Healthcare & Technology
Innovation Program

Springboard’s Healthcare & Technology Innovation Program combines high-value events and workshops with an impactful community. Selected participants are matched with a personal advisory team who provide relevant expertise and connections in support of women transforming the healthcare industry.

About the Program

Springboard’s Healthcare & Technology Innovation Program is for women-led healthcare companies seeking growth, funding, and connections to experts and strategic partners for product development and expansion.

The Healthcare & Technology Innovation Program includes, but is not limited to, innovation in awareness and education, diagnosis, treatment, ongoing care and wellness related to: medical devices, wearables, diagnostics, therapeutics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, longevity, drug discovery and development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, application software, and platform technologies.

2024 Healthcare & Technology Innovation Program

Application Launch

Now Open! 

Final Application Deadline

July 15, 2024

Virtual Interviews

August 2024

Virtual Bootcamp Week

September 9-20, 2024

Advisory Period

Q4 2024

Healthcare & Technology Innovation Program Alumna Testimonials

“Springboard Enterprises program provided access to a network of experienced mentors, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs who offered invaluable guidance, shared their insights, and provided feedback on Lantern Laboratory Inc.’s business model and go-to-market strategy.

The credibility associated with the Springboard Enterprises program has enhanced Lantern Laboratory Inc.’s attractiveness to investors, incubators, and business partners.”

“Springboard is not just an incubator of women with great companies. It is simultaneously the teammate, the coach, and the cheerleader. It is a catalyst for long-term success.”

“The Springboard Enterprises program offered invaluable insights and equipped me with essential tools pivotal to my startup journey at Celmatix. As a pioneering founder addressing ovarian health, I encountered numerous challenges. Springboard provided efficient and effective strategies to overcome these hurdles. Today, Celmatix stands as a leading preclinical-stage biotech company, making significant headway in R&D to enhance women’s lives through improved ovarian health.”

Healthcare & Technology Innovation Program Sponsors

If you are interested in sponsoring, applying, or learning more about the program, please email [email protected].