Springboard Enterprises

Winners' Circle Honors


Springboard’s Winners’ Circle Honors are presented to individuals and organizations that have had a definable impact through their actions and investments in our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Winners’ Circle is where every entrepreneur aspires to be. Along the way there are many individuals and organizations that are key to an entrepreneur’s success.

Springboard Enterprises presents the annual Winners’ Circle Honors in three categories in recognition of the outstanding entrepreneurial women who lead high growth companies and the community that supports their ventures.


A visionary woman considered to be a source of wise counsel and who, through her leadership, actions and investments, serves as a beacon for those who follow an entrepreneurial pathway.


Springboard entrepreneurs are actively engaged in discovering, investing in and commercializing breakthrough innovations in technology, science and products that make our lives healthier, wealthier and more informed. These are the innovators with a passion for making the impossible possible. Northstar Honorees epitomize what happens when passion, drive and skills meet opportunity.


We are in the business of people: relationships and human capital drive our results. Our Stakeholder Honorees are organizations that have leveraged the depth and diversity of their company’s human capital in support of our women-led ventures.





2007: Maria Bartiromo, Kathryn Wylde
2008: Geraldine Laybourne, Maggie Wilder otter
2009: Muriel “Mickie” Siebert, Barbara Dalton
2010: Lauren Zalaznick
2011: Wenda Harris Millard
2012: Mary Tanner, Marissa Mayer
2013: Adele Gulfo, Susan Lyne
2014: Sallie Krawcheck
2015: Beth Comstock
2016: Debra Walton
2017: Julie Larson-Green
2018: Rosie Rios

2007: Dr. Pamela Contag (SV00, ATLS09, ATLS10), Pat Loret de Mola (NE01, MW03, NE04)
2008: Shoba Purushothaman (NE01), Kathleen Chien (SV00)
2009: Sharon Mates (MA00)
2010: Joni Evans (ATM08)
2011: Lauren Flanagan (SV00)
2012: Dr. Mae Jemison (NE03)
2013: Diane Hessan (NE00, NE03)
2014: Dr. Joan Fallon (ATLS09)
2015: Michal Tsur (NY01)
2016: Julie Wainwright (ATM08)
2017: Kathleen Callender & Heather Callender-Potters (ATLS09)
2018: Helen Greiner (NE2002)

2007: Golden Seeds, Ascend Ventures, Thomas Weisel Partners, Grant Thornton, LLP
2008: Ken Bronfin, Hearst Interactive Media
2010: Alan Patricof, Greycroft Partners
2011: Meg McCarthy, Aetna
2014: Ellen Corenswet, Covington & Burling LLP
2015: Macy’s
2016: Aon
2017: CA Technologies
2018: Mastercard