTrust
LearnStar, L.P., Sally Ann Zoll
Tech- Educational software
PowerUp Networks, Susan Nash
Tech – Enterprise Software
AKA Voyence Inc.
Sold to EMC
SciComp Inc., Elaine Kant
Tech – FinTech

New England 2001

Aanza, Inc., Ameeta Soni
Technology- Consulting
Advance-Com Corporation, Patricia Meisner
Tech – Enterprise SaaS
AKA RedTail Solutions
Catharsis Medical Technology, Inc., Elizabeth Mroz
Healthcare services
Chaoticom, Inc., Lucy McQuilken
Tech – Enterprise SaaS/ Mobile
AKA Groove Mobile
Sold to LiveWire
Choicelinx Corporation, Donna Lencki
Technology -Healthcare
Sold to Cigna
Daedalus Software, Azita Sharif
Life Sciences – Digital Health – Biobanking operations management
Design2Launch, Inc., Alison Malloy
Software Technology
Sold to Kodak
eCent Technology, Inc., Christine Adamow
Transaction-enabling software
e-Vantage International, Inc., Lois Scheirer
Tech – FinTech/ SaaS
AKA FXport Technology
GPSLink, LLC, Michele Honomichl
Relocation management software
AKA Celergo
Ingeeni Studios, Inc., Senia Maymin
Media/Tech – Entertainment/Gaming
Microbiotix, Inc., Wendy Rieder
Life Sciences – Biopharma
The NewsMarket, Inc., Shoba Purushothaman
Tech – Media
OneTrace, Inc., Jennifer Morehead
Telecommunications devices
Pharmacon International, Inc. Renee Arnold
Automated health management solutions
PrivaSource, Inc., A.G. Breitenstein
Healthcare services
Remedyne Corporation, Krisztine Zsebo
Life Sciences – Biotechnology
Sequella, Inc., Carol Nacy
Trade Settlement, Inc., Pat Loret de Mola
Software/Financial Services
Traxit Technology, Inc., Cecile Stadler
Enterprise software
Valora Technologies, Inc., Sandra Serkes
Tech – Enterprise Software
Zoe Foods, Tori Stuart
Consumer Product
ZWeave, Inc., Laura McCann
Software/Business Processes

Midwest 2001

Armeta Technologies, Teresa L. Pahl
Tech – Software/CRM
ConferenceSeek, Amy Ravi
Life Sciences – Enterprise SaaS
AKA ExtendMed
cue BIOtech, Annette Gilchrist
Life Sciences – Biotechnology
AKA Caden Biosciences
Decision Insight, Inc., Betsy Stewart
Marketing research
deuxo, Laura McGuire
Tech – Enterprise SaaS
DigitalEPC, Beverly Anderson
Tech – Software/Business Services
e-Cognita Technologies, Inc., Katheryne Zelenock
Financial Technology
eePulse, Inc., Theresa Welbourne
Tech – Enterprise SaaS
Fifth Media, Angela Tomlinson
Media/Consumer Services
HandSignal, Inc., Margy Ronning
Wireless telecommunications technology
HealthEZ, Nazie Eftekhari
Digital Health- Health IT
iDC, Carolyne Turner
Enterprise Software
Sold to CDC Software, now Aptean
Inlet Medical, Inc., Lee Jones
Life Sciences – Medical Devices
Sold to Cooper Surgical
Interstitial, LLC, Martha Bridges
Medical devices
ioGenetics LLC, Jane Homan
Agricultural biotechnology
NGx2.com, Inc., Elise Wood
Software/Transaction management
Nia Enterprises, LLC, Cheryl Mayberry
Technology – Marketing
PreviewPort, Susan Bergman
Digital publishing and distribution
Proud To Be You, Roberta Meacham
Consumer product
SafeRent, Inc., Linda Bush
Technology – Home Security
Sold to First Advantage
Safety Associates, Inc., Virginia Gordon
Food testing
AKA MP Biomedicals
SatisFusion, Fay Wood
Aftermarket sales and support infrastructure
Sold to WACA
Stratatech Corporation, Lynn Allen-Hoffman
Biotechnology for skin development
Sold to Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
Success Lab Learning Centers, Marjorie Schaffner
Educational services
SupplierInsight, LLC, Rebecca Braun
Tech – B2B
AKA Wired Views Inc.
UserActive, Inc., Patricia Gray
Tech – Enterprise SaaS
AKA O’Reilly School of Technology
Sold to O’Reilly Media
Vanteq Inc., Mary Barneby
Tech – Financial

New York 2001

BEICOM, Angie Brooks
Wireless communications devices
BIOSYN, Anne-Marie Corner
Life Science- Biotechnology
Sold to Cellegy
Capital Thinking, Heather Shively
Technology – Financial Services
Sold to Capital Stream
Cardium Health Services, Charleen Ernst
Healthcare services
AKA Nurtur
Cyota, Michal Tsur
Tech – Fintech
Sold to RSA, the security division of EMC
EmergingMed.com, Courtney Hudson
Patient recruitment software and services for clinical trials
ePCX.com, Mary Ellen Kramer
Technology – Enterprise, Wireless Infrastructure
AKA Broadband Maritime
Erotigo, Stephanie Schwab
Tech – Media and Entertainment
experience.com, Jennifer Floren
Media Technology
AKA Experience
Gencyte, LLC, Lyn Dyster
Get Real Girl, Julz Chavez
Technology- Consumer products
JANUS Associates, Inc., Patricia Fisher
Tech – Security / Enterprise Technology
Kenna Technologies, Barbara Handelin
Decision-making and knowledge development products and services for biopharmaceutical industry
Sold to DNAPrint Genomics, Inc.
MacroThink Technology, Heidi Evenson
Tech – Enterprise Technology
PlanetHopper, Rachel Barenbaum
Tech – Media
Post2Post.com, Gail Blauer
Technology – Trade Services
Reliable Integration Services, Valerie Perlowitz
Business services provider
Sold to ATSC Corporation
RIVA Commerce, Anjali Kataria
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Lifecycle Management Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry
AKA Conformia
Sold to Oracle
Skychange, Sara Krueger
Information management technology for financial services industry
StarChefs.com, Antoinette Bruno
Software and Business Services
StreamingText, Susan DeFife
Streaming media technology
Sold to Media Map
Unified Field, Marla Supnick
Media Technology
Women’s Sports Network, Debra Zeyen and Lisa Sherman
Technology – Media and Entertainment
Xicat, Jaimee Wolf
Media and entertainment
AKA Evolved Games
ZBox, Tina Shah
Tech – Consumer Services

Silicon Valley 2001

3i Networks, Maria Gudelis
Tech – Communications
AdSpace Networks, Inc., Karen Katz
Distribution, display, and control of digital media for advertising
AKA Adspace Mall Network
Atlantes Services, Inc., Suzy Brown
Brand Fidelity, Inc., Katherine Powell
Business Products and Services
Sold to Federal Research and affiliate of CBC Innovis
Bridgestream, Juanita Lott
Enterprise Technology- Sold to Oracle
Buzz Notes, Inc., Hallie Peterson
Search engine technology
Caimis, Inc., Tracie Monk
Tech – Enterprise SaaS
ClairVoyante Laboratories, Candice H. Brown Elliott
Flat panel display technology
Sold to Samsung
ClearToGo, Tamar Belkin
Security software
Credit-Logic Inc., Carla Rayacich
Tech – Financial
DIOGENICS, Cynthia French
Life Sciences – Biotechnology
Golden Parachute Inc., Negin Kamangar
Tech – SaaS
InfoPop, Rosemary O’Neill
Media Technology
AKA SocialStrata
Inovise Medical Inc., Patti White
Life Sciences – Medical Device
iSoChip Networks, Christina Lomasney
AKA Isotron
IT Pro Inc., Sandy Reed
Information technology advisory services
LOCATION-net, Inc., Kathryn Huber
Marketing research
AKA Market Insight Group
Sold to Asterop
MEconomy, Valerie Buckingham
Privacy software
Nimble Technology Inc., Suzan DelBene
Technology- Software
Sold to Actuate
R&D Logic Inc., Wanda Ionescu
Life Sciences – Enterprise SaaS
Real Communities Inc., Cynthia Typaldos
Tech – Enterprise SaaS
Sold to Mongoose Technologies
SeniorSurfers Inc., Meredith Taylor
Tech – EdTech
SkyFlow Inc., Nibha Aggarwal
Communications infrastructure software
Sold to Cintech LLC
UniSite Software, Katarina Bonde
Technology – Wireless Software
AKA FKA Glides, Inc.

New England 2000

Abridge, Susan Hunt Stevens
Smart communication software
Recovery Pharmaceuticals, Barbara Fox
Life Sciences – Biotechnology
BeyondNow Technologies, Rebecca MacKinnon
Technology- Health Care
Sold to Cerner
CEO Express Company, Patricia Pomerleau
Technology- SaaS
Circles, Janet Kraus and Kathy Sherbrooke
Technology – Productivity Solutions
Sold to Sodhexo
Communispace, Diane Hessan
Software/Business Services
Sold to Omnicom
Ec-Finance.com, Janet Handal
Financial services technology
ODAC, Caroline Oberg
Tech – Enterprise Software
Sold to Encoda Systems, Inc.
Gazelle Systems, Charlotte Bogardus
Technology – Software/CRM
Geonomics, Inc., Georgina Macdonald
Technology- Software
AKA Geovue
GetConnected.com, Tracy Lawrence
Media Technology
Sold to WhiteFence
iAnswers.com, Tanja Omeze
Media Technology
IBEX Process Technology, Jill Card
Advanced process control optimization software for the semiconductor industry
AKA Neumath
Mindful Technologies, Christina Bauer
Tech – Enterprise SaaS
MOCA, Inc., Sarah Slaughter
Technology – Enterprise Software
MuseumShop.com, Rebecca Reynolds Moore
Tech – Enterprise Tech
NursingHands , Isobel Coleman
Technology- Media
Sold to NurseWeek.com
OneNest.com, Durreen Shahnaz
Sold to Novica
Associated with National Geographic
Phlair, Isabella Chung
Pay-for-performance enabler for Internet business
Roving Software (NKA Constant Contact), Gail Goodman
Tech – Software as a Service (SaaS) / Marketing
IPO 2007
Sold to Endurance International
TeleSales, Inc., Jeanne Lambert
Tensegra, Alison Skinner
Life Sciences – Medical Devices
Umbanet, Michelle Baker
Software and services for secure, auditable e-mail transactions
Versura, Lydia Marshall
Online marketplace for higher education institutions, lenders, and loan buyers
ViaCell, Cynthia Fisher
Life Sciences – Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology
IPO 2005
Sold to Perkin Elmer
Vinciv, De Ann Pope
Tech – Digital Security
Virtualteams.com, Jessica Lipnack
Technology- Software
World Clinic, Barbara Casey
Healthcare information systems technology
Zipcar, Robin Chase
Technology- Transportation
IPO 2010
Sold to Avis

Mid-Atlantic 2000

AmericaPR.com, Inc., Rebecca Antonelli
Media – Public Relations
Active Data Exchange, Inc., Susan Yee
Enterprise software
Blue292, Inc., Susan Acker
Disaster recovery software solutions
Sold to E3 Solutions Inc.
BlueBolt Networks, Inc., Lori Eichel
Software for interior design industry
Sold to Tectonic Studio
Claragen, Inc., Aprile Pilon
CISglobal, Michele Dyson
Technology- Software
Cruise.com, Gloria Bohan
Technology – Transportation, Travel
Cylex, Judith Britz
Medical diagnostics
DigitalOwl.com, Kirstie Chadwick
Technology– Marketing software
drugMonitor.com, Inc., Julia Rutherford
Patient recruitment and screening services for clinical research industry
eGulliver.com, Inc., Deslie Webb
Tech – Internet
Firelogic, Inc., Irena Slage
Technology – Health Care Information Systems Software
FoodFit.com, Ellen Haas
Tech – Food & Health
Sold to The HealthCentral Network
Functional Genetics, Sharon Mates
Technology – Biotechnology
Healing Tree, CJ Scarlet
Medical product sales
Hubbard & Revo-Cohen, Karetta Hubbard & Lynne Revo-Cohen
Tech – Training
Hyperspace Cowgirls, Susan Shaw
Technology – Media and Entertainment
Infoseer, Inc., Nancy Curtis
Technology- Software
InfoShark, Inc., Barbara Bouldin
Enterprise software
Interfolio, Inc., Karen Fuerherm
Tech – Education Technology
iPhotonics, LLC, Susan Trumbule
Tech – Manufacturing
Sold to Solectron
Jurysignup.com, Tenley Carp
Technology – Civic Law
KTWave, Inc., Bao Ting Lerner
Media Technology- Software
LaunchFuel, Inc., Mary Knebel
Technology – Business consulting
LearnScape.com, Mary Ann Mayhew
Tech – Enterprise SaaS/ E-Learning
LeaseStar.com, Inc., Tanja Balkan
Automotive leasing portal
Sold to ADP Dealer Services Group
Link Technology, Inc., Connie Wilson
Life Sciences – Biotechnology
Metier, Ltd., Sandra Richardson
Tech – Enterprise Software
MoneyLife, Inc., Kelly O’Brien and Nancy Dailey
Financial Technology
Paratek Microwave, Inc., Louise Sengupta
Tech – Mobile
Sold to RIM 2012
Polymerix Corporation, Karen Giroux
Life Sciences – Medical devices
Red Spruce, Inc., Clara Conti
RetailMetro, Inc., Elisa Safanda
SecureWorks, LLC, Joan Lyman
Technology- Security software
Sold to Dell
SpeakOut.com, Barbara Dreyer
Online opinion research company
Staffability.com, Barbara Truax
Staffing software for healthcare workers
teleZoo.com, Marie-Louise Murville and Sharmine Narwani
Marketplace for telecommunications products and services
ValuMed, Inc., Linda Broenniman
Life Sciences – Healthcare IT
VIPdesk.com, Inc., Mary Naylor
AKA Aspire Lifestyles
WebVersant.com, Inc., Janet Wylie
Voice-access technologies, hosting, and services
Women’s Consumer Network, Melissa Moss
Consumer membership network for women
WomensNewsLink.com, Kathleen Harrington
Syndicator of multimedia content targeting women
xmlexpress, Inc., Rachael Sokolowski
Technology- Software

Silicon Valley 2000

51net.com (NKA 51 Job), Kathleen Chien
Tech – HR Tech – Job recruitment
IPO 2004
Acteva, Lu Cordova
Tech – E-Commerce – Ticketing and Event Management
AgentArts, Kerri Lee Sinclair
Tech – Media – Personalization Solutions for Mobile Entertainment
Sold to Fast, a Microsoft Subsidiary
AudioBasket, Kim Fisher
Tech – Media – Online Audio Content Aggregator
eStyle, Inc., Laurie McCartney
Tech- E-Commerce – Online Retailer for Women
AKA Babystyle
BestSelf, Sara Frankel
Tech – Consumer Internet – Online Weight Management
BravoGifts.com, Allyson Campa
Tech – E-Commerce – Corporate Gifts
Sold to WorkStream
Camdens, Tina Beilicke
Tech – E-Commerce – Upscale Corporate Gifts
Cenquest, LaVonne Reimer Young
Tech- Education Technology – Managed Education Services
CIStem Molecular Corp., Anne Crossway
Life Sciences – Pharma – Gene-Based Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Products
Desktop.com, Katie Burke
Tech – Cloud Management – Web Desktop Application
eMentoring.com, Kathryn Hanson
Tech – Education Technology – Modular Online Education
eve.com, Varsha Rao
Tech – E-Commerce – Online Cosmetics Sales
Sold to Sephora
Kovair Software, Inc., Krishna Subramanian
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Integrated Application Lifecycle Management
Kurant, Sheryl Perritt
Tech – Enterprise Tech – E-Commerce Platform
AKA ProStores
Sold to EBAY
LevelEdge, Lisa Henderson
Tech – HR Tech – Recruiting Management Application
LiveMind, Karen Wilson
Tech – Telecommunications – Mobile software infrastructure provider
NCompass Labs, Inc., Gerri Sinclair
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Web Content Management
Sold to Microsoft
netCustomer.com, Punita Pandey
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Internet-based customer service solution
RAVEN biotechnologies, Jennie Mather
Life Sciences – Pharma – Antibody Therapeutics
Sold to MacroGenics
ShopEco.com, Mona Lisa Wallace
Tech – E-Commerce – Eco-Friendly Online Shopping
Signet Assurance Company, Nancy Moore
Tech – Enterprise Tech – E-Commerce Risk Management
Vistify, Menekse Gencer
Tech – E-Commerce – mCommerce Platform for Online Grocery Shopping
Vivant, Cindy Padnos
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Workforce Procurement Technology
Sold to Evolve Software. Inc.
WebWare, Lauren Flanagan
Tech – Enterprise Tech – Digital Asset Management
Sold to ClearStory
Xenogen, Pamela Contag
Life Sciences – Biotechnology – Biophotonic Imaging
IPO 2004
Sold to Caliper Life Sciences (now PerkinElmer)