Sheila Babnis

Health IT Lab Fellow, Columbia University

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 3.08.48 PMSheila Babnis is a 21st century leader breaking new ground every day as a Health IT Lab Fellow at Columbia University. She was previously the Global Head of Strategic Innovation for Roche/Genentech. Her work is focused on driving paradigm-shifting changes to drug development that are needed to ensure a healthy, thriving future for patients and the healthcare industry. She leverages working out loud, virtual collaboration, connected networks, human centered design and other new ways of working to reduce time spent in meetings, accelerate decision making and build trusted communities.

Sheila launched an innovation start-up as a new corporate function for the Product Development organization at Roche In 2013. In just two years, the team has played a transformational role in integrating innovation into the business and becoming a human centric design engine for the 2020 roadmap.

A results-driven intrapreneur, Sheila excels at building and leading global virtual teams. Her team has enabled 10% plus reduction in the cost of drug development and incubated a portfolio of solutions to improve effectiveness and cycle time of clinical trials. Her success is fueled by her expertise in systems thinking and human-centered design. Sheila’s career has centered on delivering increased productivity, operational efficiencies and significant savings while serving in leadership roles for Roche, Pfizer, StatProbe and Frito Lay. Sheila is a trendspotter and a change agent who knows how to prepare teams and organizations for future realities.