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Springboard Caucus: 2006

Springboard Caucus: 2006

 First Alumnae Caucus

Springboard Enterprises hosted its first national alumnae event, the Springboard Alumnae Caucus: 2006, on June 13 & 14 at the Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City.

The theme of the Caucus was “The Business of Possibilities”, the creed at the heart of every entrepreneur. Attendees were the women entrepreneurs who have presented their businesses at the 16 Springboard Venture Forums held since January 2000, their investors and the community with a vested interest in the success of entrepreneurial ventures.

This invitation-only, two-day event was held at the Kauffman Foundation, a founding patron of Springboard and a generous contributor to the infrastructure that invests and promotes entrepreneurship.

Springboard Alumnae and special guests engaged in discussions and shared their expertise on managing business challenges, making the right decisions, and the business of possibilities.

Executive Planning Committee
Fran Bartlett, Federal Liaison Services, Inc.(SW 2002)
Candice Brown Elliott, Clairvoyante Laboratories, Inc. (SV 2001)
Kirstie Chadwick, DigitalOwl (MA 2000)
Robin Chase, Zipcar, Inc. (NE 2000)
Pam Contag, Xenogen Corporation (SV 2000)
Lauren Flanagan, Phenomenelle Angels(SV 2000)
Linda Hall Whitman, MinuteClinic (MW 2003)
Elisa Jagerson, PartsRiver (SV 2004)
Holly Kleinert, Protometrix (NE 2003)
Joan Lyman, SecureWorks (MA 2000)
Pam Marrone, AgraQuest, Inc. (SV 2004)