Life Sciences
Innovation Program

Springboard’s Life Sciences Innovation Program is for women-led companies seeking funding, networking opportunities, and strategic partners in the life sciences and healthcare industries.

About the Program

Springboard’s Life Sciences Innovation Program is for women-led life sciences companies seeking growth, funding, and connections to experts and strategic partners for product development and expansion.

  • According to a report by Forbes, only 2% of venture capital funding goes to women-led startups in the life sciences and digital health industries. This is despite the fact that these startups have been shown to deliver higher returns on investment and drive more innovation. (Source: Forbes, “Investors Are Missing Out On Women-Led Startups. Here’s How They Can Fix That”).
  • According to a 2020 article from the San Francisco Business Times, women-led life science startups receive only 2% of venture capital funding despite making up 43% of the life sciences workforce. (Source: BizJournals, “Women Who Lead In Life Sciences”).

2024 Program Timeline

Application Launch

Now Open! 

Final Application Deadline

April 8, 2024

Virtual Interviews

May 1 to May 15, 2024

Intensive Virtual Bootcamp Week

June, 2024

Advisory Period

Q3, 2024

Presenting the 2023 Life Sciences Program Cohort

Co-founder & COO, Linnaeus Therapeutics

Linnaeus Therapeutics is a development stage biotech company engaged in the identification and development of small molecule agents for the treatment of cancer.

Co-founder & CEO, NanoTess

NanoTess Inc. is a material science startup developing nanomaterials to address some of the world’s toughest health challenges, beginning with chronic wounds.

Co-founder & CEO, Lantern Laboratory

Lantern Laboratory is developing a novel device/platform utilizing EEG biomarkers to specifically guide pharmacological decisions during administration of analgesics and sedatives in operating rooms and intensive care, resulting in faster, safer awakenings from anesthesia, less postoperative neurocognitive dysfunction, and a reduction in the lifetime risk of dementia in those undergoing surgery or ICU stay.

CEO, Cayuga Biotech

Cayuga Biotech is developing first-in-class medicines that harness the body’s innate ability to stop bleeding and heal.

Founder & CEO, PTM Therapeutics

PTM Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage startup developing antibody therapeutics against post-translational modification targets with programs in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Oncology.

Founder & CEO, APIE Therapeutics

APIE Therapeutics is a biopharma start-up pioneering the development of a portfolio of anti-fibrotic therapeutics drugs to treat chronic and debilitating diseases associated with injury to the vascular endothelium organ.

CEO, Yaso Therapeutics

Yaso is a preclinical drug development company focuses on the global need for non-hormonal contraceptives and disease prevention.

Co-founder & CEO, Minutia

Minutia is working on a functional cure for Type 1 Diabetes by developing a subcutaneous transplant of insulin-producing cells delivered through a simple procedure and customized for engraftment success, enabled by a proprietary cell sensing platform.

Co-founder & CEO, Lavaage

Lavaage is bringing antivirals to consumer health with a proprietary platform of polysaccharide-based drugs derived from seaweed.

Life Sciences Program Sponsors

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