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 Bold Women, Big Ideas

In 1997, women led 9 million businesses with revenues of $3 trillion and a work force of 27 million. The growth rate of women-led businesses was twice the rate of their male counterparts and the industries they were choosing to enter were the “non-traditional sectors” such as finance, manufacturing and technology. Further research revealed, however, that while access to capital sources had improved for women-led businesses, women were not accessing the equity capital necessary to finance these non-traditional businesses. According to Venture One, only 1.7% of the billions in venture capital investments made in 1997 had been invested in women-led businesses.

Conceived in 1999, Springboard 2000 Enterprises, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating women entrepreneurs’ access to the equity markets. The organization recruits, educates, showcases and supports women-led high-growth businesses as they seek venture capital and grow. The co-founders include Kay Koplovitz, Amy Millman, Denise Brosseau, Cate Muther, Jim Robbins, Andrea Silbert, Debra Filtzer, Penny Pickett, Ginger Lew, Mary MacPherson, Hedy Ratner, Patty Abramson, Wendy Kanarek and Karen Bixby as well as countless investors, accountants, lawyers, entrepreneurs and leaders in academia, government and business.



High-impact program for women-led companies with relevant connections to investors, influencers, innovators & industry experts.

Health Innovation Hub: Life Science 2019
SBE Australia: 2019
New York Fashion Tech Lab 2019
Enterprise Tech Lab: Business of Blockchain 2018
Health Innovation Hub: Digital Health 2018
Health Innovation Hub: Life Science 2018
SBE Australia: Life Science 2018
SBE Australia: Tech 2018
New York Fashion Tech Lab 2018
Health Innovation Hub: Digital Health 2017
New York Fashion Tech Lab 2017
Health Innovation Hub: Life Science 2017
SBE Australia: 2017
Health Innovation Hub: 2016
Tech Innovation Hub: 2016
Tech Innovation Hub: 2015
Health Innovation Hub: 2015
New York Fashion Tech Lab: 2015
New York Fashion Tech Lab: 2014
Life Science: 2014
Australia: 2014
Media/Tech: 2013
Life Science: 2013
SBE Australia: 2013
Springboard: 2012
Springboard: 2011
AllThingsMedia: 2010
AllThingsLifeSciences/CleanTech: 2010
AllThingsLifeSciences: 2009
AllThingsMedia: 2008
Israel: 2007
New England: 2005
Midwest: 2005
New England: 2004
Silicon Valley: 2004
New England: 2003
Mid-West: 2003
New England: 2002
Southeast: 2002
Southwest: 2002
New England: 2001
Mid-West: 2001
New York: 2001
Silicon Valley: 2001
New England: 2000
Mid-Atlantic: 2000
Silicon Valley: 2000

Alumnae Caucus

Biennial convening our alumnae for practical discussions, tutorials and sharing of expertise relevant to their current stage of business.

Springboard Caucus: 2014
Springboard Caucus: 2012
Springboard Caucus: 2010
Springboard Caucus: 2007
Springboard Caucus: 2006
Alumnae Gatherings 2003-2005