Exit of the Year Award: Ground Breaking Women-Led Exits of 2021

We are introducing our new award, Exit of the Year, Groundbreaking Women-led Exits of 2021. This award is in partnership with our new partner, the financial services boutique, William Blair, and we would like to submit your name, as a Springboard entrepreneur that had a successful exit in 2021, as a candidate for it. The Exit of the Year Award will be presented at our Springboard Annual Gala on October 25th and is one more way that Springboard and our partner William Blair can showcase the success of great women entrepreneurs. 

2021 Nominees include:

  • Achieve3000
  • Anchiano Therapeutics
  • Aura Biosciences (NAS: AURA)
  • Beyond Now
  • Cherry Pick AI
  • ClassPass
  • Cognition Therapeutics (NAS: CGTX)
  • Constant Contact
  • Ditto
  • Enseo
  • Finomial
  • HealthCrowd
  • Jumper.ai
  • Modalyst
  • Oculo
  • Ondine Biomedical (LON: OBI)
  • Trendalytics
  • Shipsi
  • Zeekit

Exits will be evaluated on:

  • Deal Structure and Economics
    • Financial strength of the deal for the company, and decision-making strength as defined by not just taking the first deal that presents itself or one that anticipates challenges of post-exit for the company as a whole (holistic decision-making),–in other words not a mere cash-out mentality.
  • Effectiveness in Planning for Employees
    • Successful outcomes include employees’ monetary reward post-exit and/or continued employment at the same or higher level.
  • Broader Impact of Exit 
    • Was this exit transformative or impactful to its industry? If so, how?
    • Did it contribute in some way to the broader ecosystem of women founders and/or investors? If so, how?
    • What role is the CEO playing following the exit? Is she contributing to the future success of the business, advising other women entrepreneurs, and/or supporting the growth of other women-led ventures through strategic investments?

The Springboard Exit of the Year Award Winner:

  • Will be honored on stage at the Springboard Gala in New York City on October 25, 2022
  • Will be further honored by William Blair who will make a $10,000 donation to the winning CEO’s charity of choice 
  • Will be invited to participate in William Blair’s CEO HUDDLE, an exclusive network for Chief Executives in the firm’s client network to share ideas, resources, and strategies
Considering an exit in the future?

If you are considering an exit in the future, William Blair can help. Eve Ellis and Nikolay Djibankov lead The Matterhorn Group at William Blair, a full-service wealth advisory group developing and executing sophisticated financial and philanthropic plans for individuals, businesses, and nonprofit institutions. 

The Matterhorn Group at William Blair  is well-known for its commitment to aligning its clients’ investments to their values and for its pioneering approach to using client capital to affect gender, diversity, and racial justice. Matterhorn manages two actively managed, proprietary strategies for investors seeking both financial and social returns: Gender Parity Strategy (a gender lens equity model) and the Matterhorn/Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion Strategy. Matterhorn further oversees complete client-values-oriented portfolios: one based on ESG investments, one taking aim to bring about racial justice.

Download William Blair’s guide on “Preparing for the Sale of your Business