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It is our mission to promote women’s entrepreneurial development through alliances, partnerships and direct programming. Since 2000, our signature program has been our accelerator program.  We have also produced targeted education programs, entrepreneurial gatherings and caucuses, and presentation sessions with investors, corporate partners and industry sector experts.

777 women-led companies have participated in Springboard’s accelerator programs; raising $10.3 billion, creating tens of thousands of new jobs, and generating billions of dollars in annual revenues.

The annual program combines high-value in-person events with strategic connections to surround talented women business builders with a ‘personal advisory team’ – the relevant expertise and connections in support of the “Women Transforming Industries.”



Springboard Enterprises Dolphin Tank® programs are “helpful feedback-driven” pitch sessions for entrepreneurs to receive constructive insights from knowledgeable professionals. Dolphin Tanks aren’t about sharks, piranhas, dragons, or competing for the best idea – they’re about channeling the expertise of the people in the room. The Dolphin Tank is an interactive discussion led by an expert panel that focuses on one thing: “How can we help?” The objective is to provide connections and advice to enable entrepreneurs to overcome their challenges and capitalize on their opportunities.

Springboard’s Winners’ Circle Honors are presented to individuals and organizations that have had a definable impact through their actions and investments in our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Winners’ Circle is where every entrepreneur aspires to be. Along the way there are many individuals and organizations that are key to an entrepreneur’s success.

Springboard Enterprises presents the annual Winners’ Circle Honors in recognition of the outstanding entrepreneurial women who lead high growth companies and the community that supports their ventures.

The Women Funding Women global series leverages the expertise of investors, innovators and influencers. We shine a spotlight on the investments made in women-led companies while encouraging more women to invest. Women Funding Women is co-hosted by Dell and the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) and Springboard Enterprises. In 2017-2018, the series traveled to seven cities around the world to foster a global community that supports and invests in women by promoting investment opportunities and encouraging collaboration. We continued the global tour in 2018-2019 in to Mexico City, São Paulo, Singapore, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Dublin, Austin, and Washington DC.